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My Good Life - Chapter 6.3

Published at 14th of August 2019 12:27:09 PM

Chapter 6.3

“It could be connected to mutant zombies . ”

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“…” This came as a shock to me .  

“Really?” Li Zhi hesitated .  

She came out from behind the tree and stepped in the sun: “That isn’t impossible . Before zombies attacked you, Li Wei had gone to the meeting . He said these zombies might have variations . ”

“What is the variation?”

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“These zombies in China are mysterious . Now there’s no association in the World Federation . The corpse controls them . Many zombies who got orders have no sense of their own . They only know how to act . Their motive was their prey . But if there isn’t a virus infection, the prey will be clean . ”

As an educator at the Vampire School of science, she said in a serious tone: “The zombie you met a few days ago that attacked you . You said she took the child when she left . This proves she will protect her child; that is, she got some conscious, and… I heard that the child seemed to be the zombie she kidnapped . ”


“Well, She robbed the child of a human parent . The parents went to the police station and reported the child was missing when he was out of school . The police are currently investigating the case, but now the State Non-Party Committee is also involved and wants to close the case as soon as possible . They want to catch the zombie and return the child, fearing that the presence of non-human beings would cause unnecessary panic to humans . ”

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“Why is she kidnapping children?”

“How do I know this? I know that these zombies have mutated . After she bit you maybe you changed…” She reached out . “You give me the dog . It’s crazy, bite and he will get mutated . ”

“Dumbo is like your brother!”

She didn’t say anything, and her body shape like a flash of electricity rushed to me . I didn’t have time to open my mouth as I got pushed to the ground . Dumbo cried and rushed out .

I sat up . I was very nervous: “What happened? What happened?”

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“Hey!” I didn’t get any answer .  

I looked up to see the big Alaska dog with fluffy meat . Now I’m lying on the ground like the dead . There was only the man in a black robe standing in the sun facing me . I didn’t have time to see his face when Li Zhi pulled me .  


She pulled me on her shoulders . With my ass in the air I couldn’t open my eyes . The scene was chaotic . I saw Li Zhi’s pulling out her egg whip . It tore the air, making a sharp whistling sound . When the weapon hit the air, it instantly turned turbulent . My hair and clothes, as well as the internal organs, were smashed . However, this happened so fast, like a roller coaster . When I opened my eyes and blinked, I was lying on the cold ground .  

I struggled to get up and turned around . I recognized the first floor of the old residential building in front of me . I climbed with support of the wall, “Vomit” and spit out the sour water .

“Hey, you are dirty . ” Blackie on the fence of the stairs of the corridor licked his cat’s paw: “Don’t spit in front of my master’s door . My master got a strong sense of smell . This will bother him . ”

He said, and I heard a “click” The door opened . As soon as I turned my head, Li Wei’s came in sight . He looked as if woken up from my dream . He blinked, his hair was messy . He glanced at blackie, who was leaning against the wall and moved his gaze to the gasping me . He lifted the gold glasses his nose . With a hoarse voice, he said:

“Who bullied you?”

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