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Published at 24th of August 2019 09:59:17 PM

Chapter 2

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Jack looked at the board, still unable to fully process what he was being offered . After a few moments of him staring blankly at the board, Frumpkin cleared his throat . When Jack didn't respond, Frumpkin sighed loudly, and threw his hands into the air

"So, you gonna pick, or what?", he asked . "I mean, you do you, but I got a backlog of souls to get through and you are not really helping me catch up here . "

"Yeah, sorry, I'm just . . . kinda having a hard time taking this all in," Jack said, looking at the old man, who was currently floating with his face about three feet away from Jack's

"Ehh, give it two weeks in whatever you pick and you'll forget you even needed to make a decision," Frumpkin said, stretching lazily and yawning . "Now, hurry up, or I'll pick for ya!"

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Jack thought about his two choices . One was guaranteed happiness for all eternity . I mean, that's what everyone always wished for when they died, right? But what did eternal bliss actually mean? I mean, would he be sitting on a cloud all day, or what?

But that second choice . . . It just sounded . . . AWESOME . Hadn't he spent countless hours reading fantasy books and watching anime and playing games to have that exact experience in his imagination? If he did this, it would be REAL . He could finally be the real hero he always had fantasized about being . And plus, he could have a harem . A real life HAREM! No more "Jack off" puns from his friends about him being a single virgin! He could have as many different kinds of girls as he wanted . . . OH MY GOD HE COULD SLEEP WITH AN ELF! ELF WOMEN WOULD BE REAL!

Wait, pump the brakes there, Jacky boy . What if that WASN'T how it worked? What if the old man was just screwing with him? That'd be just his luck- get sent to another world only to die again a weak, pathetic virgin because some dragon incinerated him as soon as he arrived .

Jack looked at Frumpkin, who was currently dipping a tea bag into a steaming tea cup . The old man tossed the tea bag and it disappeared somewhere outside the spotlight with a soft splat .

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"So, if I pick option 2, I get to be as powerful as I want, and can have anything I want anytime I want it?" Jack asked .

Frumpkin took a sip of his tea, and shook his head .

"Not exactly, no . Think of it like, you start with huge advantages and can earn more . When you enter the world, I will grant you three wishes, and anytime you do something heroic, I will give you a choice of new abilities, items, companions, and so on . Make sense?"

Jack nodded, and felt slightly deflated before he realized the implications .

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"Three wishes? As in, I can wish for ANYTHING?", he asked .

"Well yeah, pretty much, kid . I mean, you can't wish to be me, you can't wish for more wishes, and your wishes will be open to my interpretation and understanding when I perform them, but yeah sure . Anything you want," Frumpkin said, sipping his tea again .

"Alright, that seems fair," Jack said .

If that was the case . . . he knew which he'd take in a heartbeat .

"Okay Frumpkin, give me option number two!", he said, holding up two fingers .

Frumpkin snorted, and said, "Well, can't say I'm surprised!"

He clapped his hands together, causing the teacup floating next to him to vanish in a puff of smoke, before rubbing his hands together .

"Alright kid, what's your first wish?", he asked .

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