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Published at 26th of March 2020 05:25:09 AM

Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Is Mommy Pregnant?!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ji Weixi could swear that Qiao Ai never mentioned that before .

Beside her, Tian Miaomiao was so annoyed that she pointed at Qiao Ai while keeping a hand on her hip, scolding, “You never told Xix! You’re framing—”

Ji Weixi had pulled her behind herself before she could finish .

Indignant, Tian Miaomiao stamped her feet . “What are you doing, Xixi!?”

However, Ji Weixi ignored her and coolly said, “Miss Qiao, I have a good memory but I don’t recall you informing me . ”

“But I did . In fact, the whole department is aware that Miss Lin is allergic to lavenders,” Qiao Ai said innocently, adding loudly, “Isn’t that right?”

Everyone in the department quickly nodded, making it evident that Ji Weixi was pretending that she was unaware, and that her misdeed had caused Lin Xiaoman’s mishap .

Ji Weixi’s eyes narrowed . “Miss Qiao, it doesn’t matter whether I know . I never once said that you have to use lavender essence on clothing, and I am only in charge of editing your drafts and approving them for production . On the other hand, don’t you think you have something to do with this matter, being the leader of the design department?”

“That’s right,” Tian Miaomiao agreed . “You’re throwing every blame on Xixi!”

Be that as it may, Qiao Ai did not look guilty at all, and instead smiled even wider . “Could you have forgotten your status, Ji Weixi? You’re chief designer—you manage the entire department, and the product was delivered to Miss Lin when it was finished! Moreover, us lackeys aren’t allowed to enter Production, only you are!”

That was a commonly known fact in CBS—no ordinary worker had clearance to enter Production .

Qiao Ai’s words left a freezing atmosphere .

Ji Weixi’s eyes turned cold as well, because she was going to be the scapegoat for this one .

Qiao Ai was clearly feeling pleasant at her silence too . Although there was a flash of envy when she saw Ji Weixi’s necklace, she whispered beside her ear, “What should you do now, Ji Weixi? Go plead with President Li, only he can save you now . ”

Ji Weixi stared impassively at her smug look .

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Was she trying to provoke her? Too bad, it would not work . After all, wasn’t she just belittling her because she thought that she was lacking in ability, and only depended on Li Shaoling?

Ji Weixi then turned to Qian Jia with a smile . “I’m sorry, but it appears that our design department has made a mistake . Please give me some time to investigate the matter so that we could settle the matter . What do you think?”

Qian Jia knew about Ji Weixi’s connection with Li Shaoling as well, and did not dare to cross the line since she was not to be crossed .

She hence nodded . “Fine! But let’s talk compensation first . ”

Ji Weixi calmly said, “If it was due to my carelessness, I will take full responsibility and reimburse any damages in full…”

She then paused, and threw a cold glance at Qiao Ai . “But if it wasn’t my fault but someone’s trickery, it wouldn’t be just a matter of reimbursement!”

“Alright,” Qian Jia agreed . “I’ll give you a week!”

Ji Weixi watched as she left, her smile fading as she strode off as well .

Qiao Ai jeered from behind . “Wouldn’t it be President Li footing the bill? Full reimbursement, even? You really don’t feel a thing at all!”

Since all bridges were burnt between Ji Weixi and Qiao Ai, Tian Miaomiao spared no face at all . “So what? You jealous? Our Xixi is beautiful and talented . What does it have to do with you even if President Li gives her all of CBS?”

“Youth is a capital, but that’s all too brief . ” Qiao Ai mocked .

In other words, she was saying that hooking up with a superior did not count as talent .

Still, Ji Weixi tugged at Tian Miaoamiao just when she was about to keep arguing and calmly said, “Miaomiao, don’t argue with the old bag . She is clearly having some serious menopause episodes, so don’t nitpick with her . Look, she’s more frightening than an old sow . ”

“Right!” Tian Miaomiao nodded fervently .

“You!” Qiao Ai was considerably annoyed, with her face becoming a bloating red despite her makeup .

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Who was an old sow!?

She was slim and beautiful!


After work in the evening, Ji Weixi remained in front of her computer, motionless as she considered how she should investigate the matter .

Even if this was the first time that she encountered such a problem, she did not even have to think to know that it was Qiao Ai making a mess of things .

“Daddy!” The little one suddenly got to his feet, running towards Li Shaoling who just arrived and wrapped his arms around his leg . “Where’s my toy?”

He dumped the plastic bag on the floor . “Go play . ”

“Woah!” The little one’s eyes sparkled as he quickly opened the bag . However, all he found was pink dolls instead of the Transformers toy he expected to find .

His hopeful smile promptly turned to disappointment .

“Daddy, are you sure you bought this for me?”

Li Shaoling remained impassive . “It’s for your sister . ”

Even if she’s not born yet .

“Oh!” The little one’s eyes glittered in excitement . “Is Mommy pregnant?”

“Nope . ”

“Then why did you buy this?”

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Li Shaoling frowned . “You talk too much!”

So annoying!

The little one persistently tugged at his trousers . “Daddy, Daddy, I want a toy! Or am I less important than my sister?”

Li Shaoling grunted an affirmative . “Indeed . ”

The little immediately released him; his eyes were full of grief . “Hmph! Daddy and Mommy already kissed so many times but Mommy is still not pregnant… Daddy is so weak! I hate you!”

Li Shaoling exploded . “Say that again!”

‘I’m weak!?

‘The cheek!

‘Where did you come from if I’m weak, brat?’

Nonetheless, the little one remained fearless . “But you are . You can’t put a sister in Mommy’s tummy means you’re weak . What other reason is there?”

He couldn’t think of any reason other than that .

Considerably infuriated, Li Shaoling’s eyes were dark . “I’m going to hit you . ”

His own son was saying he’s weak!

Such humiliation!

Just as the little one was about retort, Tian Miaomiao swiftly picked him up and put her hand over his mouth, smiling, “Please calm down, President Li! Don’t take a kid’s word seriously!”

Meanwhile, Ji Weixi had risen to her feet because of the father-son argument . Her brows had been knitted ever since she returned from the design department .

“What have you been talking about?” She asked coldly .

Both Li Shaoling and the little one shook their head and replied simultaneously, “Nothing . ”

Tian Miaomiao was left speechless by the father-son harmony .

Ji Weixi started to pack up disinterestedly . “Let’s go . ”

Jiang Cong was waiting with the car downstairs .

Ji Weixi glanced at Li Shaoling . “Drive Miaomiao home first . I’m not comfortable if she travels alone . ”

Li Shaoling grunted a silent approval .

Tian Miaomiao hence rode shotgun while the family of three sat behind .

Jiang Cong flinched, shrinking to a corner when Tian Miaomiao entered . “Why are you in here!”

He was still aggrieved and fearful after she beat him up for no reason at all .

Tian Miaomiao rolled her eyes at him while fastening her own seat belt . “Mind your own business! Just drive!”

Jiang Cong turned to look at Li Shaoling and found that he was pouring over his wife, and was too busy to care about him .

Full of grief, Jiang Cong started the car and drove off .

Ji Weixi watched as the sceneries outside became ever unfamiliar, and could not stop herself from asking, “Could you be abducting and selling off me and my son, Li Shaoling?”

He was left speechless for a moment, but soon pulled her to him with his long arms . “I would only sell myself to your heart . ”


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