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Chapter 714: Need to Wait In Line at the Hospital

"You are right . Our top priority right now is to make Little Xue wake up . " Xiaoyun Mu nodded, knowing that all other things must make way for Xue Lin .

"Qingfeng, let's take Little Xue to the hospital . " Xiaoyun Mu said .

Qingfeng Li shook his head and answered, "Mother-in-law, Little Xue is not sick . She has sunk into a state of self-hypnosis and is not willing to wake up from it . "

"Qingfeng, self-hypnosis is almost the same as the vegetative state and it would not be good for her to stay at home . If we put her in the hospital, she can at least get some nutrient fluid supplements to elp sustain her life . " Xiaoyun Mun reminded him with a frown .

Qingfeng Li nodded and thought his mother-in-law was right . In the state of self-hypnosis, Xue Lin couldn't eat so they would need to bring her to the hospital so they could infuse the glucose nutrient solution into her body .

"Let's go to the hospital . " Qingfeng Li carried Xue Lin in his arms and turned to walk out .

Shi Lin drove the car with Xiaoyun Mu in the passenger seat . Sitting in the back seat with Xue Lin on his lap, Qingfeng felt his heart being pricked while watching Xue Lin's pale face .

Today was Sunday so the hospital was crowded with more patients than usual .

Walking into the First People's Hospital, they saw hundreds of people of all ages waiting in a long line .

With a big population, Huaxia had a large number of patients . Besides the train stations and bus stations, the hospitals were the most crowded .

With hundreds of people waiting in line, one had to wait for several hours or longer to see a doctor .

Of course, Qingfeng Li wouldn't wait in a long line because Xue Lin needed immediate attention .

"Stop! This is a hospital and you must wait in line . " A tall guard stopped Qingfeng when he walked towards a doctor's office .

With a six foot tall body and a dark complexion, the guard looked very strong with a stick in his hand . As a security guard in the hospital, the man hated the people who tried to cut in line

With Xue Lin in unconsciousness, Qingfeng Li was in a bad mood . He said coldly, "Step aside . She needs to be admitted to the hospital . "

"Get in line for it . "

"There are too many people there and this is urgent . "

"So you want to cut in line? This is an official hospital and cutting lines are not permitted . " With a sneer, the tall guard stood his ground .

He had seen many people like Qingfeng Li who thought they could do whatever they want because they had some money . They never wanted to wait in line and had caused much damage to the image and order of the hospital .

Hearing the tall guard's words, the people around them all looked at Qingfeng Li with anger since they also hated people who cutt lines .

Of course, just like them, Qingfeng Li disliked cutting lines, too . But for Xue Lin, he had to do it, even at the price of breaking the rules .

Even though the tall guard was only doing his job to stop him, Qingfeng Li felt a bit resentful .

 At this moment, a middle-aged woman walked over . Wearing high-end clothes and golden bracelets, carrying a luxury purse in her hand, the woman exuded an air of money and rank .

The middle-aged woman walked over to the tall guard and said, "Arrange a room for me . I don't feel well and want to stay in hospital for a couple of days . "

"Yes, Madam . I will arrange it immediately . " The tall guard answered with an ingratiating expression on his face .

Qingfeng Li frowned slightly . He had thought the guard was doing his job but now it looked like Qingfeng Li was stopped because the guard thought he was a nobody .

"You told me to wait in line, and then you just let the woman in . Why is that?" Pointing in the direction of the woman, Qingfeng Li demanded with a cold voice .

At the Qingfeng's questioning, the tall guard changed his expression, saying, "That woman is the wife of the vice president of our hospital . You can't offend a vice president, you know . "

The dissatisfied people around him all shut up at the guard's reply . This was a society operating on relations . Since the woman who cut in line was the wife of the hospital's vice president, the people still waiting in line dared not to complain .

After all, they were in the hospital to see a doctor and offending the hospital vice president's wife would bring no good to their purpose .

The truth was that the people waiting in line were just a group of bullies who prey on the weak . Faced with the same behavior of cutting lines, they needled Qingfeng Li whom they thought a nobody and shut up when the hospital vice president's wife did the same thing .

In this society running by relations, you got green lights as long as you know the right people . It was true in all walks of life and hospitals were no exception .

"She needs to be admitted to the hospital . Call your president and I want to see him . " Qingfeng Li said with a cold smile .

Qingfeng Li had not planned to call out the hospital president Xu Zhao who had helped him many times, but now it seemed unavoidable since the tall guard tried to stop him from getting Xue Lin admitted into the hospital .  

As a master of martial arts, Qingfeng Li could have beat the tall guard but it wouldn't solve the problem since the doctors would then refuse to admit Xue Lin into the hospital .

Just as the old saying went, the King of Hell was easier to deal with than an imp . The subordinates usually could be a bigger pain in the ass than their leaders .

"The president is too busy to see you . " The tall guard waved off his request, disdain in his face .

Of course, he wouldn't call the president . Having never spoken a word with the president, the guard wouldn't dare to call him out .

In his eyes, Qingfeng Li was just a knave . Who do you think you are that you should demand the president to come out?

Reading the expression on the guard's face, Qingfeng Li understood that the guard didn't believe him and wouldn't call the president out .

Qingfeng Li took out his mobile phone and called Xu Zhao's number directly .

 Xu Zhao answered on the first ring, "Mr . Li, how can I help you?"

Xu Zhao held Qingfeng Li in very high regard because the latter had saved the mayor's father with his excellent medical skills and thus brought great honor to the hospital .

"Xu Zhao, you run an excellent hospital . I want to admit my wife to the hospital and a guard stopped me and is making me wait in line . " Frowning, Qingfeng Li said sarcastically .

Xu Zhao heard the dissatisfaction in Qingfeng Li's voice, and said hurriedly, "I am sorry for that, Mr . Li . Tell me where you are and I'll get there at once . "

"I am at the entrance to the hospital and I'll give you three minutes before I go to another hospital . " With a slight smile, Qingfeng Li hung up quickly .

There were many hospitals in Eastern Sea City . Taking Xue Lin to the First People's Hospital was Qingfeng Li's way to show his regards to Xu Zhao, or more strictly speaking, to his daughter Yanran Zhao .

If Xu Zhao didn't show up in three minutes, Qingfeng Li would go to another hospital, cutting the First People's Hospital from his list .

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