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Chapter 65

It seems that there was a place where Yoru wanted to go, so we parted ways after eating dinner together .

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He wanted to go somewhere, was there someone he knew?

We returned to the inn and rolled around on top of the bed once again .

Because it was a room where royalty was staying in, the bed was soft and fluffy, making it extremely comfortable to sleep in .

TN: so for some reason, all the ‘bed’ (ベッド) here in this chapter were actually ‘bet’ (ベット) in the raws, but I took the liberty of changing them back to ‘bed’ so that they can sleep on a bed and not a bet .

Having slept on the hard floor of the dungeon for so long, that thought became all the more stronger .

Amelia was nodding off in the bed next to mine as well .

I need to wipe my body before going to bed .

Come to think of it, Yoru had given me a thumbs up when we parted, but that guy, did he still think that I’ll attack Amelia… .

Certainly, embracing such a beautiful girl would be every man’s romance .

However, there was too large of a gap between the appearance of the Amelia and myself, and on top of that, I don’t have any experience with romance .

In that world, I did my best to earn money in order to keep living, and worked multiple jobs until late at night every day, so I didn’t have the time to get a girlfriend either . Even if I did have one, okaasan was always at home, so we wouldn’t have been able to flirt either .

Maa, I had no intentions of getting one though .

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With my head wrapped up in all of these thoughts, I failed to notice that Amelia had gotten up and lied down next to me .

「…Akira . What are you thinking about?」

「A, aah . About that guildmaster . 」

Amelia rubbed her sleepy eyes and looked at me .

I was a bit startled .

「The Nonintervention skill?」

「It’s Noninterference . It’s a very troublesome skill . 」

I patted Amelia on the head when she came snuggling up to me like a cat .

Amelia, had a content look on her face and drew closer once again .

「…Akira, do I not look delicious?」

For an instant, my mind had gone blank .


「What do you mean?」

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When I unconsciously sat up and asked that, Amelia was pouting and she looked up at me as she was lying down .

「Because, even though I’m so close to you, Akira didn’t attack me . Is it because I don’t have any charm?」

I was dumbfounded as I looked at the sad and dispirited Amelia .

Those types of words were what I least expected to hear from Amelia .

I put my hand on my forehead and let out a deep breath .

「No charm? That’s impossible . You are too charming and just standing next to you is difficult . 」

My thoughts came overflowing from my mouth .

Amelia’s eyes widened .

「Ugh, just what am I saying?」

I felt my face heating up .

「Fufufu . That’s good then . 」

Amelia laughed at me who was probably red up to the ears, and embraced me from behind .

Then, she whispered into my ear from behind .

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「Akira can eat when Akira wants to eat . 」

Aah, Amelia’s leading me around by the nose, how pathetic can I get?!

This could not be tolerated .

I turned my head around and kissed Amelia’s cheek .

「After the business with the demon king and whatnot are taken care of, I’ll embrace you to your heart’s content . Prepare yourself, ok?」


I wanted to say that as overbearingly as possible, but Amelia nodded cheerfully as her cheeks turned red .

「Alright, I’m going to sleep . Since we’re going to go search for a blacksmith to repair ‘Yatonokami’ tomorrow . 」

Turning my whole body around, I faced Amelia .

Amelia was already nodding off as she clung onto me .

Come to think of it, she seemed to be sleepy for quite some time now .

The two of us fell into the bed while holding onto each other .

As my mind was overwhelmed with exhaustion, my body was thinking, “let’s wipe up tomorrow morning . ”


「Master-dono, I’ve returned……?」

Yoru, who came back a few hours later, tilted his head in confusion at the scene before him . Amelia’s bed was empty and Akira’s bed had a suspicious bulge .

It had already passed lights out a long time ago and it was completely dark out, but it was not a problem for Yoru who was, more or less, a cat .

His eyes could see everything as clear as day and so, determined to get to the bottom of this, he slowly approached the bed, and tore off the quilt .

TN: Futon (布団) was used here instead of ‘quilt’ but I opted for ‘quilt’ instead because a futon is a quilted mattress and it wouldn’t really make sense to take the entire mattress out from underneath them just to find out what’s under the covers .

「Hohou, well, well, good for you, Miss Amelia . 」

In that place he found Akira and Amelia who were hugging each other as they slept .

He understood that they didn’t cross the line from the state of the unkempt clothes, but Yoru who knew that Amelia was worried about the matter with Akira saw Amelia’s happy face and gave a soft laugh .

Yoru put the quilt back to the way it was, and lied down on the open bed .

Such a big bed was wasted on a small body . So he purposely adjusted his size to match the size of the bed .

「…good night, Master-dono, Miss Amelia . It’ll be busy tomorrow . 」

Yoru muttered that, and slowly closed his eyes .