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Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Broomstick Lessons

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Barrow revealed a pleased smile on his face seeing his master finally fall asleep .

There were times that Benjamin would stay up in his laboratory everyday . He would not eat, sleep, and simply refine corpses and his own body . It was a industrial process that he went through, never stopping .

School days always fly fast . Most of the students are familiar with the basic courses after the end of the first week .

A lot of people started to have a feel for who Benjamin pretended to be . They could see that he is at least not a squib, isn’t stupid, but not smart at the same time . At least they think so .

Draco was really smart but jealous of people at the same time . He liked Benjamin though and they had a sort of friendship .

Admittedly, Benjamin didn’t really like this kind of friendship . It sort of reminded him of slugs the way Draco stuck to him .

The only thing that made Benjamin feel bad about is the upcoming broomstick lessons .

Quidditch . What a strange name, this would be my first time actually seeing it .

The boys around Benjamin started to become excited for the lesson .

Draco as well seemed excited as he started to complain about one of the school rules regarding the sport .

“Why does the Slytherin house not recruit freshmen for players? They really are stupid . They don’t know how well I play Quidditch . Well, you know I have … … ”

In addition to the Slytherin house, Gryffindor seemed equally excited for the sport .

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Benjamin started to listen to Frank who was talking to the red haired Ron Weasley . Ron would boast that he had dealt with the broomstick from birth .

(Oh, I guess he is a natural cleaner . )

Frank of course didn’t understand the fanatical look in Ron as he was muggle born . He had his own obsessions with football .

Both of the boys started a dispute on the two sports and somewhere along the line Ron mentioned his Arsenal team poster hanging up in the dorm .

Benjamin had no idea what football was so he just stared blankly .
The group of new students went over to the venue where they were to practice on brooms . It was on flat grounds with the forbidden forest was just in sight .

A breeze pasted by the group of students while the bright sun glared upon them . Benjamin never did care for the brightness of the sun .

“Haha, Benjamin! Look at me for a moment, I’m sure I’ll be able to make a big splash in front of Potter!” Draco said proudly .

Benjamin looked at him . I just don’t understand why he so stressed at impressing Potter . If it had not been for Draco disliking him so much, he would have thought that Draco was in pursuit of Potter .

The Gryffindor students stood not too far away . Both classes stood apart from each other as if they had been separated by a river .

Benjamin glanced over at Hermione Granger for a moment . She had been standing next to Frank looking a bit confused .


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He saw in her hand a Beginner’s Guide to Quidditch . Such a good school girl .

Benjamin looked back to see their teacher walk across the field . Madam Hooch, a short-haired women with a pair of yellow eyes similar to an eagle’s .

Though she did not look as severe .

Mrs . Hooch came over and pointed to the broomsticks on the floor that were organized in a neat and orderly manner .

“Everyone, listen to my command . Go over to the nearest broomstick . Stretch out your right hand and say, UP!”

Madam Hooch performed the action and sure enough, the broom flew to the heart of her hand .

Benjamin looked a bit surprised .

This world is a bit strange .

A broom can be used to fly?

Flying magic is a very important magic in his previous world and only intermediate magicians can learn it .

Taking a deep breath, Benjamin followed the movements of Madam Hooch while facing the broom at his feet . He commanded the broom at that moment .


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The broom flew into his hands as Benjamin glanced about to his fellow classmates . The looks in their eyes varied . Some where disappointed with their results but most people eventually successfully picked up their broom after a few attempts .

“First, I want to teach you all the right postures when flying a broomstick . You need to ride like me . ”

Mrs . Hooch swept through everyone’s actions and pointed out some of the problems they had .

Almost everyone was picked out in the group, including Draco .

“Mr . Ludwig, do not be nervous . You have to relax, this action is actually very standard . ”

Mrs . Hooch softly whispered to him .

Benjamin’s face flashed red but he quickly controlled his appearance . He could not let others see his embarrassment .

“Well, Ma’am, its my first time . ”

Benjamin whispered back and Mrs . Hooch gave him a smile of appreciation .

“Well, Now . Everybody wait for me to blow this whistle and push off the ground a few feet . Then come back down . Three… . Two… One . . ”

Before she could blow the whistle, the young Neville Longbottom pushed off the ground early and lost control of his broomstick .

“Oh, Dear! Neville! What is he doing?”

Hermione said in surprised as she covered her eyes .

“Come back! Child!”

Hooch said but her words did not seem to work . Neville rushed out in a parabola . It was as if he was being shot out of a wine bottle . His broom jerked back and forth .

Neville’s face paled from the fear . He started to slip down and then fell on the ground while issuing a miserable cry .

Mrs . Hooch looked at Neville, her face equally as pale .

Benjamin saw from the beginning what happened .

Unexpectedly, Frank ran over to Benjamin’s side to whisper to him .

“Why did you not save Neville? You obviously could . ”

“Mrs . Hooch did not save him…”

“She was stunned, but you looked so calm when it happened . ”

“You are a zombie . Why are you being such a Gryffindor? If I went to save him It would just be no good . I may also be found out . ”

“What if he fell to his death………”