Murder The Dream Guy - Chapter 464

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Chapter 464: 464

Fang Yuanyuan did not meet Huang He that day .

When they reached home, Xiang Wan asked her to bathe and get changed . Not long after, she received a call .

Bai Muchuan told her that Huang He had arrived in the Capital safely . However, it was not appropriate for him to meet Fang Yuanyuan .

They would have to arrange a time for them to get their marriage certificate differently .

“Huang He asked you to take good care of her…”

Xiang Wan looked toward the bathroom and puffed a sigh . “Yup, I will . ”

Both of them had been the messenger between Huang He and Fang Yuanyuan . As it was not convenient for both of them to talk face to face with each other, both of them could only help to pass the message .

The current circumstances seemed even graver than when they were in Xi City .

In fact, Bai Muchuan, was also uncertain if Huang He should continue his undercover work . If it weren’t for operation Heaven’s Wrath, Huang He’s undercover mission might just drag on instead of taking legal action against him . This was because the remaining Dark Clan members would gradually die out in the nationwide effort against drug dealing… Even if there were some that escaped, it would not cause as much damage to what it used to do before .

Operation Heaven’s Wrath had indirectly decided for Bai Muchuan .

To protect his identity, they would have to guard him closely too .

At the same time, they also needed to let Tian Danyue put down her guard . In order not to arouse suspicions, they had to handle the relationship between Huang He and Fang Yuanyuan even more cautiously so that nothing would go wrong .

Bai Muchuan did not mention all these things to Xiang Wan . Even so, she had also thought of that herself .

At the same time, she realized that Huang He was about to carry out an urgent task with a lot of uncertainty . He was worried about the girl he loved, but he could not provide her a sense of security, nor could he offer her more promises . There was a feeling of powerlessness in him…

When Xiang Wan thought about this; she felt as though her heart was stuffed with cotton . That feeling was very uncomfortable .

However, she couldn’t discuss it with Bai Muchuan .

Firstly, he’s a guy .

Secondly, he had a lot on his plate .

Xiang Wan sat by herself in the living room . When she concluded that Fang Yuanyuan wouldn’t be coming out soon; she picked up her mobile phone and gave Zhan Se a call .

In the professional field of criminal psychology, if there was anything she could not understand, she would ask Zhan Se for help .

In Meng Chi’s case, both of them had an in-depth discussion with each other too .

Therefore, Zhan Se was a trustworthy friend to Xiang Wan; she was also like a teacher to her since she always provided guidance to Xiang Wan .

She told Zhan Se about Huang He and Fang Yuanyuan; she also spoke of her own thoughts and uneasiness about the whole matter .

Over at the other end of the phone, Zhan Se deliberated for quite a while .

“Actually, sometimes, the thinking of men and women can be completely different . We have to think from two different perspectives . ”

“Eh?” Xiang Wan couldn’t understand .

“For love, women could sacrifice everything whereas men are overly cautious and indecisive . ”

Xiang Wan kept quiet .

She totally agreed with her .

Zhan Se continued, “Little Bai asked me to have a talk with Huang He, but the purpose was not really on his relationship matters . ”

Xiang Wan replied, “I understand that . ”

Zhan Se said thereafter, “Huang He’s mission itself is tough . It is not something that any ordinary man could withstand . What he would face is certainly not ordinary . For a normal person, a mission like this would no doubt be a great test on his psychological state; it could also cause great suffering . Hence, my purpose for meeting him was actually to provide counselling…”

People had fears and worries .

Even though Huang He was a very experienced detective of many years, he would also need counseling from time to time . Only then could he calmly accept the role change and not to forget his original intention for doing undercover work .

Xiang Wan could understand that . “I feel that, he’s really a great person . ”

“In the beginning, he was against the idea of getting married…”

“Oh, what made him change his mind? Little Bai told me that was the only request he made . ”

Zhan Se said, “It’s for a very realistic reason . ”

“What is it?”

“At that time, I shared with him that sometimes, legal recognition can be very important to a girl . It’s also a kind of psychological recognition . This immediately enlightened him . He said that if he got married and had sacrificed himself during the course of duty, would Fang Yuanyuan had the right to inherit his compensation money and all?”


“When I said yes, he immediately changed his stance and said that he must marry her… He said that since he couldn’t promise her anything, he did not want to leave her with nothing to the point where she wasn’t even qualified to hold his ashes . ”


It was for a simple reason .

Nevertheless, it changed a man’s decision .

Before Zhan Se ended the call, she remarked, “Everyone is just an ordinary person . It’s normal to think like that . ”

Ordinary people’s love was simple .

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However, when one thought about it carefully, how was it simple?

Fang Yuanyuan came out of the bathroom looking cheerful and was humming away in a melodious tune .

“I’m envious and jealous at the same time! You two are living in such a huge place…”

When Fang Yuanyuan looked around the house, she started shaking her head and winking at Xiang Wan .

“You’re really something . Of course, my future cousin-in-law is really capable too…”

Xiang Wan did not banter with her but looked at the time instead .

“Miss Fang Yuanyuan, you took 50 minutes just to bathe yourself… Why are you so slow?”

“Hah! So it’s my fault?” Fang Yuanyuan rolled her eyes . “Blame your bathroom for having such a huge bathtub,” she said cheerfully, “bathing here is so comfortable that it feels like a luxury! How can I not take more time to enjoy it?”

Xiang Wan was speechless . “…”

Fang Yuanyuan looked around again . “Eh, why are you sitting here? You’re not making dinner? I’m hungry already…”

When she said so, she suddenly remembered something . “Oh yes, I’ve brought some cured meat and sausage . Want to cook some of it tonight?”

As Lunar New Year approached, every household in Jin City would cook cured meat and sausages; these were the two things that seemed to taste its best before Lunar New Year . When eaten after the Lunar New Year, somehow, it would not taste as flavorful…

Well, it’s the flavor of the Lunar New Year .

Fang Yuanyuan went up to her suitcase with her wet hair .

“I’ve specially made time to bring all these over . See, I took quite a lot, almost half of my suitcase is food…”

Previously, Xiang Wan had looked at Yuanyuan’s suitcase . There really weren’t many things inside other than food .

“Why did you bring so little stuff over?”

“I can use yours . Other than clothes, I need not bring others . Even if I need something, I believe my dearest cousin will buy them for me . After all, you’re rich now!”


Her words amused Xiang Wan .

“Wah! So you think your face is ‘big’, huh?”

“I thank you so much! Don’t be so polite, my face is always bigger than yours!”

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As the two of them bantered with each other, they took out the properly sealed cured meat and sausages out; they then put them in the fridge and started to cook in the kitchen together .

Such days were common when they were in Jin City . However, going ahead, being together like this would not be as frequent anymore .

They started to chat with each other, just like always, and Xiang Wan soon forgot about the worries she had .

Chop! Chop! Chop! Xiang Wan was cutting vegetables on the chopping board while she spoke in a relaxed voice .

“Did youngest aunt say nothing about you coming here when Lunar New Year is around the corner?”

Ever since Fang Yuanyuan threw a tantrum about wanting to get married, everyone in the family was wary against her going anywhere out of Jin City . Hence, Xiang Wan was a little curious about why they had allowed her to come to the Capital .

She knew very well that both eldest aunt and uncle-in-law loved Fang Yuanyuan a lot; the excuses that she used to visit Xiang Wan at the Capital was enough to hoodwink her parents .

The youngest aunt would always know what she was up to . That was why Xiang Wan asked that question .

Fang Yuanyuan was helping to prepare ingredients . When she heard that question, her hands paused for a moment . “Youngest aunt had no time to bother with me . ” She glanced at Xiang Wan while hesitating about something .

“What’s up?” Xiang Wan looked at her, puzzled .

“Youngest aunt hasn’t been well lately . ” Fang Yuanyuan lowered her eyelids while she picked out the vegetables . “You know, after your ‘get-to-know relatives’ event, maybe youngest aunt had a fight with the youngest uncle-in-law… they are now in bad terms . My mom didn’t tell me a lot either, but it’s obvious that the youngest uncle-in-law is not treating her well now . ”

Xiang Wan furrowed her eyebrows but did not make a comment about it .

Frankly, she did not like Xing Feifei because of her willful behavior .

However, youngest aunt… she really was very concerned about her and Fang Yuanyuan… Although she was sharp-tongued to the point where her words would hit where it hurts the most, the concern she showed them was genuine .

She really cared for them!

“So they quarreled over that event?”

Maybe that day, when Xing Yuanhang left with Xing Feifei, he might have felt a loss of face .

If that was the reason for their fall out with each other, then Xiang Wan would feel guilty about it .


Fang Yuanyuan shrugged her shoulders .

“Who knows? Every family has its hardships… Well, in my opinion, the incident that day was the triggering point . ”

Xiang Wan turned her head . “Why do you say that?”

Fang Yuanyuan’s eyes moved and slightly pouted her mouth in thought .

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“Hmm, one day when I got home, I heard the youngest aunt talking to my mom . It seemed that she was suspicious…”

She paused and lowered her volume . “She suspected that youngest uncle-in-law has a mistress outside . ”


Xiang Wan did not remark on that .

This was not new .

In the past, she had also heard about such suspicions from the youngest aunt before…

However, their marriage survived nonetheless .

Youngest uncle-in-law, Xing Yuanhang, was over 40 years old . He had maintained himself well and looked much younger than his actual age . He was wealthy and had a good family background . He was an intellectual, not to mention, he was thoughtful and steady… The competitiveness lingering around to have such men were on par against those hot young studs—he would definitely attract the eyeballs of young women .

Even if he did not make a move on them, there would always be no lack of women…

… Who would throw themselves at him while wishing they could get some honey off him for a lick…

“No matter what, youngest aunt will always worry about something . ”

its human nature .

The original human nature .

Xiang Wan’s seemingly nonchalant remark left Fang Yuanyuan in thought .

A good while later, she suddenly asked, “Are all men like that?”

Xiang Wan had finished cutting the vegetables and placed them in a bowl . “Mm? What do you mean?”

Fang Yuanyuan replied, “When men are young, they like young women . When men are old, they still like young women . But women… all people grow old . Nobody can keep their youth; nothing can change men from liking young women, no matter their age . So what should women do? Should women hope that their men stay poor forever so no other women will like them?”

Xiang Wan remained silent . “…”

This topic might be too heavy for them .

They were only in their twenties and have experienced little in life .

There were some things that they could imagine but never be able to feel it personally .

Fang Yuanyuan puffed a sigh . “I suddenly feel that youngest aunt is very pitiful . ”

Xiang Wan felt a slightly bitter feeling in her heart .

Fang Yuanyuan replied, “She’s such a proud woman, beautiful and intelligent . When young, she’s like a goddess in my eyes . Youngest uncle-in-law really doted on her back then and everyone was envious of her… I’ve never had the thought that there would be a day where the youngest aunt will become old and that there will be so many temptations around youngest uncle-in-law . After getting rid of a wave of vixens, there would be another wave of them…”