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Nerd Mode On! - Chapter 10

Published at 16th of May 2019 09:50:25 AM

Chapter 10

"Hey did you hear the new transfer student is real close with the Prince! So if we get close to the transfer we would get a chance to get close to Michael!" Rumors spread fast in school, in an instant Jay was popular amongst the girls because of Michael . "Even if we can't get Michael I heard the new transfer is pretty hot too!" The girls let out a few squeal as Michael passed by the second floor hallway into Jay's class .

"Yo bro you getting lunch yet? I know a good place down the street from school! Let's go!" Michael grabbed Jay and dragged him before remembering Jay's leg . "Sorry man just forgot . . . here are your crutches . "


"I swear the skewers here are top notch!" Michael praised as he shoved in the whole mutton skewer into his mouth grabbing another with his free hand .

"You eat like a pig . " Jay also took a bite of the chicken skewer and his mood went from bad to holy . "This is good! I'll take some to eat in class!" Jay ordered 4 mutton skewers, 2 chicken, barbecued beef and cola to go .

"That'll be exactly 20 dollars . How would you like to pay?"Jay took out his wallet but Michael placed a 50 dollar bill on the counter . "My treat man . " Jay smiled then left with Michael carrying the food .

"HEY YOU TWO! GET OVER HERE!" a teacher at the gates noticed them as they were heading in but quickly softened up when he saw Michael .

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"Geez! chill out we were only out for no more then 30 minutes!" Michael said annoyed . "Jay I'll bring you back upstairs cause I don't wanna take the stairs . " He stuck his tongue out at the gate keeper and headed in the school . "Your class is 2-A right?"

"Yeah . " Jay said as they arrived on the second floor . "Thanks for the meal man . What are you going to do after school?"

"Nothing much I was gonna take my new Lambo out on a drive . You want to tag along? We can hit the club later on too . " Jay nodded and gave a fist bump to Michael and left .

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As soon as he went in girls came swarming towards him . They were obviously trying to flirt to get close to Michael and he just pushed them lightly and said "Michael has his one and only . " It wasn't a lie was he knew Michael was chasing a girl . But they didn't give up and clung onto him aiming for him since they didn't have a chance with Michael . "I'm . . . . " Jay thought for a moment he didn't have a girlfriend or have even chased a girl! He was always busy with managing the business and the Mob* with his grandpa . 'Wait . . . . did my grandpa put me in school to get the next Young miss of the Mob?'

He had hit the bullseye for the second time . . . .

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Mob: another word for the Mafia or/and Gang .

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