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My Good Life - Chapter 5.3

Published at 27th of July 2019 12:04:52 PM

Chapter 5.3

When he let go of the zombie with his hand, it rolled down the ladder and returned to life . The female zombie was not in a hurry to escape . She stared at the man for a while . I thought she would come biting me, but she didn’t . She jumped to the child . Picking him in by one hand, she held him tightly in her arms and fled the place .

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The black robe was only quietly watching from beginning to end . He did not interfere with their retreat .

I also stared at him, stupidly .

My body trembled . I don’t know if it’s because I was afraid, or because of the bitter cold brought by these wet clothes, or even… It was because of this person who step by step came closer to me .

He stopped by me . I could imagine how embarrassing I looked then . Coral velvet pyjamas with muddy water, bloody nose and my bitten hands . He knelt, and the black robes seemed to have a magical black mist that made me unable to see his face even at this close distance .

He reached out to my face, with black leather gloves still on his hands . It was a gentle touch … Like brushing a piece of broken porcelain has been pieced together, so careful .

So gentle…

His hand went down my hair on my face, and then wiped the blood under my nose with his thumb .

“Big brother, who are you?”

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He laughed again .

His voice was so magnetic . He let go of me and took a step back . The wind passed, his black robe danced like the heroes in comics, novels and TV series . As a comic book author who was not imaginative but still obsessed with fiction element, the feeling was indescribable . I suddenly heard the sound of my heart . Jumping vigorously . ‘Lub-dub’
I always thought no one could touch the indestructible “dimensional wall” around my heart, not even those strange non-humans … I never knew I would encounter a miracle .

“So, did he say who he was?” Li Zhi asked me . Sitting next to her Meimei and the little wolf nodded,

“Who is he? Does he live in the building? What species”

I was about to answer, the door on the top of the building opened again: “Imaginary love . ” He stood at the door, “Don’t make money just be lazy all the time . ”

“We need rest too . We have not delayed any work . ” Li Zhi got her salary, so she was more vocal . “Don’t make trouble; let us listen to Xiao Xin . ”
I coughed . These three curious babies,”Li Wei said this to me . ”

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“Don’t believe in love . ”
I had heard a very heart-wrenching sentence from him yesterday . I repeated it . A bit numbing, I rubbed my arm and smashed Li Wei: “What do you want?”

Li Wei’s face got ugly: “Send the medical expenses to the old witch on the sixth floor . ”

Yesterday because of Li Wei’s appearance, I lost the black-robed . At the moment, Li Wei found me . The figure of the black robe man disappeared into the mist of the mountain city like a cigarette smoke sat in the same place reminiscing the unbelievable love . Still guessing who was this person who fell in love with me at first sight . Li Wei’s face appeared in my view .

“Su Xiaoxin . ” He called my name, very serious .
That was the first time I saw Li Wei like this . Frowning, and the lips were slightly tight: “Tell me . ”

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“Say what?”
“Say you are okay . ”
“I…I’m okay . ” I stupidly replied, then slowly woke up . “Li Wei, I think I met the man I was destined for . ”
Yes, it’s like the words of Zixia Fairy . Although the black-robed man didn’t attract much attention by wearing a superhero suit or flying in clouds, he has appeared in my life like a superhero .  
“I was moved . ” I pressed a hand on my chest and looked at Li Wei . “Do you believe in love at first sight?”
A long silence followed .
“I believe there are no free pies in the sky . With your stupidity, it’s not worth having love at first sight, which won’t be fulfilled . ” He said, “You need a wake-up call . Go cure your brain . ”
I had been taken to the sorcerer on the sixth floor… Yes, she was a wizard . But because of her character, Li Wei called her old witch . Yesterday when Li Wei knocked on her door . She had applied a green face mask . After cleaning my wounds, she treated them . My wounds got better with magic .

I took the medical bill from him and placed into my pocket: “I know, you don’t need to remind me . ” I wanted to ask him how he found me yesterday .
“So…” Li Zhi pulled back my attention . “You are love with someone you don’t know anything about, his name, his origins, even how he looks?”
Li Zhi summarized it well .
I nodded: “Yes, I fell in love at first sight . ”
I know he wasn’t human .

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