Murder The Dream Guy - Chapter 465

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Chapter 465


After getting rid of a wave of vixens, there would be another wave of them…

This metaphor actually sounded so applicable .

It was so true that she didn’t want to imagine it…

“Hmph! That also means we should be stronger and not be swayed easily . ”

Fang Yuanyuan had already found an outlet to soothe her emotions in less than 10 seconds without requiring Xiang Wan’s consolation .

She was a girl who would think of the worst possible scenario, but in no time, she would regain her optimism and cheerfulness again .

“So we should not live our lives for a man but live for ourselves instead . We have to stay beautiful and spend all of his money so as not to leave any chances to other women…”

Pffft! Xiang Wan couldn’t hold her laughter . Then she looked at Fang Yuanyuan deeply . “So are you actually trying to give me a lecture?”

“Why? I can’t do that?”

“If there is someone between us who will live for a man, that would definitely be you, Fang Yuanyuan . ”

“…” Fang Yuanyuan could not refute her .

Bai Muchuan came back just in time for dinner .

When he smelled the aroma of food, the moment he entered the house, he broke into a smile .

“Ah, it will really be Lunar New Year soon…”

“The way you put it was like if there’s no cured meat and sausages, then it’s not Lunar New Year . ”

“Mm, it’s not the same . ” Bai Muchuan walked to the entrance of the kitchen for a deep sniff of the aroma of food . He seemed to enjoy the smell as if there was a floating streak of light across his face . He sounded gentle, and he showed nothing but smiles . “The cured meat and sausages from Jin City smells especially nice . It’s different from any other place…”

“That’s for sure!” Xiang Wan laughed proudly . “My mom and eldest aunt specially picked this meat out . They made it themselves…”

Bai Muchuan took another sniff . “What a familiar smell . ”

Xiang Wan was about to get him out of the kitchen when she heard that remark of his . She paused to scrutinize his facial expression .

“Are you thinking of your mom?”

Back then, he used to live in Jin City .

The flavor of the Lunar New Year in Jin City must have remained in his childhood memory .

Fang Yuanyuan was not at the kitchen then . There was no one else besides them .

Bai Muchuan did not deny that . With a faint smile, he embraced her by the waist and gave her a kiss .

“I remember when I was young, my mom also liked to make cured meat and sausage . At that time, there’s no sausage-making machine on the market yet… The flavor of the cured meat and sausage my mom made also smelled good; it had the smell of Jin City…”

“Bai Muchuan…” Xiang Wan looked at him for a while .

She was feeling sorry for him .

She was feeling bad for him .

However, for that moment, she didn’t know how to comfort him .

Regarding his mother, Xiang Wan knew that Bai Muchuan had not given up searching for her .

Both of them rarely talked about it though .

The sudden mention of her inevitably made the atmosphere heavy .

“Oh, my god!” They heard Fang Yuanyuan’s laughter from behind .

At the same time, that also broke the silence between them .

“Spare a thought for my eyes! How can you two just give a dog food regardless of the occasion?”

Bai Muchuan let go of Xiang Wan and greeted Fang Yuanyuan with a smile .

Xiang Wan felt relieved at the same time . “What are you saying? Get the cutlery, dinner is ready!”

“Aye, did I come at the wrong time?” Fang Yuanyuan smiled teasingly . “Or… do you both want to continue? I’m not that hungry, I can eat later . ”

“As if! Hurry and lay the table!” Xiang Wan scrunched up her nose at her .

They sat down for dinner quickly after cracking a few jokes .

Huang He needed to go through the judicial process for the sake “fooling others” . Fang Yuanyuan asked about the specific progress . Bai Muchuan did not elaborate on that, he only said that he would arrange for them to meet each other in a few days’ time . He had already planned the marriage registry . When the time came, the registrar would come personally to settle that for them .

“The registrar will come personally?” This took Fang Yuanyuan aback . “We need not go to the registry?”

“No need . ” Bai Muchuan was eating his meal slowly .

“This… is this special handling?” Fang Yuanyuan’s eyes went wide-opened .

“Special circumstances require special handling . ” Bai Muchuan did not look at her .

“If we register in this manner, is it legal? Will they… not recognize it?”

When Bai Muchuan heard that, the corners of his lips lifted upwards, as though what he heard amused him, yet there was also seriousness in his eyes at the same time .

“Don’t worry . It’s definitely legal, Mrs . Huang!”

“… Orh . ” Fang Yuanyuan lowered her head; her face had flushed red from embarrassment .

When they were lying in bed at night, Xiang Wan talked to Bai Muchuan about her telephone conversation with Zhan Se during the day . She was feeling a little depressed over Fang Yuanyuan and Huang He… The reason that made Huang He change his mind also especially affected her .

“If I were to die while carrying out my duty…” said Bai Muchuan suddenly .

“… What are you talking about?” Xiang Wan suddenly turned her head and covered his mouth . “You won’t!”

Bai Muchuan took her hand away and laughed .

“Don’t be nervous, Little Xiang Wan . It’s inevitable to have comrades sacrificing themselves in the line of detective work; it’s a problem that all of us have to face . ”


“If that were to happen to me one day, I will certainly arrange in advance, that you will get everything you deserve…”

In the darkness, there weren’t many light rays in the room, and his voice sounded so casual that it felt like he was joking with a distinct degree of seriousness .

Xiang Wan felt uncomfortable to hear that . “Don’t talk about this again, okay? All of us have to stay alive and well…”

“Mm,” replied Bai Muchuan while he pulled her over to him for a tight embrace and a light kiss .

“What will you two be doing for the next two days?”

“Yuanyuan wanted me to show her around the city . Do you have something on?”

“I want to do some visiting and give some festive goods . ”

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Xiang Wan asked, “Who are you visiting?”

“Tu Liang’s family . I want to make a trip personally . There’s also… Captain Zhang’s mentor…”

Xiang Wan was a little puzzled . “I thought he’s staying in Jin City?”

“While in Jin City, I paid a visit to him . ” Bai Muchuan paused for a moment . “He’s been rather ill and in poor health . His family didn’t want others to disturb him, so I didn’t get to see him… However, his son called me up today and asked for a favor . He would like me to help secure a transfer to the famous Jingdu Hospital here . He also told me that his dad is really not doing well…”

She knew that he would definitely help them out .

That also meant that he had the perfect excuse to contact them .

Xiang Wan replied, “So when are you going to visit them?”

Bai Muchuan gave it a thought . “I need to plan with the hospital tomorrow . As for visiting Tu Liang’s family, since I’m giving them festive goods, I would like to get it done within these two days . You’ll accompany me there!”

“… It’s settled then . ”

Xiang Wan answered softly and snuggled into his arms .

The long winter night started .

It was snowing . The snow seemed small but dense outside the window .

Under every light, countless number of stories were taking place…

Fang Yuanyuan was really a girl with a sanguine personality .

Generally, especially in a time like this, people would usually have many worries and uneasiness…

However, it looked like nothing had happened to her . Besides wanting Xiang Wan to bring her around for some good food, shopping, and the like, she also arranged to meet up some female authors she was taking care of in the Capital .

Neither her love and work were being neglected .

She impressed Xiang Wan too . “Since you’re meeting with them, I don’t think I should join, right?”

“That won’t do!” Fang Yuanyuan grabbed her hand and refused to let her go . “You have to go!”

“…” Her insistence made Xiang Wan frown .

“You know very well that I don’t like social gatherings!”

“It’s not like you’re going for a business and social gathering…” Fang Yuanyuan looked at Xiang Wan . “My dear cousin, do you know why you’re always getting the short end of the stick every time you’re caught in a controversy?”

“…” Xiang Wan did not like this question .

Thus, she remained silent .

Fang Yuanyuan suddenly said in an earnest tone,

“Because you live like an otaku in real life and in this industry . You hardly talk to others and don’t go around making friends with other authors… You won’t get a response if you don’t take the time to socialize and maintain friendships . ”

“…” Xiang Wan looked at her in confusion . She did not understand what she meant .

“To put it bluntly, it’s all about knowing people personally—it’s the basis of human interaction . If you have your own social circle, then you have friends in that network whom you could talk to when something happens; these friends will stand up for you… Don’t look down on this . Sometimes, having your own circle of friends can reverse the direction of public opinion . ”

“But I’m an author . ” Xiang Wan narrowed her eyes . “Shouldn’t an author’s most important task is to make sure that their story is well written?”

Spending time to make social connections to improve relations with other authors…

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What kind of reasoning is that? She thought .

She shook her head and laughed . “This is not the lifestyle I want . ”

“You’re so silly . ” Fang Yuanyuan showed a disapproving glance . “You should think it over carefully yourself . If your boyfriend is not Second Young Master Mu, what kind of situation would you be in now? I can tell you plainly, that all these false claims will follow you forever… They really can do that . If you didn’t get popular, then it probably won’t affect your life since people would ignore you . However, the moment that there are signs that you might get popular then there will be people who couldn’t wait to vilify you with all these . They will make sure you are back to square one…”


That’s so emotionally draining!

Xiang Wan knew that Yuanyuan was right .

However, if she agreed and accepted it, would she still be Xiang Wan?

She said, “I don’t want to go against my original intentions…”

Fang Yuanyuan replied, “What are your original intentions? Isn’t it to write a popular story that will make you lots of money?”

Xiang Wan paused for a moment . “Yeah, but I don’t think such social interactions where I have to earn their favor by flattering them reluctantly, are the shortcut for me to write a popular story and make money out of it…”

Fang Yuanyuan wished that she could spilt Xiang Wan’s head open and input her own set of codes to change her thinking .

“Heavens, you’re a pedantic and opinionated woman! You’ve lived for 27 years, and you don’t know how the world works? The very essence of thousands of years of culture and tradition is embodied in two words… human relationships!”

Xiang Wan felt irritated . “In my opinion, it’s three words!”

“D*rn! D*rn! D*rn!”

Ultimately, Xiang Wan accompanied Fang Yuanyuan to the mini-gathering .

This was because Fang Yuanyuan had already told the female authors that Xiang Gongzi would come as well .

Of course, she didn’t tell anyone that Xiang Gongzi was her elder cousin .

Xiang Wan had no choice but to come along .

To make Fang Yuanyuan look good, she had to dress up nicer for the gathering in the evening .

She also informed Bai Muchuan about it before she went out with Fang Yuanyuan .

They had met up in a famous kebab eatery located inside a huge integrated shopping mall where one could shop, dine, entertain, relax, and enjoy . The netizens gave a high star rating for the kebab eatery in this shopping mall . Since the festive season was round the corner, there were more people in the shopping mall than usual that they even need to queue up to get a table…

They located the eatery on the fourth floor of the shopping mall, which was also the place where they would meet up with each other .

That entire floor was all about food and entertainment .

There they found Japanese cuisine, Korean cuisine, Chinese cuisine… as well as a cinema, a karaoke outlet, and more .

When Xiang Wan and Fang Yuanyuan showed up together, the other female authors had already arrived .

One of them was Xuan Yue . There was also one that was familiar to Xiang Wan and recalled that she was also invited to the Annual Awards Ceremony . Her pen name was Qing Dai . However, since that day was a totally chaotic day for Xiang Wan, she did not talk to this female author .

There were two other unfamiliar faces there, and Xiang Wan did not know their pen names .

When Xuan Yue saw her, she walked to them warmly with Qing Dai, following her to where they sat .

“Xiang Gongzi, here, here…” She greeted them cheerfully .

Xiang Wan waved her hand to smile at them . “Hello . ”

Xuan Yue gave her a hug . “We meet again! I’m so happy . ”

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Xiang Wan looked at her . “Yup . ”

Ever since she saw Xuan Yue with Hu Bandao that day, she could not see Xuan Yue the same as before .

The few female authors greeted each other as well and with Fang Yuanyuan’s introduction, they now knew each other .

Since the other two authors were unfamiliar with almost everyone, they seemed a little shy .

Nonetheless, Fang Yuanyuan was a sociable person . Besides, since she was their content editor, she also had intentions to talk about their novel . Hence, throughout the queuing until the waitress led them to a table, she was the one who maintained a lively atmosphere, and the authors were laughing and chatting away .

The kebab eatery had a nice layout and design . Every table was like a private little area which was very convenient for their patrons to chit chat with each other .

When they sat down, the female authors were still a little rigid, but slowly, they started to chat with each other .

Since they were authors, it was no surprise when one of them mentioned Du Landuo .

The only person who had met Du Landuo that night before she fell to her death was Xuan Yue .

Naturally, they were curious about it . Qing Dai tried to ask for more details in a roundabout manner from Xuan Yue .

Xuan Yue was sitting beside Xiang Wan . She did not tell them what she told Xiang Wan privately . She only gave some politically correct responses .

“Who would have thought she would take it so hard?”

Everybody nodded their head in agreement .

“I agree, it’s really too unexpected!”

“It’s easy for women to become irrational when it comes to boy-girl relationships…”

Qing Dai suddenly crumpled up her nose before mentioning Hu Bandao .

“In my opinion, I feel that we should blame Hu Bandao . If not for him, Du Landuo wouldn’t have done such a silly act!”

Qing Dai had witnessed the confrontation between Du Landuo and Xiang Wan that day .

That had indirectly proven that Fang Yuanyuan’s words made sense . When she got closer to them, it was easier to talk to them . At the very least, they did not blame Xiang Wan for Du Landuo’s death but scolded Hu Bandao for being a jerk . They were certain that he must have cheated on Du Landuo which caused her to commit suicide…

While they were condemning Hu Bandao, Xiang Wan sneaked a glance at Xuan Yue .

Nonetheless, she only seemed to look a bit startled and kept quiet .

“That’s precisely why girls have to be careful when they are looking for a boyfriend!”

“Aye, does every one of you have a boyfriend already?”

“I don’t… I stay at home every day; how do I get a boyfriend in this way?”

As they chatted, Xuan Yue talked lesser than earlier . Xiang Wan would occasionally add a sentence or two . Fang Yuanyuan and the other three ladies hit it off well . When their conversation shifted from the Annual Awards Ceremony to their novels, the topic really hyped them up . The ladies had a lot to share about the problems they faced as a web novelist .

They had finished about half of the kebabs they ordered and were feeling thirsty from all the talking .

At this time, there was a faint sound of a siren coming from outside…

It started to get sharp and harsh as it got louder .

However, most people didn’t show many reactions to it .

It was until they saw an actual commotion inside the kebab eatery when people started running outside .

“Someone seems to have died next door…”

“Quick! Let’s have a look! There are a lot of police officers!”