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Chapter 1527
Chapter 1527: Mutated Vampire Tiger

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"Let's leave now and find a Spirit Flower inside the Kunlun Mountains . " Qingfeng held Xue Lin in his arms as he waved his hands and led everyone forward into the Kunlun Mountains .

Qingfeng had killed the Three-Handed Demon Boss, but the Forbidden Kunlun District was still very dangerous .

There were plenty of ferocious beasts, demonic beasts, and poisonous bugs in front that incessantly blocked Qingfeng's way .

Qingfeng didn't walk very far before he came across a mutated vampire tiger .

This vampire tiger was very powerful and nearly over a hundred meters tall, almost like a little mountaintop . Its entire body released black energy that charged towards Qingfeng as it lashed out its tiger claws in attempts to tear Qingfeng apart .

"It's a mutated vampire tiger . " Black Puppy told Qingfeng as it recognized the demonic beast before them .

Qingfeng nodded as he also recognized this vampire tiger .

He had killed vampire tigers before, but the vampire tigers in the Kunlun District were now possessed by demons and devils . It became several times more powerful, and much more wild than before .

This vampire tiger's body had already mutated all over, whether it was its weight or super power .

Qingfeng could clearly feel that there were other things hidden in the vampire tiger's body .

The beast looked at Qingfeng as it roared in anger . The loud roar shook the entire space, as the trees and rocks around shattered .

It heavily stomped its foot onto the ground and its body flew into the air like a little mountain that heavily crashed towards Qingfeng .

"Third Finger - Ceasing Time . " Qingfeng immediately unleashed the third finger of the Conqueror's Finger and froze the vampire tiger before him in the dimension .

Then Qingfeng immediately flew up, waved his Fire Emperor Sword, and charged at the vampire tiger's head, immediately decapitating it .


Blood poured out as the vampire tiger's head fell off . Its massive corpse dropped to the ground without a hint of life .

Miaoyi Jiang beside him sighed in admiration, she said quietly, "The Conqueror's Finger is truly powerful, no wonder it's the legendary super technique of the Sky-Conqueror Sect . It can even freeze time . "

The Sky-Conqueror Sect once was the number one sect on earth, it ruled the earth, rebuilt the Celestial Palace, and made its strength recognized everywhere .

Qingfeng wanted to find a Spirit Flower faster to wake Xue Lin . He wanted to waste no time at all, so he directly used the Conqueror's Finger to 'stop time' once he met the vampire tiger and killed it in one attack .

Of course, this had wasted Qingfeng's vital essence, but his face was already somewhat pale as his hairs stood up, as if he could sense an intense danger .

Qingfeng hurriedly carried Xue Lin back, as he saw a black bug crawl out from the vampire tiger's body . It shot a stream of black slime towards Qingfeng .

Luckily Qingfeng dodged very fast, and the black slime shot onto a big tree behind where he was at, immediately blowing the tree away . The tree that was over a hundred meters tall was instantly shattered into splinters .

Qingfeng's face grew dark as his eyes became cold . "What is this damn thing? Why was it hiding inside the tiger's body?"

If Qingfeng didn't have a high awareness of danger, then he would have been hit .

Qingfeng's looked forward with cold eyes and saw a massive black bug in front of him .

The black bug was as big as a water tank, like a beetle . Its eyes glowed with bloodthirsty red light, and its mouth grew ten sharp teeth where the poisonous juice was leaking out .

"Corpse poison bug!" Black Puppy said with a shocked face .

Qingfeng frowned with confusion in his eyes, because he couldn't recognize what this black bug was, so he looked at Black Puppy with confusion and hoped it would elaborate .

Black Puppy said with concern, "Qingfeng, this black bug isn't so simple . It's called a corpse poison bug and is an ancient era creature . It used to be suppressed underground, but who knew it escaped and found its way into the vampire tiger . It even controlled the Tiger . "

Qingfeng finally realized what this corpse poison bug was from Black Puppy's explanations .

This was a horrific poisonous bug; legends stated that its poisonous slime was so strong, even a spirit emperor realm master could be easily killed once it made contact .

Qingfeng had never seen corpse poisonous bugs, but he had heard about its legends .

It was a poisonous bug of the ancient era, and they had gone extinct in the modern era . Who knew that one had escaped from the depths of Hell, it was unbelievable!

Even though this corpse poisonous bug was quite small, the poisonous slime it secreted was one of deadliest venoms . When it saw that Qingfeng had dodged its poisonous slime, its eyes filled with surprise .

The corpse poisonous bug stomped on the ground and flew into the air . It opened its spike-filled mouth and shot out more streams of poisonous slime at Qingfeng .

Qingfeng turned his body to the left to avoid the poisonous slime again, causing the black poisonous slime to land onto the ground and melt a massive hole into the rocks and soil .

The hole was about ten feet in diameter, but it seemed bottomless, which terrified everyone .

Qingfeng's face grew dark . Who would have thought that this corpse poisonous bug would incessantly attack him without an end? He had to kill it .

Of course, Qingfeng knew that short distance attacks were impossible, because he couldn't come close to the horrific ancient poisonous slime .

He had to use long distance attacks, so he took out the Golden Calabash, opened its cap, and channeled his internal vital essence into it . As he forcefully patted underneath the Golden Calabash, a ray of golden energy shot out .

The golden energy tore through the air with immense power that heavily clashed onto the corpse poison bug's body .

However, this corpse poison bug's armour was especially strong . The golden energy clashed onto the surface and made a loud sound, but its body remained unharmed .

The corpse poison bug looked at Qingfeng with mockery and disdain as if it was saying, "Weakling, you can't break my armor . "

At this sight, Qingfeng's face grew grim, he knew not only was the corpse poison bug's poisonous slime powerful, but even its defense power was strong as well .

Qingfeng knew that if he wanted to kill the corpse poison bug before him, he had to use other ways .

However, Qingfeng has used all of the Golden Flames when he tried to kill the Three-Handed Demon Boss and was now unable to use it . He had to use spirit energy .

"Fourth Roar – Thunder and Lightning Lion . " Qingfeng directly used the Lightning Lion Roar . It formed a lightning covered black lion bellowing loud thundering roars as it charged towards the corpse poison bug before him .

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