My Nightclub Landlady - Chapter 112

Published at 8th of December 2018 01:16:58 PM

Chapter 112
Chapter 112 Blasphemy

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Qin Feng almost slapped himself in the face . As an elte Spec Ops operative, how could he make such an emotional mistake? If this were the enemy, he would be finished!

Perhaps the reason was that he had fallen in love with Sister Flower too much .

"What are you talking about? Do you know Xiao He?" Sister Flower stared at him with disbelief .

"How would I know him? You talk about him all the time – he’s so kind this, he’s so considerate that . I just think you two have a very similar character . You always say doesn’t know how to take care of himself – but aren’t you the same? You have a better option right there for the taking, but you keep yourself down for someone else’s sake . " Qin Feng heart thumped wildly, desperately hoping she’d buy his awkward explanation . It was a slip of the tongue, but in his heart he still respected the two siblings very much . Chivalrous hearts beat in their chests .

"Oh . Hmm . I guess that's how we’ve always been, since we were kids . Sometimes, when I think back on things, I feel silly . But I always feel like my conscience will never give me peace if I don’t act like this," said Sister Flower .

Qin Feng turned serious again . "Do you really want to go to the hospital?"

"I have to, even if only to say goodbye," Sister Flower sighed . "Perhaps… I should thank you . You helped me make the decision . I know that I should leave Zhao Jun . Our business philosophies are too different, I just think…"

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"Fine, I'll come with you . " Qin Feng dropped himself back in his chair . Today he had to do a lot of things with Sister Flower . He needed to settle what needed settling . He would be leaving to the Middle East tomorrow, only returning in a week’s time, and he was very worried about her wellbeing during his absence .

A short while later, Sister Flower emerged from her room in a white lace blouse, a navy blue chiffon skirt and crystal heels .

Qin Feng let out a quick wolf whistle and nodded appreciatively . "Oh, wow, what a dress . I’ve never seen you wear something like this . You look like a rich heiress, hehe . "

"Oh, please . " Sister Flower herself was not sure about going out like this . Normally, she would dress in fairly restrained fashion, mostly red and black . Sometimes she longed for flashy colors, but due to her occupation, she rarely had a chance to try them . But since she was finally ready to make a career change, she thought it might be time to take the un-worn outfits in the back of her wardrobe out for a spin .

"I’m lovin’ it," Qin Feng mumbled as he examined her like an art critic studying a new painting, one hand stroking his chin .

His probing eyes made her feel uneasy and she began anxiously sidling away toward the front door .

"You what?" she said .

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"I love you," Qin Feng responded .


Sister Flower froze in front of the open door in panic, her chest rising and falling sharply .

"I love your outfit . "

Qin Feng just did not know how to say things today . He felt like his brain was out of control . Perhaps he was just excited to finally be able to take Sister Flower away from Zhao Jun .

"Oh…" Sister Flower said dryly . A shade of a sense of loss momentarily passed over her features .

Sister Flower and Qin Feng drove her red car to the hospital . Zhao Jun was still in the operating room, and there was a small crowd waiting in the corridor outside . Zhao Hu, relatively lightly injured, was at the front . Kun was shuffling around irritably, his broken hand bound in a fresh plaster cast .

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When Ru Ru and Pei Xiang saw Sister Flower and Qin Feng, they quickly rushed over .

"Are you nuts? How the hell could you do this to Brother Jun?"

Ru Ru still hadn’t fully recovered from her injuries, but even though Zhao Jun did not send anyone to rescue her when her nightclub was invaded by Ji Jiangshan’s gangsters, she was still loyal to him . "Qin Feng, it was you, wasn’t it? What the hell!! Unbelievable . When Brother Jun comes out of there, you’re toast!"

"Hey, Ru Ru . So, how’re those scratches healing up?" said Qin Feng .

"What?" Ru Ru reeled in shock . Her eyes darted up and down across his person, and she suddenly seemed to realize something . "Wait, you…? No way – you’re the masked guy!?"

Qin Feng smirked . "Well, you don’t have to say it so loudly, but it’s nice to be appreciated . "

Had it not been for Qin Feng's daring rescue, Ru Ru would have long been dead and buried . In her desperate time of need, it was the appearance of the ‘lone ranger’ that saved her and everything she had .

The way Ru Ru looked at Qin Feng changed immediately . She would never forget the sight of the masked man on the second floor of her nightclub . He had left as suddenly as he appeared, leaving his memory imprinted in Ru Ru's mind, like a looped video clip . The memory was forever bound to a sense of the joy and gratitude of rebirth following despair, which Ru Ru hadn’t experienced in thirty years .

Seeing Ru Ru frozen, Pei Xiang stepped up to the plate . "So what? That’s no excuse for cutting off three of Brother Jun’s fingers!"

"I’ll cut yours off too if you don’t shut up," Qin Feng snapped .

Sister Flower anxiously pulled on his sleeve and whispered, "Hey, these are my old friends . Watch your mouth!"

"Xiao Jinhua, enough with the act!” Pei Xiang spat . “Everyone knows you’re in bed with Qin Feng . You brought him into the Free Man; you two have always been ogling each other . Now your position is strong, and you two are together . Did you scheme with him to attack Brother Jun? Hmm? Trying to take over Brother Jun's turf, are you? Well, we’re having none of it!

“You put on such a noble appearance, don’t you? Have you ever thought about how good Brother Jun has been to you over the years? He treats you better than both of us combined . Who the hell do you think you are, you ungrateful btich?!"


A crisp slap rang out in the hall . Pei Xiang staggered back a few steps .

"I ought to knock your teeth out, but I don’t like hitting women . Say what you want about me, but you can't insult Sister Flower," Qin Feng said .