Murder The Dream Guy - Chapter 134

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Chapter 134

It was only then that Xiang Wan knew what men meant when they say “just a little while” . It was just a lie most of the time .

Bai Muchuan got what he wanted, how would he remember what he had said?

Her lips was as though a delicious fruit jelly that he could not get tired of—he was unwilling to hold back . His unrestrained, wilful demands was made under her constant struggling and shame .

Helpless! Powerless!

Xiang Wan felt dizzy . She felt a destructive kind of panic…

Is this guy trying to gobble me up? She thought .

Her heart pounded furiously at that thought, and her eyes were wide-opened . She began to struggle as hard as she could, trying hard to speak to get him to stop . Bai Muchuan furrowed his brows at her resistance, covered her eyes, and kissed her passionately for a few more times before deciding to grab ahold of her hands and lifting them over her head . That totally “disarmed” her, and he could taste her sweet lips once again…

“Liar! Liar…” Xiang Wan muttered in difficulty .

He had claimed that he was inexperienced but she concluded that he was an expert in handling women . He made her lost control, immerse herself in his gentleness, and left her breathless…

If not for the sudden sound of the door unlocking, she really couldn’t imagine what would happen!


A soft sound froze the two of them .

Fang Yuanyuan’s back!

The door slowly opened!

At the entrance, she called, “Sis…”

Almost at that instant, Xiang Wan was pulled back by Bai Muchuan who quickly adjusted themselves . In Fang Yuanyuan’s dumbstruck expression, she smiled awkwardly at her .

“You’re back!”

Fang Yuanyuan looked at the two of them, then pointed at them before pointing at herself, finally letting a laugh .

“I think I didn’t come back at the right time? Did I disturb something?”

No, no, no! You came back at the right time!

Xiang Wan did not dare to say out her thoughts . She bounced away from Bai Muchuan and tried to get far away from him .

“What are you thinking?” She tried to explain the situation, “Well… Detective Bai got hurt while trying to save me . We originally wanted to look for Captain Cheng for help, but he’s not home yet, so I brought him back . Then I accidentally knocked onto the coffee table and fell down . He wanted to help me and both of us fell down together…”


Fang Yuanyuan laughed at Xiang Wan’s excuse .

“Gosh, your words . I can’t believe you’re a novelist!”

She grinned at Xiang Wan’s blushing face as well as Bai Muchuan’s calm and collected look before shaking her head .

“Detective Bai is more honest than you…”

As she said this, there were sounds of footsteps approaching .

Next, they heard Cheng Zheng’s voice . “Both of you are back?”

He walked over as he said that and he was holding some fruits and vegetables .

“Aren’t you going to make breakfast tomorrow? I was at the supermarket earlier and bought some ingredients since I’m there anyway…”

He abruptly stopped talking when he saw Detective Bai sitting on the sofa, and was smiling like a sly fox who got his way .

They looked at each other and Cheng Zheng furrowed his brows almost instantaneously .

“Captain Bai, what are you…”

He saw Bai Muchuan’s weird looking clothes as well as Xiang Wan’s embarrassment that could not be concealed .

“Oh, I got hurt but nothing serious!” Bai Muchuan took a glance at Xiang Wan and was very cooperative to protect her pride by not exaggerating or revealing what had just happened between them . Of course, they could not stop them from interpreting their relationship .

That was in line with his previous promise .

He would try to be her boyfriend, but she need not try that . She could continue to treat him as a colleague or friend .

Even though he was so passionate when they were kissing earlier, he was able to behave properly before others .

Xiang Wan was somewhat surprised .

Her heart almost jumped out of her mouth as she thought she was caught and Bai Muchuan would take the opportunity to declare his “sovereignty” over her to force her into a relationship…

She never expected that he could be such a gentleman .

Or rather, he was totally confident .

Xiang Wan looked at Bai Muchuan meaningfully .

“Yes! Earlier on, Detective Bai saved me from being knocked down by a car and got hurt . ”

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The two of them matched their words perfectly, as though nothing had happened .

However, they were unable to conceal the emotions in their eyes .

Cheng Zheng narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked at Bai Muchuan’s “weak” appearance due to his injuries and frowned a little upon that sight .

“Do you need my help to treat your wounds?”

“No need . It’s all done now . ” Bai Muchuan looked at him with a smile and looked at the bags of ingredients Cheng Zheng was still holding . “You can leave the bags in the kitchen . Isn’t it tiring to keep standing at the entrance?”


He was talking as though he was the owner of the house!

If one remembered correctly, he used to be wary of Cheng Zheng’s presence around Xiang Wan . This was just a blink of an eye, and he didn’t seem to mind that anymore?

Cheng Zheng took a deep look at him and studied him a little as he was somewhat puzzled . Nevertheless, he was still as gentlemanly as ever .

He put down the vegetables, changed his shoes and was prepared to leave .

“All of you do rest early, I’ll go back now . ”

“Alright, Captain Cheng, goodnight…” Fang Yuanyuan waved at him .

“Wait a moment . ” Bai Muchuan suddenly stopped him .

Cheng Zheng seemed surprised as he turned around . “Anything else?”

He raised an eyebrow as he looked at Bai Muchuan, with an obvious defensive stance . Bai Muchuan on the other hand, looked serious . “I think Captain Cheng already knew what happened earlier . Xiang Wan got involved in a sudden incident at the hotel and nearly got knocked down by a car while coming back… I feel that things are not so simple . She’s not safe…”

Cheng Zheng pursed his lips, not sure what he was trying to say .

Bai Muchuan took a look around the house . “I heard this house belonged to a friend of Captain Cheng? I see that there’s an empty room over there, why not rent it to me? It’s nearer to office too . ”

After he said that, the whole house was silent .

Not only did Cheng Zheng not expect that, Fang Yuanyuan and Xiang Wan were also shocked that he would make such a request directly .

For a good while, nobody spoke .

More or less, one could make out the reason why he made the request, but no one brought it up .

Cheng Zheng suddenly snorted . “Both of them are girls, it’s not convenient if you moved in with them?”

Bai Muchuan smiled leisurely . “This is the new era,” he said idly, “don’t be so old-fashioned! Besides, they won’t mind it at all, right?”

He turned around to look at Fang Yuanyuan and Xiang Wan . Whenever he smiled, it was always picturesque and radiant . Before Xiang Wan could reject him, Fang Yuanyuan had already raised her hand .

“I don’t mind . In fact, I welcome Detective Bai being one of our house mate . ”

“!” Xiang Wan stared at her with eyes wide-opened .

Uh! Fang Yuanyuan looked a little awkward as she raised her hand high up .

“Ahem!” She put down her hand weakly . “To tell the truth,” she said seriously, “ever since there was a black shadow lurking around outside my window, I still feel creeped out by it whenever I think of it… I’ve been having nightmares recently too . If there is a police officer in my house, that will be great!”

Fang Yuanyuan had put through her thoughts earnestly .

“Sis, aren’t you afraid?”

She glanced toward Xiang Wan, blinking at her repeatedly, looking all pitiful .

“I’ve not been sleeping well . I even thought of getting the police to protect me?”

Bai Muchuan quickly chimed in, “Protecting the civilians are part of the police’s responsibility!”

Xiang Wan: “…”

It was obvious that Bai Muchuan knew her character quite well . Under the present circumstances, he knew that it was absolutely impossible to get her to move into his house . Therefore, he chose to strike first by bringing this up in front of them, coupled with the help of Fang Yuanyuan’s seemingly true yet exaggerated views, which totally put him in an advantageous position .

Since things had gone out of control, she decided to say nothing about it . The house was not hers to begin with, and she knew that Cheng Zheng would not agree to his request .

Fang Yuanyuan was someone who loved company, as well as fun and gossip . The thought of seeing two gorgeous hunks vying for her cousin’s attention had greatly stimulated her nosy parker attributes . And she decided to help giving a push by persuading Cheng Zheng .

“Captain Cheng, talk to your friend . So we can all live close together, be safe and have meals together, right?”

She was very excited . For it felt like going back to the school days and sharing the dormitory with her classmates…

Cheng Zheng’s expression, however, seemed reluctant… Especially when he saw Bai Muchuan’s half smile, he nearly wanted to lash out at him but had to swallow everything up .

“Hm, I’ll talk to him . But I can’t promise that he will agree . ”

“It’s okay if he doesn’t agree . ” Bai Muchuan was certain that he would throw out the request by telling them at a later time that his friend was not agreeable . To prevent that from happening, he decided to deal another blow . “If your friend is not agreeable, I will let them stay in my house . My house is empty anyway and has a much nicer environment . More importantly, there certainly won’t be anyone loitering outside the windows…”

With that, he managed to nip all the choices that Cheng Zheng could have .

Cheng Zheng was stunned . He met Bai Muchuan’s gaze for a while .

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“I’ll try my best to persuade him . ”

A little while later, he asked Bai Muchuan, “It’s very late already and since Captain Bai’s hurt, do you need me to send you back?”

“Of course . ” Bai Muchuan understood perfectly Cheng Zheng’s complicated feelings and knew that he wanted to talk to him in private . More importantly, he had not thought of staying there for the night . Now that there was someone willing to give him a lift, why not?

“I’ll trouble Captain Cheng then!”

He got up with an enchanting smile, as though he was not hurt at all .

“Teacher Xiang, Teacher Fang, rest early!”

He was being courteous and polite . At the same time, by doing so, he also maintained a distance with Xiang Wan .

Due to his actions, Fang Yuanyuan was slightly taken aback . For a moment, she doubted what she had seen earlier .

Was it really true that both of them fell onto the sofa and did not do anything else?

“Good night!” Xiang Wan was no longer tortured by the awkwardness . She sent them to the door . “Be safe on the way . Goodbye Captain Bai…”

Bai Muchuan turned around to look at her deeply . “I’ll move in tomorrow . ”

Xiang Wan swept a glance at Cheng Zheng…

Why is he so confident that Cheng Zheng will agree?

“I’m going now!” Bai Muchuan said that numerous times and finally left somewhat reluctantly .

Before he went out of sight, he was looking at Xiang Wan’s lips, smiling meaningfully like a cunning fox…

D*mn! Xiang Wan facepalmed .

Why did she have a feeling that she was being placed on the barbecue grill?

The door closed .

Inside the house, Fang Yuanyuan immediately started her interrogation .

“Tell me! Are you two in a relationship?”

Xiang Wan refused to admit . “No, no, I’m telling the truth . It was just what you’ve heard earlier…”

“Still trying to fool me? Do you think I’m blind?”

“But you’re indeed ‘blind’ coz’ you don’t believe me!”

Fang Yuanyuan was so angry that she did not know what to say .

After a while, she gritted her teeth and took a deep breath . “Xiang Wan,” she poked Xiang Wan’s head . “I’m warning you . There’s no good end if you bully your editor! Do you know how severe will the consequences be if you don’t come clean with me? Hmph!”

“… Uh! Is this oppression by my Lord Editor?”

Xiang Wan rubbed her forehead . Under Yuanyuan’s eager gaze, she clasped her hands and bowed deeply .

“Lord Editor, please let me off . I’m so scared . I’m scared to death!”

“You…” Fang Yuanyuan broke into laughter and chased her around the house .

The two women’s laughter filled the entire house .

At the lift lobby .

The two men were waiting for the lift .

After a momentary silence, Cheng Zheng said, “Stay in my house then!”

Bai Muchuan looked at him as if shocked . He studied his expression and took a puff of breath .

“I’m straight . ”

Cheng Zheng’s face immediately turned gloomy . “Cut it out! You know what I mean . ”

Bai Muchuan squinted his eyes provokingly . “Well, you should restrain yourself on not playing dirty!”

Cheng Zheng returned his gaze and snorted, “The young master of the Bai Family is willing to stay in my humble abode for the sake of a woman . Isn’t it too tough on you?”

“How can it be?!” Bai Muchuan put on a straight face . “If I can be with my beloved woman, even the water will taste sweet!”

Cheng Zheng’s gaze was as cold as ice . “Don’t you think your method to pursue a woman is somewhat disgraceful?”

Bai Muchuan raised an eyebrow and smiled indifferently . “I’m openly chasing after her while you’re secretly going after her . Which one of us is more disgraceful?”


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The lift arrived .

Cheng Zheng retracted his gaze .

“You win this round . ”

An hour later, Xiang Wan laid on her bed after taking a bath .

A message came in .

That arrogant tone in the message, even if she did not look at the sender, she knew who the one who sent that .

“I’ll let you off for today! Next time, I’m going for a massacre!”

Looking at the ambiguous words, Xiang Wan actually felt a little warm even though she had just taken a bath .

After dithering for a moment, she read the message word by word and replied slowly .

“Bai Muchuan, I’m still not used to it… My heart feels weird . ”

“You silly little thing, I’m teasing you . Rest assured that I’ll keep to my word! It’s a trial for me and me only . You can get away anytime without getting hurt . ”

Xiang Wan: “…”

It was a matter that involved two people . How could it be a trial for only one person?

How could she get away without getting hurt?

Seeing that she did not reply for a long time, Bai Muchuan sent another message .

“Sleep well . When you get up tomorrow, I promise that it will still be the same as today . Nothing will change . I respect you! Goodnight . ”


Xiang Wan put down the phone after a long time .

After switching off the light, she laid on the bed with her hands behind her head and looked at the ceiling in the dark…

Be braver!

The next day in the morning, no one made breakfast .

When Cheng Zheng came over, Fang Yuanyuan and Xiang Wan were still sleeping .

The poor excuse of wanting to hone their culinary skills did not even survive their first day .

Cheng Zheng did not mind at all . As if he already knew the results, just like every other morning, he had bought them breakfast during his morning jog .

When it was time to leave for work, Xiang Wan did not reject his invitation and went to work with him .

Originally, Xiang Wan had thought he might have something to ask her, but there was only silence as Cheng Zheng did not say anything at all .

Xiang Wan could stand it no longer and decided to talk about it . “Captain Cheng, the house… Actually, I’ve been feeling bad about staying in this house as this is outright taking advantage of other people . I really don’t feel good about it…”

She was trying to say that she wanted to look for another house, but before she could finish saying her piece, Cheng Zheng quickly chimed in .

“You need not feel bad about this . I’ll respect your views on Bai Muchuan moving into the house . ”

Uh! The ball is now in my court? Xiang Wan did not expect this .

She turned her head and looked at Cheng Zheng’s side profile .

“It’s your friend’s house,” she smiled awkwardly, “no need to take in my views on this matter . You both should make the decision . ”

Cheng Zheng remained silent .

Some time later, he said, “You’re so smart after all . You should have guessed?”

Xiang Wan looked at him, pursed her lips, and did not say a word .

Cheng Zheng thought for a while before saying, “That house actually belonged to me . I like peace and quiet, so I didn’t want to be disturbed . That was why I bought the two units on the same floor . Consequently, when you were looking for a house, I thought of helping you since the house was empty anyway . I don’t have any ill intentions . I’ve said this house belonged to my friend as I did not want you to be troubled by it…”

Xiang Wan nodded her head . “I understand . Thank you, Captain Cheng . Well, I’m more ashamed now…”

“Fine then, I agree . ” He suddenly turned and swept a glance at her . “Bai Muchuan’s house is definitely bigger, but if you stayed there and he bullies you, no one can help you out . So, it’s better for you to stay here! At least you have a friend here . ”

After pausing for a moment, he pursed his lips tightly and said in a tone as though someone was forcing him, “That fellow… since he wants to live here, I’ll let him live here . Hmph! I want to see if he can continue living here!”

Uh! What will he be doing?

Xiang Wan looked at the road in front and suddenly felt a sudden uncertainty and tension about the days ahead…

Will the two of them fight everyday? she thought .

It was proven that Xiang Wan had underestimated men .

When they arrived at the office, she noticed that the two of them totally did not have a trace of conflict . One of them look energetic and bright, while the other looked pleasant . Both of them worked normally .

When it was morning at nine o’clock, Bai Muchuan called for a team meeting to update and summarize the leads of the case again . He still felt that from the day when Kong Qingping stole the doll till Cao Mengjia committed suicide, Ye Lun was related to all of the events .

He was the greatest suspect, but up to until now, they did not manage to find any evidence .

Hence, they decided on two action plans and continued to comb and search for clues .

But it was not easy to execute their plans . Being the new elevated “A-List” celebrity, Ye Lun now had bodyguards and assistants who were very meticulous and careful . It would be much more difficult to monitor and stalk him than the average person…

In the end, Tang Yuanchu gave his views .

“The police is worse off than the paparazzi! What irony!”

“No choice, the police need to uphold law and obtain evidence using lawful means . The paparazzi did not have so many things to care about!”

“D*rn!” Tang Yuanchu muttered and recalled the day when they interrogated him, still brooding over it . “It’s the world of the entertainers . Just look at how smug he is! Besides his good looks, what else does he have? On what basis did he have to act so haughtily in front of us? If not for boss holding me back, I would have given him a good thrashing!”

“You’re just jealous that he’s really good looking, right!” Xie Hui rebutted teasingly .

“Bullsh*t! Is he more handsome than our boss? Why am I not jealous of boss then?”

“That’s because you didn’t have the guts!”


The two of them bantered with each other but received Bai Muchuan’s warning gaze .

“Enough . Two teams, keep to your responsibility and make sure you watch him closely!”

“Yes, Boss!” Tang Yuanchu suddenly asked a question . “Boss, why didn’t Brother Huang come back to the team? We’re short of manpower . Everyone missed him! In terms of handling cases, he has more experience and we do need him…”

This was exactly what Xiang Wan wanted to know .

Almost subconsciously, she also lifted her head to look at Bai Muchuan .

It was total silence in the meeting room . Everyone was waiting for Bai Muchuan’s answer .

He looked at everyone and replied casually, “I’ve said it before . Commissioner Wang will look into it . Don’t worry about i! Go get to work!”

How could they not worry about him? He had been working with them for so long!

Everyone looked at each other . They had doubts, but they knew they could not ask anymore about it and left the room .

Xiang Wan took her stuff and nodded at Bai Muchuan . Before she left the meeting room, Tang Yuanchu, who had left a while ago, came back to the meeting room again .

“Boss, someone’s looking for you!” He called out to him .

“Alright!” Bai Muchuan took a glance at Xiang Wan . “Let him wait at my office . ”

“Okay!” Tang Yuanchu walked away .

Xiang Wan thought of the supper last night and was somewhat sure of her conjecture . “Captain Bai, I’ll get going now . ” She chose not to ask about it .

Bai Muchuan cleared his throat and walked over to her . His hand rested gently at her waist as he dared not hug her so intimately . It was just a touch and he let go of her .

“Did you sleep well at night?”

Xiang Wan’s cheeks were slightly warm and turned slightly away as she was shy . “It’s pkay . You?”

Bai Muchuan chuckled . “I didn’t sleep well…” After a short pause, he fixed his eyes on her . “I was thinking of you, he muttered softly .


His breathing was warm, and it brushed gently on her face like a pleasing gust of wind, making Xiang Wan’s heart beat even faster .

“Knock it off!”

“I’m serious . I thought about it for one whole night . My eyes only closed when it was almost daybreak!”

Is there anyone who could not sleep the entire night but be able to come to work so energetically?

Hmph! Such cheesy words come out of his mouth so easily .  Xiang Wan now seriously suspected him of being an old driver, in terms of love .

She curled her lips in displeasure, hugging the documents and made a polite bow . “Thank you, boss, I need to get to work now . ”

Bai Muchuan was slightly startled by her behavior . His lips formed a smile as he calmly patted her on the shoulders . Finally, he left the room before her .

“Go get busy then! See you at night . ”