My boss is my ex-lover - Chapter 111

Published at 26th of June 2019 03:38:10 PM

Chapter 111

Victoria checked her self in the mirror .

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She put a light make up in her face, and acted weak and pitiful, perhaps, she can convince Jian to forgive her with this!


"Yeah! I'm coming into your office now . " The tall man who is wearing a sunglasses, a white long sleeved-collard polo is walking towards the elevator .

Every woman would stop in their track to look at him, The man would lowered his sunglasses and wink in every girl!

The girls would giggle upon seeing him wink to them!

The man revealed a smile which made the girls go crazy!

The elevator opened and the man rode on it .

The man waited for a few minutes before the elevator reach the tenth floor .

"Ding!" the elevator's sound could be heard .

The elevator opened and the the man got out from it, but he suddenly bump into someone!

Nana and Abby are waiting the elevator to open .

After a few minutes, it finally stopped in their floor and it slowly opened .

" Oh! Finally it opened!" Abby said while looking to Nana .

Abby wasn't paying attention to where she's going, as a result, she bump into the man who just got out form the elevator!

"Oh mo!" Abby almost fell on the floor!

Fortunately, the man was fast enough to hold her!

Abby's world seems to stop!

She thought she's going to fall into the ground!

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But now, she find her self in a man's arm!

"Abby!" Nana is fast to help her cousin to get up!

"Are you okay?" Nana held Abby and help her back to her feet!

"Oh! I'm sorry, I did not notice you . " The man apologized .

Nana knitted her brows, that voice sounds familiar,!

Nana can't help but to look at the man who bumped Abby .

She stared at him for a moment and then she gasp!

" Stephen?!"Nana blurted out!

Stephen looked up at the woman who called him and was also suirprised! " Nana?! "

" Woah! It's been a long time!" Nana said .

"Oh! Y-yeah! Yeah! It's been a long time since the last time I saw you!" Stephen replied .

"Oh! You looked even more beautiful than before!" He added .

"Oh! Thanks!" Nana replied .

"Anyways, this is my cousin Abby . " Nana introduced Abby and Stephen to each other .

"Well, I can see that you have such a beautiful bloodline!" Stephen said while looking at Abby .

"Tsss . . . Hey! I know how womanizer you are, so don't you dare to toy my cousin, otherwise, I will beat you up!"

"Aiyoo! You're still as brave as before!" Stephen scratched his head .

Abby who is silently listening to them pressed her lips to suppress her smile!

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" Of course I am!" Nana replied confidently .

"So, You're here to see Jian?" Nana changed the topic .

"Yeah! We need to discuss something . " Stephen replied .

"I'll get going then, Jian is already waiting for me in his office . " He added .

"Hmm . . " Nana nodded her head .

Stephen continue his way to Jian's office .

Abby's gaze followed Stephen .

Nana notice her cousin . "Hey!" She nudged Abby .

"Don't ever fall to that guy . He's a womanizer!" She said .

"Oh!" It's the only word that Abby was able to blurt .

Nana and Abby get inside the lift .

Just as soon the elevator closed, the CEO's elevator opened and came out Victoria .


"Mr . Zhu , Mr . Hong is already waiting for you in his office . " Secretary Wen said to Stephen .

"Hmm . . . " Stephen nodded as a response .

(Knock, . knock,knock)

Jian heard a knock on the door .

"Come in!"

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The door opened and Stephen entered the office and leave the door slightly opened .

"Hey bro!" Stephen greeted Jian .


"Tsss . . . " Stephen throw him a meaningful look as he sat on the couch .

Jian raised his brows . "What?!"

" I met her earlier . " Stephen said .

Jian instantly get what Stephen means .

"Oh!" He blurted out .

"So, how is it going?" Stephen asked curiously .

"What do you mean?" Jian asked in confusion .

"Your plan!" Stephen reminded him .

"Make her fall for you and then dump her just like what she did to you five years ago; remember?"

Jian get up from his seat .

"Forget it . " Jian replied .

Stephen slightly tilted his head, "Why?"

"Let's just say, that was the plan . " Jian leaned on his desk .

" But I already change my mind . " He added .

"Oh! So . . . You mean . . . "

"I'm defeated . " Jian interrupted Stephen .

"I still love her . And I'm willing to forget what happened five years ago . "

"Ooohhh!!!" Stephen teased him . "Dude! You're so inlove!"

Outside Jian's office .

Secretary Wen is holding a food tray with two cups of coffee on it .

His footsteps stopped when he saw Victoria on the door .

"Ms . Victoria?"


Victoria was startled when someone spoke behind her!

She instantly turn and put her phone inside her bag!

"S-Secretary Wen!" Victoria blurted out!

"Do you need something?" Secretary Wen asked .

"Uhm, n-no! I . . . I mean, I want to talk to Jian but it seems like he had a guest, so, maybe I'll just comeback later!" After saying her word, Victoria hurriedly left .


Inside the car . . .

Victoria stared at her phone .

After a while, she smirked and put back her phone inside her bag .

She started her car's engine and drive away .