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Chapter 1590

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Qingfeng Li had no sense of time in the interspatial tunnel; after god knows how long, the ball of white light disappeared, and he realized that he had arrived… somewhere .

Qingfeng Li raised his head, and realized that he was atop an unknown, heat-exuding mainland .

He touched the ground with this hand – he was definitely not on Earth anymore .

Goosebumps suddenly crawled up Qingfeng Li's body as he saw a group of people in front of him, all staring at him .

These men and women were all very young, in their teens or twenties . Each one was youthful and energetic .

They were all wearing different clothes: some had on white robes with blade patterns sewn on, while others had silver robes with silver arrows or black robes with arrows . . . there were a hundred or so people there .

Qingfeng Li's vital essence and spirit energy had all disappeared, and right then was no more than an ordinary man . Being stared at by more than a hundred people worried him to his core .

"Look, it's a beggar! Look at his ragged clothes, I wonder where he rose from . "

"I bet you anything that he rose from a low tier planet, just look at his ragged clothes and the injuries on his body . "

"Didn't you realize that there's no vital essence coming from his person? If he isn't a self-cultivator, how did he get here?"

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"Yeah, weird, how did a person with no vital essence get transported through the teleportation array?"

The curious young self-cultivators talked amongst themselves while pointing their fingers at Qingfeng Li as if he were some kind of beast .

Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes with a gloomy expression on his face . He was at the seventh level of the Spirit Emperor Realm and was extremely powerful . Who would have thought that the Emperor of the Sky Blade Planet would attack him and split the interspatial tunnel?

Then, to make things worse, the white light swallowed Qingfeng Li's spirit nucleus, stripping him of all his powers .

Qingfeng Li became a little angry at the thought of this .

He knew that the Crimson Fire Emperor, the ruler of this planet, devoured his spirit nucleus . So, no matter how angry he was there was nothing much he could do right now . Once he levels up to the Spirit Monarch Realm, he'll be able to seek revenge by killing the Crimson Fire Emperor .

Otherwise, he might be killed if he brought something like this up with other people .

Qingfeng Li kept his mouth shut and stared back at the self-cultivators .

He knew that everyone on this high tier planet hailed from other planets – either that of low-tier or intermediate-tier ones .

Each year, the high-tier planets would take in disciples from lower-tier planets .

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"Come here, beggar," a fat middle-aged man said to Qingfeng Li with a frown on his face .

Qingfeng Li looked around . Realizing that there was no one else around him, he asked, "Are you talking to me?"

Fury appeared in the fat middle-aged man's expression at Qingfeng Li's question . He bellowed, "Of course I'm calling you, beggar . Get over here . "

This angered Qingfeng Li, and he felt an urge to pull out the Fire Emperor's Sword from his interspatial ring and teach the fat guy who was boss .

Then, he remembered that he had no energy left in his body; smiling awkwardly, he walked over unwillingly .

Qingfeng Li was aware that without his powers, he was no match for the fat man in front of him .

This man was obviously a very strong self-cultivator who was in charge here . If Qingfeng Li didn't listen to him, he would probably be slapped to death .

He secretly decided that once his skills leveled up, he would come back and teach this fat man a lesson .

"Hi, senior, how may I help you?" Qingfeng Li walked up to the middle-aged man and bowed slightly .

Qingfeng Li was polite and poised, but the man didn't care for any of it . He said coldly, "Which planet did you rise from, why don't you have any vital essence in you and why are your clothes all battered?"

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Qingfeng li replied, "I come from Earth and was attacked along the way, which resulted in me losing all my vital essence . "

"Earth?" The fat middle-aged man's brows furrowed in surprise at Qingfeng Li's words .

Of course he knew where Earth was – it was an incredibly powerful planet during the Ancient Era, but was invaded by other planets, resulting in the death of all of its immortals, saints, and even its Sky Emperor .

Since then, Earth's conditions began to deteriorate, becoming the low-tier planet it was today .

Everyone had acknowledged that in the past millennia, no one from Earth had been or will ever be able to rise to a high-tier planet .

This was because those from low-tier planets must have at least five monarch grade vitality stones and saint-level spirit energy to activate a monarch level array .

If saints no longer existed on Earth, how did this person get here?

Qingfeng Li saw through the middle-aged man's confusion, but he didn't reply . He was not about to tell him that Dark Night Emperor was inside his interspatial ring .

Qingfeng Li still needed Dark Night Emperor and the soul of the Fire Dragon to help him recover and level up; they were his last cards on the table .

As long as he had Dark Night Emperor, Qingfeng Li was positive that he would be able to get his powers back .

"No wonder he looks like a beggar, he's just a nobody from Earth . "

"Exactly, Earth is no more than a desolate, savage, and wild place . Who would have thought that after thousands of years, a human would be able to rise from there?"

"So what? We're on the Red Fire Mainland of Mars, a high-tier planet . A nobody from Earth will just be killed . "

The hundred or so self-cultivators around Qingfeng all sneered as they looked down upon him .

From their conversations, Qingfeng Li slowly began to understand the awkward position Earth was in .

He never would have guessed that in the last millennia, no one from Earth other than himself had successfully rose to a high-tier planet . It seems that Earth has fallen from glory .

However, Qingfeng Li didn't mind this too much and was still proud of being someone from Earth . He would prove the strength of his planet to these people .

One day, Qingfeng Li will, as a human from Earth, stand as one of the rulers of the Three Thousand Big Worlds .

"Woof, woof…" suddenly, he heard the voice of a dog whimpering in pain .

Qingfeng Li turned his head around to see Black Puppy lying not far from him, crying out in agony .