New Life Online - Chapter 106

Published at 5th of January 2019 03:59:22 PM
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Chapter 106

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-Order of Light's Arena-

"SHADE'S WRATH! SECOND FORM!" My black armor changed again with even more defensive and devastating sword . Before he lands his attack I changed into my second form and prepared a counter attack!

"REAPER'S DEATH FLAMING SCYTHE! BEHEADER!" My sword transformed into a longer scythe and managed to hit him first! My scythe pierced his armor, thanks to Shade's passive . Technically I was aiming for his head but I can't reach it so I got his side!

"Ugh!"He spewed blood out of his mouth and that's a signal that it was very effective . That's a payback for earlier!

"Did you see that, fellow people of New Life Online?! Zeth has been damaged really badly for the first time! Is this going to be his first lose?!" Aika excitedly asked .

"We still can't tell . Even Scythus is catching for his breath . He's almost on the verge of death too . " No sh*t, old geezer .

No, I'm not! But to be honest, I do . . . My transformation won't last long . I have to finish this fight quickly . That last move didn't kill him .

"IRON KNIGHT'S SECOND FORM!" What?! He can use Second Form too?! This is really bad! His armor changed into better and defensive gear! I have to attack him now before he could retaliate!

"IRON KNIGHT'S HEAVENLY INVINCIBILITY!" His armor glowed ready to attack me now! I have to counter!

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"REAPER'S DEATH ETHEREAL TRIDENT OF HELL!" My sword transformed into a long trident to pierce his body from afar!

*BAAAAAAAM!* I did it! I pierced his armor and his body! This should be the end of him!

*CRAAAAAACK!* Ehhh? I got knocked back by a powerful hit . . . My armor cracked and almost shattered to pieces . What the heck happened?! I'm pretty sure I killed him?! He didn't receive any damage from that last attack! From the name of his move, it seems he really was invincible that time but I know now what the price for that move is, consuming most of his mana . I almost got killed and thankfully I still have health left but if I get hit once again that would kill me even a slight scratch from his sword .

"You really are one tough opponent . I really thought I could kill you on that last move . IRON KNIGHT'S FINAL THRUST!" He's rushing towards me with a full force of his remaining mana and ready to kill or be killed!

"REAPER'S GOD DEATH OF EXECUTION!" My sword transformed into a giant guillotine and ready to smash and kill him! I am not going to be defeated here!

*BAAAAAAAM!* Before he reached me I crushed him with my giant weapon in time . . . He did his best but I have to win and I won .

"Zeth, the undefeated is now defeated! I can hardly believe it but it really did happen! Scy with his trusted Shade defeated Zeth! The winner of the match is Scythus and will be one of the participants for the final fight!" Aika announced . Even the old geezer can't accept the result of the fight and you can see his face really disappointed . After all, his best bet was beaten .

The crowd was just speechless of the fight and started to clap and cheered for me . For the first time, I gained their respect .

I went back to our area almost dead . Lili healed me with all she's got to stop the bleeding .

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"Congrats Scy! You won!" Akko really is excited for me . She was so excited that she's almost crying .

"Thanks, Akko . I did my best and thankfully I won . I almost got done in a couple of times but I guess luck hasn't left me yet and also thanks to Shade for his support . " I think I'm going to pass out soon .

"I don't need your thanks . . . I need your life . . . " Shade . . . As usual . . .

"Congrats . . . " Lili also congratulated me . I don't know why but I can't feel excited at all . . . maybe because I was too tired .

After all that Aika is now getting ready to announce the start of the next fight .

"You all know who will fight on the next round . They're Aurora, the Time Master and Strongest player of New Life online and Maisie, the Silent Sword Master!" She excitedly announced the participants for the next round .

They also entered the arena as usual . I can feel their desire to win the match . Maybe they both have reasons why they're really wanted to win .

"Ready, Start!" Aika signaled the start of the fight .

Maisie (350)

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Specialty: Top-tier melee combat abilities . Has some sort of own fighting style . Doesn't care about her defense and focused on offense .


Aurora (450)

Specialty: End Game Time spell and melee combat abilities .

" . . . " Without saying anything, Maisie used her slash wave move!

*SWOOOOOSH!* A giant slash wave was flying towards Aurora but she can also use that with a better enhancement!

"SONIC SLASH WAVE!" She stopped Maisie's slash wave with her own slash wave!

*SWOOSH SWOSWOSWOOSH!* But she still has a passive that creates multiple same attacks in a couple of seconds! It's now flying towards Maisie's location!

Her excellent evasive maneuvers helped her evade all Aurora's attack and managed to evade all of them . Aurora's missed waves exploded on impact and Supports were forced to use their unity barrier . And now Aurora is nowhere to be found!

"SONIC SLASH WAVES!" There she is! She once again used slash waves but this time it's even more while moving! Every time she uses slash waves, her passive create multiple times of them making the whole arena full of flying waves!

"WAAAAAAH! People of New Life Online! Don't panic, supports are doing their best to protect us! Aurora's mad!" Aika panicked while saying don't panic!

And Aurora's not mad . Maisie is just really hard to hit even with that massive numbers of Slash waves . But can she keep up evading all of it?

*BAAAAAM!* One of Aurora's slash waves hit her and that would sting a lot!

" . . . " Maisie is still trying to avoid them because that's her only choice at this moment . Her slash wave was nothing compared to Aurora's slash waves barrage and that passive was just so freaking overpowered .

" . . . " Maisie for some reason used a skill but I can't tell what . All I can see is that she is becoming faster than earlier making Aurora's slash waves useless .

"I don't know what your Monster Soul is yet but I can tell that it isn't your average boss . Show me what you've got, girl! ACCELERATE!" Aurora used her move that increases her movement speed dramatically . I can tell that she's really hoping a good fight .

" . . . " I think Maisie also used some kind of increasing her movement speed too because she managed to move as fast as Aurora!

Girls fighting are the best fights . . .

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