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Chapter 8

Today we are going to the cinema together to watch a new movie after my brother finished his half-day training like always . Chen Xi and I rarely went to school anymore . We are now spending more of our time doing what we want . Although initially I'm not used to this as I would always have many activities in school and reviewing the lesson at home .

However, after feeling spoiled action from my brother and activity we had these days, all I can say is, this is the best feeling I can have in my life . Like those years when our parents were still here with us, the days we spent with full of happiness, doing whatever we wanted, seeing my brother get scolded by our parents, the pampered Chen Xi that's always stuck to mother and . . .

* Sigh *

Like the time that cannot be stopped, we must continue our lives, albeit without them . Although it has been three years since our parents left us . For me, it seems just like yesterday that they left when we see our parents' burial .

The time seems so fast that it gives no time for us to face reality . Only my brother, though, that just seemed to acquiesce to their departure, while Chen Xi seemed so lost in a daze, eventually crying in the embrace of our brother .

Chen Xi seems similar to me, although she has many friends, the way she interacted with them is hypocritical in front of my eyes, and hides her true emotions . It's like she changed to another person, while I on the other hand just chase away all the people that want to be my friend just because I'm rich .

"Hey, Qing'er! Why are you daydreaming in there, do you not want to go with us?" As I was thinking about those things, my brother suddenly called me from the outside .

"Ah yeah, wait for me, brother!" I said that as I wiped my wet eye, then walking out with a long breath .

. . . . .

In the cinema, I see my brother watching the movie, but he seems like he's not focused on it and has his thoughts on something else .

I don't know why, but he is often like this when not doing something or doing something like this, watching a movie or seeing scenery always makes him lost in his thoughts .

Ever since that day when my brother returns home, he gradually looks so different, but I cannot say what the difference is in him .

On that day he said "Qing'er, Xi'er I miss you . " while he sits between me and Xi'er then hugs us . Although it seems he is joking with us, but when I remember my brother's expression back then I would always think that what he said is the truth .

I get bewildered because of that as I rarely hear my brother say that because almost every day we see each other .

He looks so happily embracing us, but for me, it's a little unnatural, because even if we really close It's not too this intimately, so I slightly avoid and just let my brother's hand in my waist while looking at him .

Then I saw him and Chen Xi were joking around and hugging each other so intimately, they looked so happy while I worried about something unimportant, so I joked too but he replied to me while teasing and hugging me .

I cannot take that, so I jokingly said to chase him away . After he was gone, I asked my little sister what happened to him, but she looked confused because of my question and asked the same question to me .

I'm not like a little sister . I have matured and really know a lot of things, so I'm more sensitive and shy than her .

I'm really thinking a lot about it, but in the end, I just convinced myself that my brother just more cares for us and chase away my little unnatural feeling toward him .

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That night, we happily chatted and watched a new movie .

I feel so sleepy, but the movies are still not over, I just lean my head on my brother's shoulder to get a more comfortable position and don't know when I fell asleep .

Afterward, I get to wake up and feel my body get lifted up, I want to open my eyes but suddenly I smell my brother's aroma .

I then knew what was happening, it seemed like my brother was carrying me to my room, but I just pretended to still sleep to avoid this embarrassment .

My brother took me to my room . After we had arrived, he still did not place me on the bed . I feel he stares at me, and I don't know why, but it makes my heart race .

I cannot endure anymore to open my eyes when suddenly I feel something soft and slightly warm on my forehead .

I got flustered and my eyelids trembled . Fortunately, he seems not aware of that and put me on the bed, then covering me with the blanket .

. . . . .

Since that day he really looks so cared and intimate to us .

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Even when the little sister gets angry, he gently tries to appease her or when she has unreasonable demands or gets him in trouble he never once scolds her .

Day after day he keeps accompanies us in his free time . We went strolling, window shopping, playing, traveling and so on .

We went out almost when we had free time . Even my little sister and I occasionally do not go to school just to play with him at the beach, swimming pool, park, etc .

We also sometimes train with him . Nah, it's just some exercises like running on the treadmill . We don't like our madman brother when training and he himself, saying that we can do whatever we want until he officially inherited our parents .

Although we were slightly affected by his training as we increased the time we ran on the treadmill . Well, only a little, though . But surprisingly Chen Xi doesn't make a ruckus when we exercise with him, she seems only docile when she sees our brother have a serious face, like when he is training .

My unnatural feeling sometimes appears at the start, but now that has long gone and replaced by wanting to be spoiled by him .

He now is like their mother who takes care of them,

Like a father who protects them,

Like best friends who know a lot about them,

And even like a servant that always complies with their request .

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But my brother is getting more and more mysterious . He keeps his tough training and never going again to college, I never again see him playing with his friend and always keep aloof air when he is not with us .

I was worried about him, so I asked him . He said he had officially stopped from college and why he kept training hard, then he told me to drop out of school .

This is all because of a virus-like thing, although I doubt his reason, I never doubt him .

Not to say again, this month he really cares more about us so I just comply with his request . Even if what he said was complete nonsense, although it would not good as we have to stop from school, it would not be to the point of harming us . After all, even if we just lavishly spend our time and do what we want, we don't need to worry about anything as we really have a lot of fortune from our parents .

However, if what he said is true . Whatever this world will become, as long as we have each other, I will not be afraid of it .

Afterward, my little sister got sad and angry at him because she would not soon stop from her school like me . Although I could understand her, as we were really happy in that month, not like beforehand that we seem to live in our world respectively, the life now seems so bright and colorful, it makes it hard for us to part with it .

Then our brother helplessly complies with her in the end, and Chen Xi meekly keeps embracing him .

. . . . .

As I wake from my thoughts in the cinema, I look at my brother at my side while smiling, then I reach his hand and gently hold it . My brother seems surprised as he wakes up from his thoughts and looks at me, then he just smiles and holds my hand too .

If we can always be like this, it will be the best life I can have . . . .