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My Good Life - Chapter 1.1

Published at 5th of July 2019 07:10:16 PM

Chapter 1.1

“I think Li Wei likes you,” Li Zhi said with her mouth stuffed with grilled chicken . “Last time, when you talked to your old classmate downstairs . I saw him standing at the entrance of the corridor, staring daggers at your old classmates for a long time . ”

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I brushed some soy sauce on a chicken wing and placed it on the grill, “I don’t believe you . You can’t read people’s mind . ”

Although Li Zhi was Li Wei’s sister, I never believed her instinct . She lacked experience of being in love . Despite both of them, Li Zhi and her brother were vampires .  

“I also think Li Wei likes you . ” The mermaid, Yu Meimei, spoke . She sat on the edge of the fish pond and ate a grilled fish . She was a mermaid and loved to eat fish!

I stared at her in disgust: “Meimei, why do you mermaids eat fish?”

“Sharks eat fish as well, why don’t you ask them, why?”

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Her words made sense . I couldn’t refute and added a sentence to counter her words: “Eat less, see you’re so fat, a shark isn’t as wide as your hips . ”

“You’re just trying to change the subject . ” not a least affected by my words, she swayed her fish tail . “Last time I saw Li Wei waiting to pick you up at the bus stop . When it rained, he brought a big black umbrella for you . If he is only a landlord, can he be so nice to his tenants?”

“Oh, he’s so good to you, gave you an umbrella?” Li Zhi ate a piece of meat, chewing it without any grace . “If he doesn’t mean anything to you, then it will be difficult for him to pursue you . The probability of changing your mind is even smaller than the sky . ”

 “He gave me an umbrella because I didn’t have one . He left immediately after . ” I explained, “Don’t overthink . The whole building is gossiping about us . ”

“I… I also think… the landlord likes you . ”

Next, the voice of the young boy came from a corner . He was roasting corn .

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As he said his thoughts aloud, a red blush formed on his face . He bowed his head down, shy and spoke in a mosquito voice, “You… both met because of me . ”

Yes, Li Wei and I ran into each other thanks to the little wolf .

On that full moon night; although moonlight isn’t bright in the city like Chongqing . It didn’t hinder him on being transformed into a wolf and steal my only ration . In the past twenty-three years of my life, I have lived a quiet, dull life . I fell in love, fell out of love, graduated, and then began to do what I like the most – drawing comics .

Unfortunately, I might not be a creative person as the editor gave me his evaluation . “Your sketches are good, but the content is boring . ”

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That time was the lowest point of my life: lost love, unemployment, parents who didn’t understand my choices, no friends to encourage .

Dreamlike fantasies . The reality was a mess . The future… was bleak .

I used the money I had to buy ration for the last week of my freedom . The house rent contract was expired . So after this week, I decided to go back and live according to arrangements made by my parents .

But I never imagined that in such a worse situation, my food would… stolen by a werewolf . I didn’t hesitate to follow him . There was only one thing in my mind I can’t let my food fall into the hands of others!

Even if there was only one week left in the dream-seeking, I would stick to the last minute! Food can never be lost!

The city was built on a mountainous region which wasn’t cut flat . The “person” who took my food was running below as I ran on the top of the high section . I watched him turn and run into the place I couldn’t follow from up .


I closed my eyes and flew straight from above . When I hugged the “person” tight, something was wrong . This person… His shoulders were wide… He was hairy…

When I slammed down, I hung around his neck . It pulled my arm muscles, making them sore, But I didn’t move a single step .

I smelled a beast on him . He turned his head and stared at me, hanging on his back . His green eyes were gloomy and terrible, and his lips were eye-catching… 

Demon… Monster?

Before he spoke, I slapped him in the face . The head that turned to stare me was pushed back .

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