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Nerd Mode On! - Chapter 16

Published at 16th of May 2019 09:50:18 AM

Chapter 16

I went out on the fields and Michael waved at me telling me to come . Since I can't run I sat out for the running test and the beep test but I had to do the other ones that required only the upper body like chin ups and push ups . Girls went first, the average score was a mere 3 . with just about every girl only doing 3 or less with only maybe the ones in sports clubs doing about 7 or 8 .

It was the boy's turn they all did it in groups of 5 while the girls went for chin ups and the boys had to do as many as we can and when the teacher will count from one up and we had to keep going till you can't do anymore . I went with the last group of boys called the 'redemption' group and the group had people from sports clubs who are to raise the average higher then other classes . Michael got down right nest to me wile the other 2 boys went beside Michael, then suddenly Gun came beside me . "I want to give this a shot too . "

Mr . Toth gave a mocking smile and started . I had to make sure I don't put too much weight on my left leg as I did my push ups .

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After we reached 20 all the boys including Michael were looking tired and sweating a lot . Of course Gun and I did push ups nearly everyday so we can easily do 70 if I really wanted I could do over 200 . The guys dropped one after another while Gun and I kept going I got up at the count of 70 since I had to do chin ups after, with the cast adding to my body weight . "Why did you quit?" Gun asked dissatisfied at my number . "You could have done at least 100 . "

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"100 my ass I still have the chin ups . " I said heading over to the bars . The girls were already done and just talking amongst themselves under the shade . The girls couldn't do even one pull up .

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"Jay, Michael your turn . " Mr . Toth waved them over yawning . And of course Gun joined too .

"Hey Jay how about we go at it full power?" Gun said taking off his shirt of course I wouldn't take the challenge . "If you can beat me I'll get you a leave of absence for the rest of the week . " Nevermind not taking the challenge! I smirked as I took of my glasses and shirt .

"Your going down . "

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