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Chapter 158

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Well, know all of you know the story of things how they stand . . . : Linley

I see, that Zetsu guy must have manipulated many great elders in the past . . . : Uzukage

No wonder when he stopped the Elders suddenly slipped up allowing us to catch many illegal activities . . . : Uzukage

And to think we were mere experiments for him . . . And we never even noticed it . . . : Hoshikage

I managed to secure many peoples fate in that scroll and ruin countless plans he had but i have no idea if they were important of not . . . : Linley

So we need to change the world towards a greater enemy . . . : Linley

For that, you need to spread the news and what better than a War?? : Uzukage

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I'm in, At least this way i might save the kids that have nothing to do with this and also purge this Clan . . . : Uzukage

For that end . . . Linley . . . I want you to become the New Leader of the inherent clan of Konoha . . . : Uzukage

I would ask the same Linley . . . : Hoshikage

Nope, I refuse . . . . . Furthermore, you have the perfect candidates for the Task . . . Hoshikage Natsuhi and Uzumaki Kushina . . . : Linley

Now, now, we have some wonderful event going on and we are ruining with such talks . . . : Linley

We will leave things as they are until the actual war happen where you two have done your preparations . . . : Linley

Both of them looked at Linley who had cut them off so easily but they weren't idiots . . . They knew his hidden meaning, take your measures for your clan's downfall . . .

Hahahahahaha, and look who is blushing . . . : Hashirama

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Grandfather!!!!! : Tsunade

Yep, this wonderful event has to do with the beautiful princess of Konoha!!! Along with the princess of the Stars!!! : Linley

Tsunade became red from her neck till her forehead, even her ears changed colours at his words making everyone laugh from her embarrassment . . .

She swore to take revenge against this shameless future husband of hers . . .

Oh, right . . . Hashirama . . . : Linley

Hmm?? : Hashirama

Madara needs help with his girls i believe you can go and tease him . . . : Linley

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Pffffft!!!! Both Uzukage and Hoshikage almost laughed but swallowed it back as they choked themselves by the shock they got . . .

Cough!!! Cough!!! Cough!!! Cough!!! Cough!!! Cough!!!

This kind of news was more shocking than what they learned . . . No, it surpasses their willingness to destroy their Villages and turn themselves as simple Clans . . .

Mito and Rhino tried to calm them down while Hashirama looked briefly at the eyes of Linley as he had cast a Genjustu on him to learn of the matter called rats . . .

Hahahahaha, oh?? What happened did he had kids already?? : Hashirama

All of them including Linley twitched their eyes and mouths from the comment Hashirama made, but then Linley imagined Madara running through the streets with a son or daughter calling him papa or dada . . .

This made him laugh as well, stunning everyone in the meeting . . .

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That was a good one . . . You should tease Madara about it i'm sure his face will be priceless . . . : Linley

NO!!! WAIT!!! LET'S GO NOW!!! I wanna see the girls faces as well!! : Linley

Everyone sweatdropped at his so-called brotherhood they supposed have, only to realise once again that Linley is a demon . . .

Tsunade suddenly felt that being with him might be her happiest yet the biggest mistake . . .

Nevertheless thinking about the comments so far and Madara's attitude she also chuckled . . .

As the meeting ended Linley and Hashirama left from the Hokage room with a single goal in their mind . . . Break The Nerves Of Madara . . .

Then find the rats . . . With 3 Top Godlike Ninjas in the Village, it would be easy to find them . . .

How should Linley know though that Madara and the girls were already outside their lair watching their preys as all three had smiles in their faces while murmuring . . .

Lets Dance!!!

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