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Chapter 813: The Terror of the Blood Demon Cave

"Master, the Blood Demon Cave is right in front of you . Can I please go now that I've guided you here?" the Crimson Blood Sect Disciple asked Qingfeng Li in fear while his voice trembled .

The Crimson Blood Sect Disciple was indeed terrified of the ferocious young man today, even more than the most despicable people from the Crimson Blood Sect . This young man killed the Third Elder and many of his disciple brothers and the Crimson Blood Sect disciple did not want to become one of them .

Qingfeng Li looked at the enormous cave in front of him and said, "Enough with the nonsense and lead the way . "

Crimson Blood Sect Disciple appeared to be frightened . This Blood Demon Cave was a forbidden place in the Crimson Blood Sect and no one can survive in it besides the Lord of the Crimson Blood Sect and his core senior members .

There was once a disciple who ran into the Blood Demon Pool and he ended up as a skeleton the second day . Ever since then, normal disciples never thought about coming in here again .

Although he didn't want to go in, Qingfeng Li's threatening eyes forced him to guide him . The Crimson Blood Sect Disciple knew that he would be killed by this young man if he didn't lead the way .

The Crimson Blood Sect Disciple gritted his teeth and led in fear, with Qingfeng following him . The smell of blood became stronger and stronger as they walked in deeper and deeper . The blood fog in the air got heavier as well .

"How many people died here to make the smell of blood so strong?" Qingfeng Li frowned in curiosity .
He killed many people all over the world and knew that the more people died, the heavier the smell of blood would be . There must have been a lot of killings here without a doubt .

As expected, they found some skeletons after walking for a while . There were many of them and it could be seen from the shape of them that they were human skeletons . This proved Qingfeng Li's assumption, a lot of people died in here .

The Crimson Blood Sect committed such a sin by killing people to practice the Blood Demon Skill . Qingfeng Li had sentenced them to death in his mind .

This Blood Demon Cave was deep and enormous . The Crimson Blood Sect disciple led for ten minutes until they reached the end .

There was a giant blood pool in the end of the Blood Demon Cave . Fresh blood rolled and foamed in the thousand-square meter blood pool, which was surrounded by millions of skeletons .

There was a large red stone platform in the middle of the pool . Xue Lin had woken up and she was tied up above the stone platform in the blood pool .

There was not only blood but also countless of red blood snake . They were extremely virulent, becoming evil and strong by sucking human's blood .

Xue Lin's pretty face was a pale as a piece of paper . She lost the usual brightness and was only left with terror and pale .

Xue Lin had never experienced anything as horrifying as this . She was so scared she fainted but was woken up by Cold Blood later on .

Her body was hanging upside down by a few ropes, looking at the blood snakes in the Blood Demon Cave . The snakes were flicking their tongues which scared her to the point where her bod trembled uncontrollably .

Little Xue is very scared . Hum . . Hum . . someone please come save me . She looked at the frightening snakes in horror .

Xue Lin was a queen of the business field, the top of the top when it came to business management and strategy . However, she had no power to fight back when faced with an unorthodox school such as the Crimson Blood Sect .

Qingfeng Li's shadow appeared in her head at this moment . He used to always be there to rescue her whenever she was in danger in the past . Will he be here this time as well?

Xue Lin was not only scared but also regretful and condemning herself . She wouldn't have been caught by the Crimson Blood Sect if she didn't come to Jiangnan Province out of her own recklessness .

"I was so stupid . " She criticized herself . It was definitely a trap when the Emerald Jade Company cut her off the original materials .

She underestimated the complexity of the world . In her regular life, she had no idea of the existence of the evil and horrifying unorthodox sects, such as the Crimson Blood Sect .

Qingfeng Li came to the Blood Demon Pool and saw Xue Lin hanging only one meter above the pool . If she fell off, her body would be sucked empty by the blood snakes in the pool within one second .

Qingfeng Li was filled with anger seeing how pale Xue Lin was . How dare the damn Cold Blood treat my wife like this . I am going to chop in into millions of pieces .

"Honey, are you alright?" Qingfeng Li shouted out with all his strength .

He was talking so loud because he wanted to make sure that Xue Lin was alright . Xue Lin's safety ranked the top in his heart way ahead of all other things .

Xue Lin lifted her head in difficulty upon this familiar voice and saw the man she missed the most right in front of her .

She opened her mouth to say something but she couldn't say a word due to her weakness from hanging for so long and the injuries from Cold Blood earlier .

Qingfeng Li's heart ached seeing Xue Lin not able to talk since he knew she must be very weak .

"We meet again, Qingfeng Li . How do you think of the place I arranged for your wife? Look, the blood pool filled with millions of blood snakes is right beneath her . What a beautiful scenery . " Cold Blood said wickedly standing on the stone platform .

He was hold the rope which Xue Lin was tied with, hanging her above the blood pool .

"Cold Blood, my wife is only an ordinary person . You are such an evil and shameless person to hang her here with your tricks . " Qingfeng Li cursed with a dark face .

He seldom cursed after becoming a master of the grandmaster realm, but today, he was so angry, as if there was a volcano in his heart, ready to explode at any moment .


Cold Blood laughed at Qingfeng Li's curse and let the rope in his hand go a little bit . Xue Lin's body slid down half a meter towards the Blood Pool . She was only half a meter away from it .

Qingfeng Li was frightened seeing this and yelled in anger, "Cold Blood, what are you doing?"

"If you curse me again, I will let go of the rope completely and drop your wife into the blood pool . She will be sucked empty by the blood snakes and become a skeleton . " Cold Blood said deeply and his voice was filled with danger .

Qingfeng Li closed his mouth in gloom . He was over five hundred meters away from Cold Blood and it would take a while to even fly over there .

Qingfeng Li did not want to risk it because he knew that if he started to attack, Cold Blood would throw Xue Lin directly into the blood pool and have her sucked empty by the blood snakes in the enormous blood pool .

"Cold Blood, what on earth do you want?"Qingfeng Li asked with a cloudy face .

"It's easy for me to let your wife go . Just jump into the blood pool yourself . " Cold Blood looked at Qingfeng Li and said .

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