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Published at 6th of October 2018 07:04:26 PM

Chapter 1063
Chapter 1063: Fighting Over for the Golden Fruit

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Translator: Noodletown Translated Editor: Noodletown Translated

In the grove .

"I found the Golden Fruit first, Kuang Dao . Why the hell are you attacking me?" a cold voice asked with anger .

"Xuan Jian, let me have it . It is of use to me," Kuang Dao's loud voice was filled with arrogance .

Golden Fruit?

Qingfeng was pleasantly surprised . Knowing that the golden fruit was much more precious than the golden herb, he wanted to have it too .

He proceeded towards the grove ahead and found two groups of people fighting .

The one on the left was the senior elder of the Sky Blade Sect, Kuang Dao, and the one on the right was the senior elder of the Spirit Sword Sect, Xuan Jian .

They were both super masters of heaven tier sects . Kuang Dao was a middle-aged man in his forties . His huge muscles were filled with power and his big face was carved with arrogance, just like his name suggested .

The elder of the Spirit Sword Sect, Xuan Jian, on the other hand, was a skinny middle-aged man with a sharp face . He stood there like a sword emitting a sharp aura .

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Qingfeng Li was serious because both Kuang Dao and Xuan Jian were masters on the Heavenly Spirit Realm pinnacle tier . They were famous in the world of self-cultivation for their strong powers .

There was a little golden tree not far from them . It was only a meter high with a golden trunk, golden branches, as well as golden leaves . The tree was glimmering with gold light from all over .

There was an apple-sized fruit on the tree . It was completely golden and was shining brightly .

"Wild Wind Blade Technique . " Kuang Dao whipped his black long blade heavily at Xuan Jian . An arc appeared in the air as it slashed by, shining with a sharp ray .

"Spirit Cloud Sword Technique," Xuan Jian growled .

His Spirit Cloud Sword generated a white cloud and chopped towards Kuang Dao's blade .

The wild wind from the blade smashed into the white cloud, creating a loud noise . The energy trembled through the air and formed a vortex as the cloud and wind swirled together .

The two tangled together akin to two intimate lovers or two eternal enemies . Trees were cut down and dirt was blown into the sky in countless tiny pieces .

As masters on the Heavenly Spirit Realm pinnacle tier, Kuang Dao and Xuan Jian each used sword techniques and blade techniques of the same level . Neither of them could beat the other since they were on the same level .

Their fierce fight couldn't reach a conclusion .

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Qingfeng Li had no time to wait for them since he had to quickly snatch the treasures on the golden island and then save Fiery Demon King and Purple Bat Demon King .


Qingfeng Li put his Dragon Steps to good use and arrived where the Golden Fruit was in one second, like a roaming dragon . He reached out his right hand and grasped the fruit .

"Give me the Golden Fruit, Qingfeng! Kuang Dao shouted out .

Qingfeng Li had fought the sect master of the Spirit Sword Sect on the passenger ship so everyone knew that he was a rogue cultivator not affiliated with any sect .

Kuang Dao saw the Golden Fruit first so he didn't want anyone else to get it .

Xuan Jian's eyes shone with a cold ray and he said, "Hand over the fruit, or I will kill you . "

The two who were just fighting over the fruit now turned their sights onto him .

Qingfeng Li didn't care much and said coldly, "It's right here in my hand . Come and get it if you want . "

Kuang Dao chopped his broad blade at Qingfeng Li, splitting the air in half with an unstoppable force .

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Xuan Jian also waved his Spirit Cloud Sword and formed a giant cloud that whipped towards Qingfeng .

"Fire Sword intent . " Qingfeng Li directly released his fire sword intent, knowing that only this move could match the two masters' attacks .

Everything around them heated up and burst into flames . Even some of the spiritual plants were burning as they started emitting a crackling sound .

Kuang Dao and Xuan Jian's motions became very slow under the sword intent as they felt their bodies being scorched .

Qingfeng Li waved his sword onto Kuang Dao's black blade which made him take a step back . Then another chop landed on Xuan Jian's Spirit Cloud Sword and forced him one step back as well .

"Both Kuang Dao and Xuan Jian were suppressed! This Qingfeng Li is so powerful!"

"How could he defeat two peak stage Heavenly Spirit Realm self-cultivators when he is only in the late-stage?"

"Can't you see that Qingfeng Li had cultivated sword intent already, which can effectively double his attacks' strength?"

People started discussing as everyone was astonished when they heard that Qingfeng Li had already cultivated sword intent .

His power was indeed legendary since sword intent was something that only existed in the legends . Most people could only cultivate the sword techniques, not the sword intent .

Kuang Dao and Xuan Jian's faces turned iron green, as they knew how powerful sword intent was . However, it was impossible for them to give the golden fruit up .

They both whipped their weapons at Qingfeng Li a second time .

Both the long blade and the long sword ripped through the air with immense power, but they couldn't defeat Qingfeng Li under the aura of his sword intent .

"I was going to spare your lives, but if you want to die, I will grant your wishes," Qingfeng Li sneered with murderous intent .

Qingfeng Li wanted to avoid unnecessary fights after snatching the golden fruit to save time, but the two masters kept attacking him, which annoyed him a lot .

Qingfeng changed his mind and took out the Green Tower from his interspatial ring, "All beings equal, realm suppression . "

A ray of green light shot out of the tower onto Xuan Jian, suppressing his realm into the late-stage just like Qingfeng .

Qingfeng Li suddenly slashed his sword out with a sharp sword energy and chopped off Xuan Jian's head .


Xuan Jian had no strength to resist under the realm restriction of the Green Tower, his head rolling far away as blood spraying out intensely .

The senior elder of the Spirit Sword Sect, Xuan Jian, was dead .

Everyone was surprised to see this because they would never have believed it unless they witnessed it with their own eyes .