Murder The Dream Guy - Chapter 70

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Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Using Morality As Weapon

Her eyes were half-opened, and her pupils were gleaming like water .

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The finger trapped in her mouth seemed to melt .

Bai Muchuan felt his body starting to get hot, and his face started to get gloomy . “Let go!”

Hmph! Xiang Wan made a muffled snort, and smiled provokingly at him without saying a word .

She was a little silly, like a naive girl who did not know what such an action would mean to a man, and yet she was so proud of it .

Haha, I managed to get my revenge! she was gloating in her head .

Why must I always be in a disadvantage when talking to you?

Didn’t he like to flirt and not take responsibility? If he can do it, I can do it too .

The greatest effect of alcohol was that people would do things that they normally would not dare to do .

Xiang Wan’s dark eyes curved in a smirk . With the finger in her mouth, she gently s*cked on it as if she was eating a lollipop .

Bai Muchuan gasped .

That muffled hums of his seemed to suggest a struggling beast was trying to break out of him .

He was struggling to control himself . He held her chin and whispered in an unusual sexy tone, “Xiang Wan, you’re dead meat if you don’t let go at this instant!”

Was he angry? Or he felt pain from the bite? Xiang Wan giggled and let go of the finger . “Do you concede?”

Bai Muchuan pursed his lips and looked at the finger she bit earlier .

Glistening saliva was on it…

Xiang Wan did not notice his abnormality . She staggered a step and grabbed his hand, and sighed as if she had compromised .

“This lady has taken a more few bites today . Little Bai, hurry and help this lady get back!”

What kind of plot is this?

It’s not going according to the plot!

Bai Muchuan wiped the saliva on her with distaste, took a glance at her red face, and helped to support her .

“Xiang Wan, do you know that you act like a pervert when you’re drunk?”

“Huh?” Xiang Wan responded . She sniffled her nose and looked rather adorable . “Hurhurhur, are you afraid now? Bai Muchuan, that’s my revenge . ”

“Oh?” Bai Muchuan turned to look at her with his clear, dark eyes, “Fine, I’m giving you an opportunity . ”

He wore the expression of “let the storm come harder” at him .

However, Xiang Wan frowned . It was an indication that she did not understand what he meant by “opportunity” .

Bai Muchuan did not say a word, and grabbed her like a eagle who caught a chick .

There was a strange atmosphere that had never existed before .

The road from the restroom to the cellar dining room was suddenly imbued with a peculiar romantic ambiguity .

They did not meet anyone while making their way back .

He held on to her and she leaned on him .

Xiang Wan felt like she had been taken into an illusory dream by the alcohol .

Such a gentle Bai Muchuan .

So, gentle .

When the rest of them saw the two return to the dining table together, they were smiling and exchanging glances with each other .

Quan Shaoteng leaned over and patted on Bai Muchuan’s shoulders .

“Little Bai, why are you gone for so long?”

Bai Muchuan glared at him to make him shut his mouth .

But Quan Shaoteng was not someone who would easily give up .

He rubbed his nose and chuckled a teasing laugh as he saw Xiang Wan’s cherry red cheeks .

“Say it, what did you do to Teacher Xiang?” He squinted his eyes teasingly .

“I didn’t . ” Bai Muchuan wore an innocent face and gave a sidelong glance at Xiang Wan . “She’s the one who did something to me . ”

“?” Xiang Wan was confused .

She felt her cheeks in pain as everyone’s gazes landed on her .

D*rn! Why am I always being bullied by him?

Xiang Wan ah, this is his revenge, revenge, revenge!

Bai Muchuan suddenly smiled gently and casually .

“Still want to drink? If not, let’s get going . ”

No matter the occasion, he was always the one who would be in control .

It was as if he could make others follow his lead, without much effort .

“… Alright,” said Xiang Wan .

It was getting late, she need to get back to campus .

Zhan Se was rather worried about Xiang Wan but she insisted she was fine .

“Don’t worry about me . Senior, I’m really not drunk…”

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Xiang Wan was trying her best to keep her consciousness .

Quan Shaoteng looked on, grinning . “It’ll be fine . Little Bai is here, if something were to happen, it will happen . ”

Xiang Wan: “…”

Bai Muchuan couldn’t be bothered with him . He pulled Xiang Wan along . “I’ll send you back . ”

He was the one who brought her here and he should be the one responsible to bring her back .

Xiang Wan was feeling dizzy and did not object to it . She was drunk but not yet unconscious .

Following Bai Muchuan’s lead, she got up from her seat and said her goodbyes to Zhan Se and Quan Shaoteng politely .

After that, she turned to look for “Mr . Harry Potter” but he was nowhere to be seen .

Xiang Wan turned around to look for him and that fellow mysteriously appeared behind her by giving a pat on her shoulder . And that scared her silly .

“Hey! I’ve done a reading for both of you . ”

“?” What the?

“You two are destined for each other! But the path to marriage is filled with up and downs…”

Hm? This scammer switched on his fortune-telling mode again?

Xiang Wan looked at him with a pair of intoxicated eyes .

Next, in front of everyone, “Mr . Harry Potter” smiled mysteriously and showed his WeChat QR collection code .

“We’re so familiar with each other already–9,999 yuan for an everlasting and unchanging love!”

Holy sh*t!

He asked for money just like that?

Xiang Wan glared at him while Bai Muchuan took out his mobile phone casually .

Ding! The scan was complete .

Zhan Yuan was stunned for a moment . He looked at the screen in delight and started to raise a ruckus .

“This is my first deal! Hahahaha! I should have said 99,999 or even 9,999,999 and I’ll wish you ten ‘everlasting and unchanging love’…”

This scammer!

Xiang Wan was speechless .

Zhan Se felt ashamed, “My apologies, my cousin…”

Bai Muchuan smiled . “It’s nothing, take it as payment for the wine . Bye, sis-in-law . ”

After receiving the money, Zhan Yuan was all smiles and bowed to them like a gentleman .

“Both of you, do visit again!”

There was just a little romantic ambiguity, but it got magnified by Zhan Yuan unexpectedly .

However, as there were too many such ambiguous instances, Xiang Wan felt somewhat numb .

Looking at Bai Muchuan’s calm face, she thought that their relationship might end up the same as what happened between Quan Shaoteng and the girl named Xia Chuqi .

They might have thought they could take their relationship a step further . In the end, they might become buddies instead .

The night winds were strong at the Jin Villa .

They got a designated driver to drive for them . Bai Muchuan and Xiang Wan sat behind at the passenger seat .

As the car made its way out of the villa, the two of them did not speak to each other .

There was a small line of opening in the window where the mountainous winds gently seeped in, cool and quiet .

“You’re returning to the campus?”

Xiang Wan’s brain was a little blank . She took some time to react to Bai Muchuan’s sudden question .

She nodded heavily and her eyes were half-closed when she suddenly grinned and blinked at him .

“If I don’t go back to campus to sleep, I sleep with you? No, sleep at your place?”

Counter flirt! Counter flirt!

These were the voices coming from her brain .

She had thought this might be difficult as she didn’t expect that she could do this easily under the effect of alcohol .

Basically, it was perfect!

Watching that one second of shocked expression on his face, Xiang Wan gave a faint smirk like a mischievous kid . She had wanted to hold her laughter, but ultimately she was unable to control herself and cackled out loud .

“Young Master Bai, how’s the feeling of being hit on? Is it nice?”

“Hm?” Bai Muchuan smiled indifferently, “I’ll only know the feeling until I’ve tried it . ”

“Okay! Let’s fix a time?”


After watching him took a breath, looked at her as if she was a nutcase, and seemingly not going to reply her, Xiang Wan let out a belch after two seconds .

“History states, on a certain year, a certain month on a certain day, Detective Bai failed to flirt successfully and was so enraged that his body failed to function and died while on the way back from Jin Villa!”

Bai Muchuan: “…”

This was an eye-opener .

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He frowned as he scrutinised her for a while and suddenly remarked .

“Xiang Wan, you really don’t behave like a woman . ”

“How should a woman behave then?” Xiang Wan leaned on the seat slowly, her arm forming an arch and rested on his shoulder, while her head rested on that arm . “Look at me, make a comparison!”

A relaxed and laid-back Xiang Wan was not so serious as during the day .

Her fair skin seemed bright and spotless inside the car . She was wearing a white dress together with a light blue cardigan . She had beautiful, exquisite features and her slender figure exuded a gentle and sweet, feminine beauty .

She did not own any branded or expensive clothing but she was very confident .

“Well, say it! Which part of me is not a woman?”

She was like a cat, occasionally reach out a claw to scratch his heart . As if that was not enough, she had even bit him with her teeth .

“Aren’t you good at flirting? Bai Muchuan, how can you back off now?”

Xiang Wan was a bit bold and unrestrained after she drank alcohol .

Her brows fluttered wilfully as she looked at him a little provokingly .

Bai Muchuan stayed quiet .

He just looked at her quietly, as if he was watching an animated portrait .

It was quiet in the car .

It was quiet in the journey back from Jin Villa .

Everything was quiet .

Xiang Wan started to get bored .

She angled both her legs to a side, both legs closed . With that, she was sitting gracefully like a lady and looked at Bai Muchuan .

There was a teasing smile within her intoxicated eyes .

“Hey, did you think that I really liked you a lot and only wanted you, so you dare to treat me like that? Young Master Bai… let me tell you, you’re wrong . ”

Xiang Wan smiled freely without any constraint .

“I don’t like you, I don’t like you at all . ”

Bai Muchuan’s body was slightly stiff, he pushed her away as she slowly leaned towards him .

“I don’t talk to drunkards . ”

“Who’s the one drunk? Crazy!” Xiang Wan chuckled and suddenly leaned over to him . “Which drunkard is as sober as me?”

Bai Muchuan smiled, “Tell me, how did you remain sober?”

Xiang Wan knocked on her forehead .

She did not answer but leaned on the seat lazily as if she had ran out of strength .

I’m so sleepy! Xiang Wan could not tell the directions apart .

But she desperately tried to open her eyes big and wide to look at the man who was sitting beside her . “I’m sober enough to know that I can’t like someone that I’m not supposed to be in love with . ”

I can’t like someone that I’m not supposed to be in love with…

What an artistic sentence .

Bai Muchuan looked at her quietly .

Xiang Wan suddenly poked him on the shoulder with her finger .

“You’re in the way, like a mountain . So annoying! I can’t feel the wind…”

Bai Muchuan kept looking at her, “How much did you drink?”

“A glass . ”

After pausing for a moment, he asked another question, “Who am I?”

“You’re Bai Muchuan . ”

Alright, she still knew that .

Bai Muchuan gave a grunt and decided to ignore her .

“Sigh, why don’t you test with your finger again?” She suddenly giggled, “Come on, let me take another bite . ”

She seemed to think that this was amusing and want to pull his hand again .

“Come on, not only I can count one, I can also count two, three, four, five, six…”

Bai Muchuan grabbed her impudent hand . “You really know how to stir up trouble . Such alcohol tolerance!”

“Of course,” Xiang Wan laughed, “this happens when I drink one cup . If I drink ten cups, I’ll be fine . ”


No matter if Bai Muchuan talked to her or not, Xiang Wan was definitely enjoying herself in her drunken state .

At last, she managed to pull out his awkward arm, and obstinately tried to open his fingers .

“Come on, test me, one or two?”


“Come on! Be good, open your hand…”


Bai Muchuan was not sure if he should cry or laugh .

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His fingers were being pulled open one by one .

She laughed in a low tone, “This… is one finger!”

The next moment, not waiting for his response, she lowered her head and bit the finger .

It was a real bite .

The slight tingling and numbing pain spread to Bai Muchuan’s nerves .

He shivered for an instant and wanted to push her away . But just then, Xiang Wan’s head tilt to one side, and fell toward him, still biting his finger .

She stopped stirring trouble?

Bai Muchuan’s face twitched . “This woman…”

Xiang Wan had not fallen asleep .

Hearing his unhappy mumbling, she struggled to sit up and smoothened her messy hair .

“Buzz, buzz, buzz, are you a housefly?”

She found him a nuisance .

The seat on the car was already not comfortable enough . Moreover, there was someone next to her, and she felt very uncomfortable .

Her eyebrows furrowed in displeasure, her hands kept pushing around randomly so that she could sleep more comfortably .

“Don’t move!” Bai Muchuan made a low growl .

“Why can’t I move…”

“Tsk! Xiang, Wan, stop this!”

“Why, what did you do?” Xiang Wan suddenly slapped on something hard and got a fright . “Bai Muchuan, you…”

The next moment, she suddenly realized something and her first reaction was laughing loudly .

“Hahahaha! Bai Muchuan, you’re so bad!”


She did not see Bai Muchuan’s expression .

But from his breathing, she could feel he was burning in anger .

“Do you believe I’ll strangle you?”

Xiang Wan held her head high, laughing, “Come, strangle me, I know the dead can protect the secret . Hahaha!”

Bai Muchuan was really furious as his tone was unusually cold . “Continue your act and I’ll throw you out of the car!”


One second later, Xiang Wan shut her mouth up .

The car was suddenly quiet without a sound .

“Bai Muchuan, don’t you feel things have gotten trickier?”


“Why don’t you admit that you have a thing for me?”


“I’m very pretty, right?”


“Did you miss me so much that you come to pick me up?”


“Bai—Mu—Chuan . ”

“Hm?” He finally responded .

“Are you obsessed with… the feeling of being with me?”

When Xiang Wan asked him, her hand accidentally landed on his thigh .

“Tsk, f*ck!” Bai Muchuan grabbed her arm tightly and pulled her over . He held her chin, lifted it up, and looked at her with his pair of chilly eyes . “You’re unable to shut up, right? Do you need my help?”



Xiang Wan’s response was a bit slow .

She was two centimeters away from his face, so she could feel his breathing right in front of her .

“Are you really angry?” She asked softly, “Or, you actually wanted to kiss me?”

Bai Muchuan’s breathing stopped for a second .

Silence filled the car once again .

For a good while, Bai Muchuan held her chin tightly .

“If I say you’re right about it?”

Nobody answered that .

Her soft body was leaning on him due to the earlier pull .

Bai Muchuan was startled for a moment and shifted her further away .

From the light rays coming from outside, he noticed that her breathing was regular and slow .

She actually fell asleep?

Her flirting techniques scored full marks last night .

It was a pity that Xiang Wan was suffering from a hangover the next day and could not recall what had happened at all .

When the glaring sunlight in the morning shone through the window, she noticed that she was sleeping in her dorm .

“Eh?” She struggled to sit up, felt pain in her head, and fell back onto the pillow .

What happened? she thought .

After drinking wine with them last night, why can’t I recall anything else?

Who sent me back?

She could not recall the lost “memories” . That was the problem with drinking .

She decided that she shouldn’t drink anymore in future!

If she drinks again, she would be a puppy!

Xiang Wan made that oath in her heart and took her mobile phone .

One look and she knew that class had started .

If she went to the classroom directly, she would be considered late . However, she felt that it would look really bad on her .

She rubbed her aching temples and gave her homeroom teacher a call, saying that she was feeling unwell .

The homeroom teacher showed his understanding . “Don’t drink so much and you won’t feel unwell!”

Xiang Wan: “…”

So humorous .

She had a chance to sleep to her fill, yet Xiang Wan was unable to sleep now .

She had failed to update last night, and ought to account to her readers .

She napped for another half an hour . When she felt better, she washed her face with cold water, opened her laptop, and was about to get on QQ to explain to her readers .

Ding! Fang Yuanyuan sent a link to a post .

“What are you doing? Take a look at this!”

The information was released at 9:00 a . m . that morning .

Xiang Wan clicked on the link .

Over at the forums of Wen Quan Book Treasury, an unfamiliar ID made a gossip post .

“During the training period, Xiang Gongzi Wan slept with different men from outside campus…”

It was a very direct and crude title .

It was a deadly slander that could happen to a girl .

Xiang Wan’s head was already aching from hangover, now she felt the pain got greater .

D*mn, who’s the culprit?

The post vividly described her awful deeds during her training .

The first day, came back late, gone drinking .

The second day, came back late, gone drinking .

The third day, failed to attend lesson .

That post even provided photos as evidence .

In the first photo, Zhan Se was the one who sent her back .

Zhan Se drove a Maserati and stopped at the campus entrance .

Zhan Se was not in the photo, only the supposed “unseemly posture” of Xiang Wan getting off the car .

The second photo showed a scene where Bai Muchuan sent her back .

The car was a Maybach, and the photos showed him helping Xiang Wan into the campus and even sent her up to her dorm .

The post stated that the man left her dorm an hour later after sending her back .

Bai Muchuan’s identity was being “protected” with his body being blurred out, while Xiang Wan was left as it was .

Two different cars, two different “men”, in two consecutive days .

The one who posted this really made an effort—the evidence was conclusive and brooked no denial .

Many people posted that an author with such loose morals, would not produce good work, and that she was a disgrace to Wen Quan Book Treasury .

There were even people who tagged the administrators of Wen Quan Book Treasury, wanting an explanation from them!

People enjoyed drama like this over the internet . These people thought that they were standing on the side of justice and using morality as their weapon, they would only get harsher .

One by one, their comments were like condiments—add some oil and put on vinegar, keep bumping the thread and it would be on top page .

“I want to curse and swear!” Xiang Wan sent a message to Fang Yuanyuan, “Do you know who did this?”