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Chapter 1526
Chapter 1526: Xue Lin Saw the Flaws

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Xue Lin was absorbed in her training, as the Three-Handed Demon Boss kept beating up Qingfeng .

The number of wounds on Qingfeng's body continued increasing, and he didn't have any time to notice Xue Lin's strange behaviour .

Shortly after, Xue Lin opened her eyes, her eyeballs darting around as they released silver white light .

There were planets, the river of time, dimensional fragements, the universe and chaos that revolved and rolled inside the silver white light .

The two rays of white light that shot out of Xue Lin's eyes contained the laws of space and time, along with the chaotic snow lotus, as it instantly charged towards the Three-Handed Demon Boss's weakspot .

The Three-Handed Demon Boss's Sky-Suppression Demonic Technique was extremely powerful; it could hide its own energy, such that not even the Heavenly Dao could feel it .

However, Xue Lin's eyes shot out chaotic light that could travel further than the Heavenly Dao and was more powerful because it came from an era when the universe hadn't yet formed .

"Honey, the Three-Handed Demon Boss is 45 degrees to your left, around five metres behind . " Xue Lin pouted her red lips and told Qingfeng of what she saw .

Qingfeng frowned as his eyes filled with surprise when he heard Xue Lin .

How could Xue Lin know where the Three-Handed Demon Boss had hidden just from her basic instincts?

Qingfeng knew that Xue Lin wouldn't lie to him, so he unleashed his Strangle Hell Fist towards 45 degrees of where he stood .

Of course, Qingfeng's fist found the Three-Handed Demon Boss there .

This time, Qingfeng's body wasn't thrown into the air, so his face filled with joy as he looked at Xue Lin with appreciation and excitement .

It seemed like it was the right choice to bring Xue Lin into the Forbidden Kunlun District .

Qingfeng suddenly remembered that Xue Lin had the Ice Phoenix Bloodline inside her body .

The Ice Phoenix Bloodline was one of the most powerful bloodlines in the chaotic era of the universe, and one of the most powerful bloodlines that surfaced after the Big Bang .

Xue Lin definitely had special superpowers that helped her locate the Three-Handed Demon Boss .

The white snow lotus in Xue Lin's mind was called the Snow Lotus of Chaos; it was formed during the universal chaos, much earlier than the formation of the universe .

It could clearly see through everything, because it was older than the Heavenly Dao . Although the Heavenly Dao was unable to see where the demon boss was hiding, Xue Lin's Heavenly Eye of Chaos could see everything .

With Xue Lin's help, Qingfeng was able to correctly locate where the Three-Handed Demon Boss was; even when he was hidden in the void, he was still easily found by Qingfeng .

Qingfeng used the Golden Flame to burn the Three-Handed Demon Boss, and without the protection of the saint's talisman script, the Three-Handed Demon Boss was like a tiger without claws that fell defenseless to Qingfeng's attacks .

The Three-Handed Demon Boss screamed in pain as his body was deeply wounded, and his arms were broken by Qingfeng .

The demon boss wanted to escape, because he noticed that it had nowhere to hide if Xue Lin was helping Qingfeng locate him .

However, Qingfeng would never let it run . He unleashed the Dark Night Emperor from his long sword to enclose the entire space and block the demon boss's way .

Then Qingfeng immediately unleashed the Black-and-White Millstone from the depths of his mind .

The Black-and-White Millstone didn't want to appear, but after Qingfeng woke it from its slumbers, he promised it plenty of benefits, such as the entirety of the demon boss's soul .

After the Black-and-White Millstone heard Qingfeng's promises, it reluctantly appeared from the depths of Qingfeng's mind .

Once the Black-and-White Millstone saw the Three-Handed Demon Boss, its eyes filled with joy, because it noticed that the demon boss was one of the top three figures of the ancient demonic tribe .

"Ah, how is this possible? Why do you have such a precious Millstone of Chaos?" The Three-Handed Demon Boss's face filled with terror when it saw the Black-and-White Millstone Qingfeng unleashed .

Today, Qingfeng had brought too much terror upon the Three-Handed Demon Boss . Just moments ago, it had a taste of one of the most powerful bloodlines, the Devourer Bloodline, from fighting Qingfeng .

Now it would be getting a taste of the chaotic Millstone, a mysterious treasure that appeared after the Big Bang . Legend had it that only a Sky Emperor or stronger could possess it .

With one look, the Three-Handed Demon Boss was deadly terrified . It even forgot to attack Qingfeng as it immediately turned to flee .

But how could the Black-and-White Millstone let it run? It formed into a ray of black-and-white light that immediately charged into the depths of the Three-Handed Demon Boss's mind and devoured all of its spirit energy .

Even though the Three-Handed Demon Boss wanted to resist, its effort was completely pointless .

Because the chaotic Millstone came from chaos, there was nothing that existed that could crack it, unless the Three-Handed Demon Boss also reached the saint level . Only then could it defend against the Black-and-White Millstone . However, its ability was still limited, at only the Spirit Supreme Realm, and was no match against the Millstone .

Suddenly, the Three-Handed Demon Boss's body dried up, as all of its spirit energy was sucked out . Then it turned into a dried corpse that fell heavily to the ground as ashes flew up around it .

After the Black-and-White Millstone finished the Three-Handed Demon Boss, it burped, clearly because the Three-Handed Demon Boss's spirit energy fed it well . Then it turned into a ray of Black-and-White light that returned to Qingfeng's mind and settled down .

Along with the Three-Handed Demon Boss's death, all the demonic energy within a hundred miles disappeared . Even the two Heavenly Dao chains on the Three-Handed Demon Boss entered back into the ground and disappeared in the space .

Qingfeng took one look at the dead demon boss and ignored it, because a dead person meant nothing to him . By getting rid of this demon boss, he solved a massive problem for the Huaxia self-cultivation realm .


Suddenly, Xue Lin's body tumbled to the ground with her eyes closed .

Qingfeng was shocked, he hurriedly ran over to Xue Lin and reached out his finger to pinch her veins . However, that failed to wake her, and so he grew more worried .

Qingfeng reached out her fingers on rested it on Xue Lin's wrist to find her pulse . He noticed that her pulse was normal without signs of weakness, but Xue Lin still didn't wake up .

Qingfeng's eyes filled with worry as he asked, "Puppy, what do you think happened to Xue Lin? Why did she faint? Wasn't she just fine?"

Black Puppy thought for a moment and then said, "Qingfeng, Xue Lin must have used a special forbidden technique so that she could surpass the Heavenly Dao and see the Three-Handed Demon Boss . She has stepped on forbidden grounds, and must now be experiencing side effects . You must find her a spirit energy elixir to help her recover . "

Qingfeng nodded, knowing Black Puppy was right because not even he could find where the Three-Handed Demon Boss was hiding .

However, Xue Lin had found it, so she must have used a forbidden technique and lost so much spirit energy that she fainted . As long as her lost spirit energy was recovered, she would inevitably wake up .

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