Mr Fu, I Really Love You - Chapter 1067

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Chapter 1067: 1067

Chapter 1067: Xiaonian Hasn’t Arrived Yet?

The male classmate who came along with Yun Liuli looked at Yuan Yuan, who was in Yun Liuli’s arms . His gaze eventually landed on Yun Liuli’s face, which was wearing a brilliant smile that was like the Milky Way . The tips of his ears turned a little red, and he nodded, saying, “En! Very cute!”

It wasn’t known whether he was referring to Yuan Yuan or Yun Liuli .

“Oh right, Sister Xiao Nuan, Uncle Qingcheng, this is my classmate, Zhong Qingfei…” Yun Liuli introduced the boy to Lin Nuan and Gu Qingcheng .

When Gu Qingcheng heard Yun Liuli addressing him as “Uncle Qingcheng,” he felt a series of emotions, and his brows furrowed tightly . He then nodded .

Yun Liuli carried Yuan Yuan and sat down on the sofa, her heart melting . She tried to restrain herself from looking at Gu Qingcheng, pretending that all of her attention was on Yuan Yuan . When she heard Tuan Tuan calling for his mama, Yun Liuli looked up and saw Tuan Tuan, who was seated on Cen Mo’s shoulders, swinging his hands and feet around happily .

The child was holding onto a bottle of Yakult . Fu Huai’an was usually very strict and wouldn’t allow Tuan Tuan to drink things like these probiotic drinks .

Today was Yuan Yuan’s one-month-old celebration, and there was also Cen Mo, who adored his nephew . Therefore, Tuan Tuan naturally got everything he wanted . Tuan Tuan had heard from Little Happy at Lun Lun’s one-month-old celebration that Yakult tasted very nice, but Tuan Tuan had no idea what it tasted like .

Cen Mo remembered this and secretly brought two big boxes of it over for Tuan Tuan . He avoided Fu Huai’an and passed it to Tuan Tuan .

Tuan Tuan had a taste of it . It was very sweet . He then thought of Lin Nuan and kept on saying that he wanted to look for her . Cen Mo thought that something was up and thus carried him over on his shoulders .

The child sat on Cen Mo’s shoulders, greeting Yun Liuli and Gu Qingcheng before moving closer to Lin Nuan . He extended his small hand, putting the Yakult to Lin Nuan’s lips, his eyes glistening as he said, “Mama, drink! Very sweet!”

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Lin Nuan smiled and nodded, taking a sip of it . It was really sweet . She nodded . “En, very sweet!”

“Can Sister drink?” Tuan Tuan asked Lin Nuan .

Tuan Tuan had brought over all the delicious food and fun toys to give to Yuan Yuan previously, but Lin Nuan had told him that his sister was still young, so there were things she couldn’t play with and things she couldn’t eat . Tuan Tuan still remembered that!

It was just that this Yakult tasted really nice! He also wanted his sister to have a taste of it .

“Yuan Yuan can’t drink it . Tuan Tuan can’t drink too much of it either… understand?” Lin Nuan said to Tuan Tuan .

The child’s eyes squinted as he took a sip . He then nodded vigorously, putting up one plump finger and saying to Lin Nuan, “Today… only drink one!”

Lin Nuan smiled . Cen Mo, who was carrying his nephew on his shoulders, thought of Lun Lun, who was upstairs with Song Yao, sleeping . He suddenly felt that it wasn’t bad to have a son either . If their Lun Lun could be as well-behaved as Tuan Tuan, then it wouldn’t be too bad either .

At the thought of this, the corners of Cen Mo’s lips curled up unknowingly . Hearing the sound of Tuan Tuan sipping from the empty bottle after having finished the Yakult, he put Tuan Tuan down . The boy went up to Xiao Liuli and said, “Sister Liuli, Yuan Yuan is… super cute, right?”

Yun Liuli nodded . “That’s right! As cute as our Tuan Tuan!”

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Cen Mo looked at how Tuan Tuan was tiptoeing and looking at Yuan Yuan, and he said to Lin Nuan, “Don’t be too strict on him . Let him have two bottles a day!”

Tuan Tuan looked at Lin Nuan when he heard Cen Mo’s words .

Seeing Lin Nuan nodding, Tuan Tuan felt especially happy, revealing his white teeth, looking naive and adorable .

Tang Zheng and the others had gotten a table to play mahjong, but they didn’t see Gu Qingcheng . When they looked for him, they saw a boy about Yun Liuli’s age standing next to her when she greeted him . They were stunned for a moment, and then they looked toward the expressionless Gu Qingcheng . They asked, “Sis-in-law, Xiaonian hasn’t arrived yet?”

Bai Xiaonian and Lu Jinnan were a quarrelsome couple . Even though the two of them had wanted to get a divorce, they didn’t actually go through with it after so long . However, Lu Jinnan couldn’t leave matters at the Kaide Corporation in China alone and could only come back first .

Tang Zheng was now handling the project they were working on with the Jiahe Corporation . How should they say it… Although it looked like both corporations were working together harmoniously, there were many things that they needed to consider . This was especially so when they were dealing with someone like Tang Xi . Tang Zheng would really have to prepare himself . Otherwise, he’d be done in if he wasn’t careful .

Tang Zheng wasn’t planning to take advantage of Tang Xi, but he wasn’t going to let Tang Xi take advantage of him either!

Right now, the small team whose members included employees from both corporations had been set up to manage Wei City’s new coastal city project . People said that those with the surname “Tang” tended to have seven hearts, and Tang Zheng and Tang Xi were from the same family five hundred years ago . When the two of them sat down together and schemed, they would stop at nothing .

The Jiahe Corporation was different from the Kaide Corporation . Xie Jingqiu had grown up with a silver spoon and was surrounded by people from wealthy families . There weren’t many people he could feel assured using . Over the years, other than Tang Xi, he had also nurtured a Fang Chuhe to assume the position of the Jiahe Corporation’s vice-president, who could still be considered capable .

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On the Kaide Corporation’s side, both Tang Zheng and Lu Jinnan were close pals that Fu Huai’an had grown up with, sharing life and death situations together . Therefore, he had fewer worries than Xie Jingqiu .

However, in terms of support in business, Xie Jingqiu had more compared to Fu Huai’an . After all, all of the friends Xie Jingqiu had grown up with had good family backgrounds .

Therefore, over the years, from when the Kaide Corporation started its development until now, it could be said to be evenly matched with the Jiahe Corporation .

“She has just gotten off the plane and is on her way here…” Lin Nuan said honestly . “Tell Lu Jinnan not to be anxious! You don’t have to worry either!”

Tang Zheng nodded . It was true that he was worrying for Lu Jinnan .

There were more guests at home today, so it was more lively . Tang Zheng pulled Gu Qingcheng away with him to play mahjong, and Lin Nuan carried the sleeping Yuan Yuan back upstairs . Yun Liuli left the toys she had bought for the child and said that she was going to leave, but Lin Nuan pulled her upstairs with her .

It wasn’t as if Lin Nuan didn’t know what Yun Liuli was thinking . The “Uncle Qingcheng” Yun Liuli had addressed Gu Qingcheng by had also given her a shock .

Even if others didn’t know how obstinate Yun Liuli’s feelings for Gu Qingcheng were, how could Lin Nuan not know?

Lin Nuan didn’t believe that the young lady would be able to put down her feelings for Gu Qingcheng…

Yun Liuli was someone who would keep her feelings to herself and was also one with long-lasting affections . She put a lock on her heart, and the name of the key was Gu Qingcheng . She wouldn’t open up to someone else so easily .

Lin Nuan was very clear about this… Given how shrewd Gu Qingcheng was, how could he not understand this?

The shrewd Gu Qingcheng sat at the mahjong table, a little lost in his thoughts .

He stared at his tiles and thought of how Yun Liuli had pulled that boy’s hand when she ran over toward him and Lin Nuan .

Yun Liuli’s slender, long, and clean hand had grabbed that Zhong Qingfei’s hand . That scene was very piercing to the eyes .

It wasn’t as if Gu Qingcheng couldn’t tell how that Zhong Qingfei felt toward Yun Liuli . Even if he were to consider Zhong Qingfei as a man, men understood each other’s feelings the most . Zhong Qingfei’s gaze when looking toward Yun Liuli was unconcealed, and it was hard for Gu Qingcheng to pretend like he didn’t know about it .

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