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Chapter 435: 435

Chapter 435: If Only Nothing Had Changed

Shangguan Ning woke up and felt that her head was spinning . She couldn’t seem to move her limbs due to severe weakness .

The scene from before she passed out, flashed across her eyes, and she trembled . She reached for her belly and was relieved when she found that nothing seemed to be wrong there .

“You are finally awake, Shangguan Ning . ”

Shangguan Ning got startled by the sudden voice . She turned towards the direction where the voice came from .

It was a clean room and there was a black leather sofa placed against a corner . A handsome man was sitting there, looking at her with concern in his eyes .

But Shangguan Ning couldn’t be bothered with it . Instead, she spilled out two words in a cold voice . “Ji Bo!”

She remembered clearly that before she passed out, she had seen Tang Yun walk into the room . She was wearing a wig and was dressed like her .

Now Shangguan Ning had no idea where she was but she knew that she had been drugged and brought here .

Jing Yichen must be looking for her crazily at this moment .

Shangguan Ning felt concerned and then turned to Ji Bo with hatred in her eyes .

It was their wedding the following day . Were they going to ruin that?

Ji Bo felt very bad when he saw Shangguan Ning looking at him in such a manner .

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Shangguan Ning had never looked at him like this . He felt ashamed .

What was happening today was really terrible .

Ji Bo would not have done such a thing ever, using such a method upon a pregnant woman .

He was in business for years and had used many devious plans . But he almost never did something this horrible .

What was more, Shangguan Ning had always been pure and innocent in his heart, different from every other woman . She deserved to be happy .

She had beautiful features and possessed an elegant charisma . Her voice was soft, like a spring that flowed in Ji Bo’s heart .

Ji Bo was lost in memories as he looked at her gorgeous face .

They had met six years ago .

At the luxurious birthday banquet of Ji Lili, many aristocratic people had attended the event . As one of the heirs of Family Ji and the daughter of the mayor, she received many guests .

Everyone was dressed in their best clothes and were enjoying themselves, trying hard to network with those around them . Ji Lili was at the center of everyone’s attention .

Only Shangguan Ning was seated in the isolated corner, refusing to approach any of those aristocratic children .

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Her hair fell on her shoulders and she was wearing very light makeup . Dressed in a white dress that shaped her slender figure, she was like a beautiful diamond . She was not wearing revealing clothes but people couldn’t help but fantasize about her .

She was sitting in the corner quietly and eating the pastry all alone, absolutely detached from the lively atmosphere of the event .

Many men, including Ji Bo noticed her that night . She was a lady that drew the attention of most men there .

Even if she was sitting in a corner demurely, she still sparkled .

Some men walked up to her to have a chat . But she turned to them with a smile, shook her head and continued concentrating on the food .

No ladies of those families would really enjoy the food at such a banquet, but she did .

Ji Bo got to know her name from Ji Lili – Shangguan Ning .

Ji Bo found her to be beautiful just like her name .

Ji Lili introduced him to Shangguan Ning and her half-sister Shangguan Rouxue . Both of them were daughters of the Deputy Mayor Shangguan Zheng .

Undoubtedly, Shangguan Rouxue was also a strikingly beautiful lady, gentle, social and considerate, fitting her identity as the daughter of a Deputy Mayor .

But although Shangguan Rouxue looked kind hearted, she didn’t have the charisma of her sister .

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Shangguan Ning was pure both inside and out . She didn’t show off and had no tricks up her sleeves .

Shangguan Rouxue, however, was not so innocent . Ji Bo, who had grown up in a competitive family, was a smart guy . He knew a lot about women . Shangguan Rouxue might have fooled the brainless Ji Lili, but she couldn’t fool him .

But he was a moralistic man who didn’t say anything humiliating to anyone . Even when Shangguan Rouxue confessed her feelings to him behind Ji Lili’s back, he only turned her down with a smile .

Women tended to be jealous . When the banquet was approaching the end, Ji Bo decided to have a chat with Shangguan Ning but something happened at that moment .

The red wine in Shangguan Ning’s hand was all over her sister’s exquisite dress . The dress was tailor made and had been the focus of all the women that evening, and now it was ruined .

Many people started to talk about her, saying that she was jealous of her beautiful sister so she ruined her dress .

“Sister, it is okay, you didn’t do that on purpose . I won’t get mad . Don’t blame my sister, she didn’t mean to do that!”

Ji Bo had witnessed the entire scene, coldly . He knew pretty well that Shangguan Rouxue bumped into Shangguan Ning’s wine goblet on purpose and Shangguan Ning had nothing to do with it .

However, Shangguan Ning didn’t offer any explanation . Instead, she just smiled, and left the banquet ahead of time .

She was so calm and poised that Ji Bo was left with a very deep impression of her .

She didn’t seem to care about being framed, wronged and humiliated .

Or maybe she had been used to these tricks .

Or maybe, she didn’t care a thing about what others thought of her .

Ji Bo put his drink down and ran after her .

Luckily she didn’t walk too fast .

Ji Bo took large steps and caught up with her before she left the banquet .

“Please, Ms . Shangguan!”

She paused her steps, turned around and looked at him with a pair of innocent eyes as she said in a polite tone and a beautiful voice, “Yes?”

Confusion hovered over her jade like face . She didn’t look depressed . Instead, it looked as if she was relieved to leave the banquet, ahead of time .