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My Good Life - Chapter 3.3

Published at 23rd of July 2019 08:55:53 PM

Chapter 3.3

I was so naive to be tricked by Li Zhi’s reason . After sending dumbo home, we left for the bar . Jie Fang Bei square was the small business . It had a pleasant atmosphere for chatting . There were singers staged for entertainment, and not much dancers . After two or three glasses of wine, Li Zhi’s eyes wandered around to find men . After a while, a man ushered over .

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I held my own glass of wine and sat down in a corner . Li Zhi wished to find a love . She had no other way to approach men . The bar became an essential social gathering . She was here to get to know people, looking for someone who can bring her a sense of dying . On the contrary, I was a person who held some prejudice in my heart . I thought that these easy going fellows weren’t all that good .

My eyes swept throughout the place . Friends chatting . One person would buy drinks, and his friends tagging along to have fun . There were practical and recreational activities . The waiters rushed back and forth . The bartender wiped the glass and looked up at the person sitting in front of the bar . His eyes reflected the tiredness of work every day .

All the people were in a state of mind, and they have performed a little in this small bar . As far as I can see, the most dazzling one here was probably Li Zhi . She was not the same as normal humans, dazzling in between…

My gaze paused at a man sitting alone in the corner . He was wearing a black down jacket and staring quietly at the wine glass in front of him . He didn’t do anything, but the air seemed to solidify around him . His silence was so out of place with the lively atmosphere of the whole bar .

I saw his sharp well defined face . In his glass-like eyes, there was a cold light that I had never seen before . He sat there, but he was waiting for someone . I was attracted by his eyes .

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Perhaps, people could feel the gaze of others .

He turned his head; his eyes were unfazed as he only stared at me . The moment our eyes met I felt the terror as if I was hit by a sharp sword .

This man…

“Su Xiaoxin!” Li Zhi yelled .

My gaze staggered from the man to Li Zhi, but I noticed when she glanced at the man, her face grew ugly .

“What’s wrong?” I asked her .

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“Walk away . ” Li Zhi pulled my wrist, and we left the bar .

Out of the door, Li Zhi stopped only after running a few lanes .

She groaned . “He scared me to death, I even got goosebumps . I’ll keep egg fastened to me from now on . That could have been dangerous…”

I got confused . “What’s wrong? Wasn’t he just a vampire? Don’t you guys fight with inhuman the speed?”

Li Zhi rolled her eyes . ”What speed? You watch too many animations . ”

She rubbed her arms . “He wasn’t a vampire . I couldn’t see what he was, but he’s not a human . ”

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There are many creatures in the world: monsters, elves, legends . After the Second World War, with the establishment of the United Nations, to cope with the era of more and more explosive force, the human race decided to form alliances with non-humans and help each other . In the world of more human beings, they can live with each other’s strengths . So the World Non-Human Alliance came into being .

The World Non-Union was probably their UN . Under the World Non-Union, there is also the China National Non-Human Management Committee, referred to as the State Non-Party Committee . There are also provincial and municipal management committees under the State Non-Commission .

Different races have associations of their own, like the Vampire Association, the Werewolf Association, the Mermaid Association, and all sorts of mess . They are non-human beings in human society, but they are actually a huge group .

I am no stranger to these non-human beings in life and am no longer afraid . I had my doubts since Li Zhi was scared . After all, in my opinion, Li Zhi is good . At least the little wolf and Meimei can’t beat her . As for the strength of Li Wei, I don’t know .

In Li Zhi’s words: “Even ten of me aren’t enough to beat him . ”

Even if Li Wei is so powerful, Li Zhi isn’t afraid to fight him . It’s really amazing to meet a stranger today but she didn’t insist on fighting . Even though the person’s gaze does told otherwise…

“In short, you don’t go to that bar . ” Li Zhi looked at the time . “Yeah, it’s almost ten o’clock . I am going to class . Go back first, be careful on the road . ”

I waved and said goodbye to her, then went to the bus and slowly swayed back . There are several hills on the bus, several intersections have been more than eleven o’clock . It takes another twenty minutes to walk back from the bus station, but there was a sudden drizzle in the sky .

In Chongqing, this kind of weather was also very common . I bought a hat and planned to sprint back . I just stepped out and my toes stepped on a black shadow on the ground . I looked up and Li Han, who was in a suit, started with a big black umbrella and stood in front of me .

“Where have you been?”

Perhaps because of the tiredness of these days, his voice was a bit low . But with a little temper which was his natural thing . Mixed with soft rain, my ears listened, the illusion of… care .

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