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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Birth of the Demon Dragon

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There was a god .

Let's call him the Creation God .

He was old .

He has lived a long life and is said to be eternal . He has created many worlds, but his physical and mental limits have long passed him .

He knew that his death was near .

He decided to create one more world as his last work .

But he hadn't created any new world for a long time .

Or maybe because of his advanced age .

The resulting world was terribly distorted and unbalanced .

He had no power left to fix the world .

But he had the experience of creating many worlds .

So he created another world .

It's another distorted world, just like the first world .

He didn't mind, and created one world after another .

Six worlds in all .

An upside down world, inhabited by a powerful race of dragons .

A world of miasma and mirage, inhabited by a tough race of demons .

A world of rich forests and mountains, inhabited by a race with sharp claws and strong senses .

A sea world rich in life, inhabited by a race with gills, fins and scales .

A world of rocks floating in the sky, inhabited by a winged race flying freely in the sky .

A world of grasslands and plains, inhabited by a race with weak bodies but brilliant minds .

Each world with their own distortions .

Any imbalance in each world would quickly lead to their collapse .

So he stuck the world together .

By tightly joining the worlds together, a balance was achieved .

Thus, a unified world was formed .

But God was not satisfied .

The Six Worlds, with their joint, delicate balance, needed to be carefully managed until they settled and stabilized .

With his remaining strength, God divided his body .

Then, from these divided bodies came the existences tasked with managing the dangerous balances of each world .

Then God died .

No one knows what happened to his body after he died .

Or maybe there was no Creation God from the very beginning .

Because no one ever saw it .

Afterwards, among each of the Six Worlds and their inhabiting races was a special existence .

Because of their divine origins, we came to call them gods .

Each of the gods descended onto their own world .

They came onto their respective races in each world, working diligently to make them prosper .

However, it was not like every race was able to thrive .

In particular, the Dragon World and Demon World remained primitive for a long time .

Even though they were long-lived and strong, even survival had been difficult for them, let alone developing a civilization .

Because the worlds the dragons and demons inhabited were harsh ones .

It was not so easy to take rein of a world where rogue dragons and demonic beasts roam .

The dragon and demon tribes took a long time to dominate their world .

Then, whether out of pity or frustration…

One God made a suggestion .

“Why don’t we meet on a regular basis and exchange information on our worlds? We can learn from each other and help them prosper . "

The suggestion came from the Human God .

God of the human world .

The human race was a weak race with the shortest lifespan .

Even in a mere decade, many of them would die of illness and injuries .

However, the human world was mild, rich in nature and food aplenty .

Therefore, the human race thrived faster than any other race .

Their short lifespan forced them to learn quickly .

And thus their rapid generational change helped them to quickly accumulate knowledge and wisdom .

Human God wished to share that with other gods .

Thanks to that, the dragon and demon tribes learned various things .

From words and letters, to communal living and forming a social order .

They gave the light of civilization to the races that once lived like beasts .

Of course, they were not merely on the receiving end of the human race’s generosity .

Each also passed on their strength to the human race .

The dragon race taught how to use the inner power of the body .

The demon race taught how to empower and transform the weak body so as to withstand that power .

The beast race taught how to tame ferocious beasts .

The sea race taught how to purify water and keep it clean .

The winged race taught how to read the wind and control the weather .

The Six Worlds aimed to prosper together by helping each other .

While the human world was still the most prosperous, all the worlds were developing well .

All the gods are confident that they would thrive steadily another the next tens of thousands of years .

But no one knew at that time .

Not the Six Gods, not even the Creation God .

In the interior of the world, a being was quietly born . . .

That's how the world was born, and tens of thousands of years have passed .

However, from the present point of view, it was still a long time ago .

For you, it was still a time of myths .

At that time, I was in the corner of the Demon World .

Of course, without a name .

I was this size and shape from birth .

No, maybe a little smaller .

One head, two limbs, transparent white skin, and wings on the back .

A corner of the Demon World .

It was a land of death, full of miasma and roaming demonic beasts .

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I didn't know it at the time, but the demon race called it the edge of the world .

There in a cave somewhere was where I roosted .

Nobody knew when I first got there .

I don't know either .

By the time I became aware, I was already in a cave, eating demonic beasts to survive .

You said there’s no way that could happen?

Even if you asked, I don’t remember it, and no one else knew about it either .

Perhaps I was born in a demon village and abandoned there .

Perhaps I was born in another world and teleported there .

Back then, strange things started to happen in the Six Worlds .

No one knew why .

Regardless, I didn’t see anyone near me .

I didn't particularly question it either .

Because I didn't know anything .

Other people? How do they live? Talk? Learn? Magic? None of that .

I'm a little wiser than most people now, but without anyone to learn from back then, I wasn’t .

When the sun rose, I crawled out of my cave and caught demonic beasts . When I was full, I returned to the cave and went to sleep .

A demon beast is a vicious creature .

The size of a hill, big and strong, but surprisingly agile and able to move in groups .

The dominant species in the Demon World is, of course, the demon race .

However, even the demon race has a difficult time against these beasts without trapping them .

But even against such powerful beasts, I easily preyed on them .

Sneaking up quietly, pounced, bit, killed, and ate my fill .

All alone .

Yes, I was strong even then .

Easily overpowering a couple demonic beasts .

However, it took more than strength alone against the beasts, also widom .

The wisdom to build, set traps and deceive them .

That’s why I lived freely in the corner of the Demon World .

I had no doubt that I would prey, live, and die by instinct .

However, there is a turning point to everything .

One day I found something .

What do you think it was?

It's a demonic beast family .

In front of the shaded area where I was laying in wait, the demonic beasts were huddling together, licking each other and playing with each other .

When I saw that, I had a difficult feeling .

The sudden sense of being alone in the world, with your chest tightened from anxiety and impatience .

Well, in a word, loneliness .

I killed the beasts and ate them, but the lonely feeling did not heal .

When I returned to my roost and laid down, my loneliness still did not heal .

Rather, the more I stayed in the dark cave, the more lonely I felt .

I stared at my hands and feet in the darkness .

Hands and feet, completely different from the demon beasts .

I'm a different creature than a demon beast .

But I've never seen someone like me .

When I realized that, my sense of loneliness overwhelmed me .

Without thinking I leapt out .

I raced out of my territory and began wandering without direction .

On the way, I killed many monsters .

There were various types of demon beasts .

Ones with eight limbs, ones with three faces, and ones like a bunch of small insects gathering together .

However, each was different from me .

I killed the demon beasts and kept wandering .

Then I found it .

A collection of square buildings surrounded by high walls .

Yes, a town .

A demon town .

There were creatures in the town that looked just like me .

One head, two hands, two legs .

Not everything is the same as mine, and there were small differences between individuals, but they were more like me than any of the demon beasts I had seen .

There were many such creatures .

Living in a community .

I was excited .

I also wanted friends .

Maybe this will heal my feeling of loneliness?

I approached the town with my heart pounding .

But the first person to find me screamed and screamed .


A big crowd quickly gathered in front of the confused me .

They all had weapons in their hands .

Why did they look at me and had that initial reaction?

I didn't know anything at that time .

After all, I've never seen myself .

I didn't understand .

I'm obviously different from the people in the town .

Claws and fangs?

No, not that . Many demons also have claws and fangs .

These golden eyes?

No, not only golden eyes . Demons have eye colors of all sorts .

What they thought the most taboo was my hair .

Look here .

My mottled hair of white and green .

Notice how when looked closely the mottled pattern seems to shift .

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You may have become accustomed to it, but for others find it disturbing, arousing a deep anxiety and discomfort .

For that alone, it’s understandable why they thought I was a monster .

People, with weapons in their hands, surrounded me with definite hostility and murderous intent .

In response, I thought about how to show I was harmless .

Maybe I should have escaped .

But somewhere in my mind I thought I would be fine if I was attacked .

Even though surrounded by hostile people, I don't think they’re very strong .

In fact, if we really fought, do they think they have a chance?

But before that could happen, a person appeared .

It had a huge body, black skin, a man with six arms .

Yes, it's the Demon King .

It suddenly attacked me .

It was terribly strong .

I fought desperately, but I was knocked down, my claws smashed, and my wings broken .

It was impossible no matter how I resisted .

I had no choice but to escape, facing a stronger opponent for the first time .

Dragging my wounded body, I ran away .

Death is terrifying .

I don’t want to die .

But there was also sadness .

A sadness that people who looked like me could not accept me .

I dragged my tattered body back to my roost .

In the dark, quiet, messy cave, loneliness remained .

Pain, sadness, and loneliness .

That was all for me .

There was no anger .

The only question was why .

The questions grew and I asked myself many times .

I couldn't find the answer though .

I guess I might be looking for the answer still .

When the wounds healed, I headed back to the village .

I knew .

I'm sure the same thing will be repeated .

But I couldn't help but go .

Loneliness was much tougher than pain .

I went to the village, watching it with envy, and eventually unable to help myself from getting too close and was driven away .

That repeated .

It was something I didn't know at the time, but it seems that I was feared by the demons as a "demonic beast in man form . "

A powerful creature even the Demon King could not defeat, coming back persistently no matter how many times you drive it away .

Thus I lived for hundreds of years, lonely and hurt .

But everything has an end .

That day I received a deadly injury .

Not defeated by the Demon King .

Not defeated by demonic beasts .

The opponent was a creature I had never seen before .

Its body is three times as large as a normal monster and much faster . It has many heads and spits fire and poison mist . It’s far stronger than the monsters I had encountered so far .

No demonic beast, but a real monster .

The monsters of the Demon World were much stronger than the ones here .

I was burnt, pierced, beaten up, and barely escaped with my body .

Usually I go back to the roost, eat something and sleep, and let my wounds heal . But that time, my wounds would not heal and blood continued to flow .

Probably because of the monster’s poison .

I instinctively realized that my death was near .

I don't know anything, but I had some knowledge of death .

I've killed and eaten many demonic beasts . .

As a witness to tens of thousands of deaths, I knew what death meant .

As my consciousness began to fade, I knew I was about to die .

And that moment was not too far .

I did consider various ways to survive but there was nothing to be done at that stage .

Nowadays I would have used one of the detoxification techniques, but I didn't know anything at the time .

That's when .

He appeared .

"Hmm . I decided to come after hearing that there is a monster with the form of a man but . . . How interesting . "

From my perspective, I could only sense that someone was there .

As I hung on the edge of consciousness, he stared down on me still bleeding .

"A mixed race of demons and dragons . Where and how were you born?"

I looked up at the other person with daze .

He looked like me .

One head and two limbs .

Wings on the back .

The eyes are golden .

His fangs and claws were long and sharp .

It was just like me .

The only difference is that his beard was silver and his skin was covered with silver scales .

"Is this also due to the influence of the monsters?"

He saw that I don’t even have strength to get up .

Then our eyes met .

His gaze was sharp, but filled with an unfathomable warmness, that sight I can still vividly recall .

Those eyes I never met before .

“Alright . If the Demon God neglected you for so long nor would he mind if I just take you away, even though there are so many uses, what a waste . . . ”

Of course, I didn't recognize what the words were .

However, I remember the sound of those words .

I could never forget .

So, after learning to talk, I recalled what he said and learned much later .

He gripped his fist just above me .

Sharp claws pierced his palm, and red blood began to flow .

The red blood dripped down into my wounds .

Then, the wound, which had no sign of healing until now, began to close up .

When he saw the wound disappear, he took off his cloak and wrapped me up .

I opened my eyes in surprise when the pain suddenly disappeared, and saw that he’s carrying me out .

At the entrance to my roost there was a huge carcass of something .

I was surprised yet again .

I was familiar with it .

It was the monster that nearly killed me .

Turned into a tattered corpse .

Probably, after mortally wounding me . . . it was beaten by him .

"A monster . . . it’s a relief that only a few have appeared in my world . ”

While he said that, my consciousness fell .

When I regained consciousness, my surroundings had changed .

No more poisonous swamps, miasma, or broken copper soil that I was familiar with .

What I saw were mountains .

And no ordinary mountains either .

Because they’re upside down .

The mountain grew down from heaven .


For a moment I thought I was held upside down .

Or the world had inverted on me .

But it was different .

Gravity was pulling me downwards as usual .

But there’s definitely a mountain above me .

And an endless sky below .

A clear blue sky and white clouds as far as I can see .

For a moment I didn’t realize that was the sky .

Because the sky of the Demon World has always been gray .

There I found myself flying .

No, it wasn't me .

The person holding me .

Yeah, the man who placed me in a cloak and took me away was flying while holding me .

"You woke up? Don't go wild now . "

The man said when he noticed that I had woken up .

I had never spoken words before, so I didn't understand its meaning .

However, I remember that I was afraid of the sky below .

I shrunk into myself .

The man was satisfied with it and speeded up .

We flew in the sky like that for a while .

This world with inverted mountains and sky was a fresh scenery for me .

The man didn't explain anything, and I had no knowledge about it either .

But I knew that I had come to a place different from the world I lived in .

Not the world where I was alone and driven from the village, a completely different world .

From a world I fear that I could no longer return to .

When I thought about it, I felt a little nostalgic for that dark, messy cave, but the sights surrounding me quickly overwhelmed that feeling .

It wasn't a place to immerse yourself in nostalgia .

After a while, I saw a large mountain .

So tall that you couldn’t see its peak .

The mountain came to dominate the view on our approach . Then without a flap or a noise from the man’s wings, we began to descend .

Is there something below?

I looked down and thought, noticing something on the mountainside .

I don’t know what it was, but if I knew back then, I would have called it a "landing strip" .

A stone slab protruded from the side of the mountain, leading to the entrance of a wide cavern .

The outcrop made of rock and wood was clearly artificial .

As I got closer, I found that there were many people on the outcrop .

They looked just like the man .

They’re creatures with wings, scales, fangs, claws, and golden eyes .

"Dragon God!!"

"Dragon God has returned!"

"Everyone! Get ready to greet him!!"

…… Yeah, his true identity is the Dragon God .

Ruler of the Dragon World and king of the dragon race .

They suddenly made a commotion when they saw Dragon God .

And quickly lined up in neat order on the outcrop .

Many people .

Seeing so many of them altogether, I shrunken into myself again .

In the Demon World, the memories of being driven away by the demons over and over again came flooding back .

I thought I might be attacked again .

"Welcome back!"

But, contrary to expectations, they didn't attack .

When Dragon God stepped down, his people lined up in a row with their arms crossed on their chests and their wings slightly folded .

Their expressions were full of pride and joy .

It was a look I had never seen, but I knew there was no hostility there .

"Dragon God, welcome back!"

There was a man with a slightly different color in the back of people .

A little bigger than the people that lined up, with a different aura .

His scale is slightly greenish, giving a calm impression .

However, his most outstanding features were his eyes . .

In the same golden eyes as the others, but instead of any softness a strong will laid behind them .

At a glance, I knew he was the leader of this flock .

But of course he’s not the apex here, Dragon God is .

When Dragon God approached him, he crossed his arms before his chest and folded his wings .

A salute of highest honor for the dragon race .

"How was the meeting?"

"Szilard . Not much progress . How’s things back here while I was away?”

"Not much has changed here either, but monsters did appear twice . "

"How many people have died?"

“Three . Two by the first one and one by the second . Minor casualties… What’s that?”

The person called Szilard noticed what the Dragon God’s holding .

"I picked it up at the edge of the Demon World . It's a mixed race child of demons and dragons . "

“I never heard of any dragon race in the Demon World?”

"It may be related to the occurrence of monsters . "

"I see . What’s your plans for it?"

"I’ll raise him . "

When Dragon God said, Szilard stared at me .

Perhaps he was wary of a child with such taboo hair .

But he didn't say anything about Dragon God’s decision .

He worshiped and trusted Dragon God the most, even among the dragon race . He would never doubt Dragon God’s actions .

As soon as he understood the situation, he relaxed his salute and took a step back .

Dragon God didn't elaborate further, and entered the mountain from the outcrop .

Of course, still holding me .

He walked down a dark, squarish passage .

My common sense said the deeper into a cave, the more dark and narrow it becomes .

But contrary to my expectations the end of the passage opened up to a great cavity .

The cavity was supported by a number of thick pillars, with round buildings attached to the ground, ceiling, and pillars .

Moreover, a strong light source occupies the large center pillar, illuminating the cavern interior as bright as day .

Many people flew between the round buildings on their wings .

Yes, a town in the heart of a mountain .

The inside of the mountain was hollowed out and turned into a town .

Dragon God jumped and spread his wings .

There were people flying about town, but everyone who met Dragon God stopped moving and crossed their arms before their chest in salute .

Ryujin continued to fly without responding .

I immediately knew where we’re going .

It is the largest building in the innermost part of the town .

From a distance, it was a simple, round building, but when I approached it, I found that reliefs were engraved everywhere on the building .

Dragon God landed on a slightly raised outcrop near the center of the building .

And he walked inward without hesitation .

The inside was as wide as it looked .

Great hall, bedroom, passages .

Each one is as luxurious as I've ever seen .

Dragon God silently walked down the stairs .

There is no hesitation in the movement .

It seems that the destination is fixed .

Eventually, when we arrived in front of a room, Dragon God stopped .

Even though he stopped, it was only for a moment .

After that time, as if after a thought, Dragon God knocked on the door .

Gently tapping twice .

And opened the door .

"I'm back . "

"Welcome back, husband . "

I saw a soft cloth bed, a wooden table, a leather chair, and a person sitting on the chair .

It was a woman .

It's a woman with a completely different appearance than the people flying all around town and landing strip .

Her skin was white with a red tinge, without scales, and soft .

No wings or tail .

No sharp fangs or claws .

Her belly was slightly swollen .

She was a race that I didn't know of .

"Who is that child?"

"A child of dragon and demon race . I picked up near death on the edge of the Demon World . ”

"Oh, is that right . . . Will you raise it?"

"Indeed . "

"Then you’ll adopt this child?”

"Is that a problem?"

"No, everything is at the will of Dragon God . "

After Dragon God put me in the room, he turned to leave .

However, he was immediately recalled by a woman .

"Husband, what is this child's name?"

Dragon God looked back in response and shaked his head, slightly troubled .

"He doesn’t have one . "

"That’s no good . Please name him properly . A father should name his child . "

"Even one that I picked up?"


He looked down at me .

I looked up at Dragon God and waited .

" . . . Laplace . Your name is Laplace . "

Of course, I didn’t understand him then .

It was the first time I had a genuine exchange of words with someone .

But I understood even then that the man in front of me has spoken a very important word for me .

"Laaa--- Laa Paa Laa Suuu . ”

That's why I repeated it desperately .

That word, my name, I would never forget it .

Thus I, Laplace, was born .