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Published at 6th of October 2018 07:04:26 PM

Chapter 1061
Chapter 1061: Golden Herb

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Translator: Noodletown Translated Editor: Noodletown Translated

Qingfeng Li did not make a move as the sea serpent attacked him . Flower Fairy reached out her right palm, and gathered her vital essence to form a huge mass of energy around it . With a single slap, she killed the sea serpent and turned it into a puddle of blood .

"The palm technique is good," Qingfeng Li praised Flower Fairy .

Qingfeng Li felt that this Flower Fairy palm attack contained the essence of an ancient lotus flower . It was very powerful .

Originally, an immortal sealed the ancient lotus flower in her body and she had just recently obtained the "Immortal Lotus Chant" from the Kunlun Palace, allowing her to improve her abilities .

Flower Fairy gave a gorgeously charming smile, causing Qingfeng to blush, and his hand to naturally reach out to hold Flower Fairy's soft pink hand . It was very comforting .

Flower Fairy's beauty was very unique, carrying a hint of ancient beauty like she was a walking painting .

"Concentrate on steering, do not be distracted," Flower Fairy glanced over at Qingfeng and said charmingly .

Qingfeng Li's face became red and he quickly set sail towards Dark Island .

Ten minutes later, they had arrived .

This was the second time Qingfeng Li came to Dark Island . Last time he came here to save Lion Demon King and Green Dragon Demon King, and this time, he was here to save Shark Demon King .

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The entirety of Dark Island was black, including the stones, trees, and fauna . Last time Qingfeng Li was here, he was too weak and could not feel anything but during this time's visit, he sensed that there was something unusual about these stones . It seemed to contain an unusual aura .

However, Qingfeng Li did not know much of stones to begin with, so he did not dwell on it . Instead, he quickly headed to the place where Shark Demon King was being suppressed .


A black wolf sprang out from behind a stone and lunged toward Qingfeng Li, who easily reacted with a right punch, killing the demon wolf easily .

Qingfeng Li was now very strong, and a normal demonic beast would not pose any threat to him .

He and the others sped toward the middle of Dark Island and, soon, they arrived to the middle of the mountain .


Qingfeng Li flicked his right wrist and pulled out the Red Fiery Sword . Its strong sword energy permeated the space up to fifty meters away from him . He swung his sword through the air and struck towards the mountain in the middle of Dark Island .


The mountain was sliced in half by the sword energy, sending rocks and sand flying everywhere . The giant mountain was split in half by the sword energy, revealing the middle-aged man who was inside . The man's feet were locked by chains; he was immobilized .

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"Young master, how did you get here," Shark Demon King face changed as soon as he saw Qingfeng, his eyes filled with surprise .

"I'm here to save you," Qingfeng Li said .

Shark Demon King was stunned . He waited for this day for far too long!

"Tsk tsk, Shark Demon King, no one can save you . Your body is now controlled by me," a cold voice was spoken from inside Shark Demon King's mind .

The voice originated from the self-cultivator devil's soul . It had been hiding in Shark Demon King's mind, always wanting to take over his body .

Qingfeng Li was aware of the soul inside Shark Demon King . He smiled and threatened, "Self-cultivator devil, I'll give you a chance . If you get out of Shark Demon King's body immediately, I won't rip your soul apart . "

The self-cultivator devil heard Qingfeng Li's voice and chuckled . It coldly replied, "Although I am just a soul now, I was once a heavenly spirit realm self-cultivator . You are not my opponent at all . "

Since this devil was acting stubborn, Qingfeng Li set his mind on killing him and saving Shark Demon King .

"Spiral Double-Edge Wave!" Qingfeng Li directly released his spiritual energy . It formed two sharp awl-shaped spiritual ripples, striking directly into Shark Demon King's mind and penetrating the self-cultivator devil's soul, causing him to scream in pain .

"Damn you! You were actually in the Heavenly Spirit Realm and even mastered a spiritual technique," the self-cultivator devil was shocked and with an aghast expression on its face .

Qingfeng Li did not respond to the devil . Instead, he spoke to the Fire Dragon in his mind, "Senior, help me kill this Self-cultivator devil . "

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Qingfeng Li thought the Spiral Double-Edge Wave would kill self-cultivator devil but it didn't, so he had to request the Fire Dragon for help .

Of course, the Fire Dragon agreed as it had no reason to refuse a chance to devour another's spiritual energy .


The Fire Dragon's soul shot from Qingfeng Li's mind like a red lightning bolt, instantly entering Shark Demon King's mind .

"Fire Dragon, it's the Fire Dragon?" the self-cultivator devil's face changed as he was terrified by this sudden new appearance .

As a renowned devil of the unorthodox path, he was most afraid of dragon type creatures . These beasts were natural enemies to wicked cultivators .

The Fire Dragon opened its mouth, as if it was about to spit out a mass of red flames . Instead, the self-cultivator devil's soul was directly inhaled into the dragon's mouth and converted into the dragon's energy . This self-cultivator devil was no match for the Fire Dragon at all .

After it killed the devil, it turned back into a red light and returned to Qingfeng Li's mind .

Qingfeng Li said to Shark Demon King, "I have killed the Self-cultivator devil in your mind . How are you feeling?"

Shark Demon King nodded and said gratefully, "Thank you, Young Master . I feel like I have complete control of my body now . "

Qingfeng Li pulled out his Red Fiery Sword and, aiming at the chains on Shark Demon King's ankles, he slashed and cut away the restraints .

"Let's go, we're leaving . " Qingfeng Li lifted his sword, and left Dark Island for the Golden Island, followed by Shark Demon King, Flower Fairy, Black Puppy, and the Sky-Devouring Snake .

Qingfeng Li and the others took the rubber boat and arrived back to the Golden Island in ten minutes .

Boom boom boom boom . . .

There were countless skirmishes happening all over the Golden Island, as many were fighting for treasures . One could hear that it was the sound of spiritual devices colliding and cultivation techniques being unleashed .

Even though the treasures were quite attractive to Qingfeng Li, he did not want any delays so he hurried forward .

Just after traveling three hundred meters, he found a treasure . It was a piece of grass that was only the size of a palm, was golden yellow in color, and was emitting a golden light .

"Could this be the golden herb?" Qingfeng Li's face changed into a look of surprise .

Having just arrived at the Golden Island and already finding a treasure was truly a wonderful feeling!

The Golden Grass was a precious spiritual herb of the heaven tier . Known for its name, the grass was as hard as gold, was indestructible, and could cut through any object . (TL: gold isn't hard, Mr . Author)

After Heavenly Spirit Realm masters refined the Golden Grass, they would be able to turn the golden energy into their own, so that their body cam become as hard as gold .

As Qingfeng Li was about to pick up the golden herb, a cold voice suddenly yelled from behind, "This herb is mine . Get lost . "