Monster Pet Evolution - Chapter 384

Published at 13th of June 2019 12:40:04 AM
Chapter 384: 384

The closer they were to the stone walls, the more the group of black men could feel a great expansive force .

"Can't fly . Flight isn't possible in the sky here!" said one of the trainers with a frown as the golden-winged vulture that had originally been thousands of feet in the air flew lower and lower .

"It's probably because of something strange about the yellow light on the top of the stone walls," said one of the black men, raising his head to look at the yellow glow above their heads . "Eh… why is the yellow light gone?"

While they were still far away from the stone wall, they could see that yellow glow . But when they reached the bottom of the stone wall, all they could see was a blood red sky when they looked up .

The sky in this world was strange . In the morning, it was pale pink . The closer it was to noon, the more intense the red light became, bathing the world in a blood red color when it was noon . As the day approached evening, the color of the sky gradually became a dark red .

"If we can't see it, we can't see it . It's not like that's a big deal," said the potbellied black man, not minding at all .

"Cheee," chirped a white and black honey badger threateningly after being silent all this while .

The expression of the black man wearing sunglasses changed slightly . "Careful, there's something coming out of the entrance . " As those words left his mouth, the earth beneath their feet shook .

A large monster rushed around the corner, breathing heavily . Its blood red fur was a mess, and its ape-like head exuded ferocity . Its burly body was wielding a battle ax as it sprinted madly out of the labyrinth's entrance .

"What's this…?" exclaimed one of the men in shock .

"Fight! We can't outrun it, we can only hope to live if we take it down!" sunglasses roared .

Next to him, a figure clad in black and white shot forward .

Humans!? The Labyrinth Watcher was totally shocked as it suddenly saw the group of humans guarding the labyrinth exit . It was only because its appearance looked so fierce that its shocked expression looked just as ferocious .

The Labyrinth Watcher's heart was in despair . I've already fled so far, but you humans still won't let me off the hook! Absolutely intolerable!

It couldn't hold back its howl of grief and rage . Its strong battle hooves stomped viciously downward, splitting the earth with manic and violent force . Pitch black Shadow Power spread outwards, following the cracks created from the stomp .


The Shadow Power passed beneath the feet of everyone in the area .

A sludge like power engulfed them all, as though their bodies had fallen into a swamp of darkness . All the trainers activated their Elemental Shields . Multi-colored protective shields appeared on the surface, like tiny little Christmas lights in a swamp .

The Shadow Power continually ate away at their shields . The Elemental Shields were like candles flickering in the wind .

One of the men's Elemental Shields was thoroughly eroded by the Shadow Power . Looking as though worms had eaten holes in it, the shield slowly leaked away, drop by drop .

Just like maggots eating into flesh, the Shadow Power infiltrated through the holes . Accompanied by pitiful wails, one of the black men was thoroughly corroded by the Shadow Power and reduced to a puddle of liquid .

"Roar!" The Labyrinth Watcher bellowed angrily, raising its ax high in the air and bringing it down in a vicious chop!


The earth split apart, forming a ten-foot-wide chasm . A familiar that couldn't dodge in time was split into two on the spot . Hot blood and innards flew outwards, and the accompanying strong stench caused the nearby trainers faces to turn pale . How were there such fearsome monsters in the labyrinth?

The honey badger became a blur, momentarily turning into a ball of shadow .


Three long bloody scratch marks appeared on the Labyrinth Watcher's chest, but for such a large creature, such a wound was a mere scratch . It only just managed to damage its skin .

The giant ax swept across horizontally as the wind kicked up a gust of dirt and pebbles . Two Commander-tier familiars were sent flying through the air like rag dolls . They landed on the ground, the fate of their lives unknown .

Sunglasses' expression changed . The monster was just too terrifying, more so than any other monster he had ever encountered before . Combining overwhelming violence, a terrifying killing aura, and its strong body size, this was an unreasonable and violent beast . And most importantly, it actually didn't have an anus!

The Vicious Black Badger's specialty was attacking the lower half of an enemy's body, but this giant beast actually didn't have a weakness in its crotch area to exploit .

The Labyrinth Watcher's lower limbs were slashed at high speed . Bloody wounds appeared, leaving bloodstains everywhere, but none of them damaged the bone .

Crash!!! The earth shook violently as the battle ax went crashing into the ground, sending mud flying into the air .

Despite this, it was still unable to land a hit on the Vicious Black Badger . The badger was extremely fast, nimbly darting all around the Labyrinth Watcher's body .

After continually missing a few times, the Labyrinth Watcher stopped its movements, coldly observing its surroundings . It gave up chasing after the slippery annoying creature and turned its attack towards the black men!

"No, help me!"

"Ciwey, help me, help!"

Accompanied by wails of desperation, blood descended on the plains…


"Why did those Labyrinth Watchers not attack you back then? I didn't think that a stone altar would have been able to protect you . " Gao Peng was pinching an Ice-type fruit and feeding the Desolate Frost Lion .

The Desolate Frost Lion swallowed the fruit in one bite, then replied with its mouth full, "Of course it wasn't that simple . Back then, I had imposed a restriction on the labyrinth . If those guys were to force their way in, it would trigger the frost aura and blast them into ice cubes . "

This guy had indeed left countermeasures in place . The Labyrinth Watchers had been forced to resort to sending him to lead the way . "But why didn't you attack me back then?" Gao Peng was a little curious .

"It's because you're a human," replied the Desolate Frost Lion simply .

Because I'm human? When Gao Peng continued to ask for a more specific answer, the Desolate Frost Lion refused to answer anymore, mumbling and changing the topic .

"Right up ahead is the labyrinth exit . I haven't left the labyrinth in many years either, and I don't know what it's like outside anymore . "

As it said that, the sounds of an intense battle could be heard from up ahead . It was a war!

"Quick, quick, quick, let's hurry over!" the lion said impatiently . "Let's go over and take advantage of the situation! What I love most is taking advantage of others!"

Da Zi was flying lazily behind Gao Peng . It frowned and stared at the figure of the white lion . Gao Peng hasn't been playing with me every day recently . It has to be because of this annoying white lion!

Da Zi's eyes spun around . Who knew what kind of naughty plan it was plotting .

Flamy furtively stole Da Zi a glance, then hurriedly looked away . Hmph . This Gao Peng likes new stuff and gets tired of old stuff . If Da Zi and the desolate lion fight, one of them is bound to lose . Then, it'll be Flamy's turn to get a chance! I must grab this chance to win Gao Peng's affection!

As they exited the labyrinth, they saw a Labyrinth Watcher battling with a group of humans . But instead of a battle, it was more of a one-sided massacre .

"Goldie, go rescue them . " Goldie said nothing . With just a movement of its feet, it became a blur as it dashed forward .

A potbellied black man looked on in despair as the Labyrinth Watcher drew closer and closer to him . Suddenly, the Labyrinth Watcher froze in its tracks, and as though seeing something terrifying, turned around and ran!