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Nine Sun God King - Chapter 1021

Published at 26th of March 2020 02:50:04 AM

Chapter 1021: 1021

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Qin Yun hastily turned around to not let Jin Jingwei see him .

Jin Jingwei arrived beside Hua Yimei . His face is filled with hypocritical smile as he said : "Xiao Mei, I have not seen you for a few months, you have become even more beautiful . I did not even recognize you!"

Hua Yimei's eyebrows are lightly knitted as she said : "Greetings, young master Jin!"

At this time Jin Jingwei also noticed Xiao Yuemei who is walking around and picking fruits . His eyes can not help but shine while looking at Xiao Yuemei's charming and pleasant face in daze .

"Xiao Mei, this is . . . " Jin Jingwei looked at Xiao Yuemei with smile on his face .

"This is my junior sister!" Hua Yimei knows that Qin Yun's visit to Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain needs to be kept a secret .

Xiao Yuemei can see that Qin Yun has his back towards Jin Jingwei and pretending to be buying fruits . She roughly understood what is going on .

"Senior sister, who is he?" Xiao Yuemei asked in low voice .

"I am Golden Sun Sect's sect master's grandson, Jin Jingwei . May I know miss' name?" Jin Jingwei said with smile .

"My name is Gu Nainai!" Xiao Yuemei said with charming smile : "Is my name unpleasant to hear?"

"Very pleasant, very pleasant . Hello Nainai!" Jin Jingwei said with smile, he also feels that this name is somewhat strange .

Xiao Yuemei walked towards Qin Yun, pulled his hand and said : "Xiao Yun, I want to eat these fruits, quickly pay the bill!"

Qin Yun hastily turned, causing Jin Jingwei to be startled .

"You . . . you are that tea delivery boy!" Jin Jingwei naturally remembers Qin Yun .

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"Greetings young master Jin!" Qin Yun said with smile, then began caressing Xiao Yuemei's face .

Jin Jingwei saw how close Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei are and immediately became extremely jealous, then said : "Xiao Mei . . this man is from Hundred Pagoda Sect, how can he be with you?"

Hua Yimei also doesn't know what Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei are doing but she can see that two of them are working together towards some goal .

Qin Yun said : "I am now a disciple of Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain!"

Xiao Yuemei said in low voice : "Quickly go pay the bill! If you don't pay the bill, I won't marry you!"

After Jin Jingwei heard this, he quickly said : "Nainai, don't marry him! He is just a lowly tea delivery boy! I will pay the bill!"

"Young master Jin, you are the grandson of sect master, you must be very rich! So . . . so . . can I buy a bit more fruits?" Xiao Yuemei let go off Qin Yun's hand hastily and looked at Jin Jingwei with adoration .

Qin Yun is laughing in his heart because Xiao Yuemei managed to make Jin Jingwei take the bait so easily and so fast .

"No problem! Take as much fruit as you like! No need to be polite!" Jin Jingwei said with loud laugh : "Nainai, remember this, don't be together with this kind of poor fools! They will procrastinate when there is a need to paying bills!"

"Aiii . . young master Jin, not everyone can be like you, to be the grandson of sect master! Then again, how can a girl like me be on the same level as someone as outstanding as you?" Xiao Yuemei faintly sighed : "So long as I can marry and get by, it is enough for me!"

"Nainai, don't! Marry me, I am rich!" Jin Jingwei yelled .

At this time Xiao Yuemei picked up many fruits and went over to pay the bill .

"500 million purple crystal coins!" Jin Jingwei's raised his eyebrows hearing the price but he still forced himself to pay the bill .

Qin Yun suddenly pulled Xiao Yuemei over and said : "I gave you 10 best quality Regent Origin Stones, if you want to marry someone else then give them back!"

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"Those Regent Origin Stones were all taken away by my father . . . " Xiao Yuemei bit her lips and said : "Rest assured, I won't marry other people!"

Speaking to this point, her eyes became red and flickered with glistening teardrops . She has a very pitiful appearance that can cause people to feel heartache .

Seeing her current appearance, Jin Jingwei pointed at Qin Yun and scolded loudly : "Bastard, you are using this kind of method to force Nainai to marry you, where is your conscience? And where did you get 10 best quality Regent Origin Stones? Could it be that you stole them?"

Qin Yun said with sneer : "When did I force her? She took 10 best quality Regent Origin Stones from me then voluntarily decided to marry me! If you pity her, then pay me 10 best quality Regent Origin Stones and let her be free!"

Hua Yimei is just staring blankly from the side . She is now very clear that Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei are putting up an act to swindle Jin Jingwei .

Qin Yun pinched Xiao Yuemei's chin and mocked : "Young master Jin surely have many wives and concubines, how can he even fancy a girl like you? I was truly blind, I spent 10 best quality Regent Origin Stones to buy you . . hmph!"

"I . . I have two martial spirits, could it be that I am not worth it?" Xiao Yuemei furiously said .

Qin Yun said with sneer : "So what about it? Look at young master Jin, he has no intentions of helping you! Then again, he doesn't even have a single best quality Regent Origin Stones . . ha ha ha . . "

Jin Jingwei felt very unwell being disdained by a tea delivery boy . He immediately grabbed Qin Yun's collar and furiously said : "Isn't it just 10 best quality Regent Origin Stones? I will give it to you, cancel the engagement at once!"

Jin Jingwei truly took out 10 best quality Regent Origin Stones and proceeded to hand them over to Qin Yun .

Xiao Yuemei suddenly said : "Young master Jin . . don't do this!"

Jin Jingwei said with frown : "Nainai, why shouldn't I do this? Don't you hate this guy? I will now help you regain your freedom!"

"Young master Jin . . then do you want me to accept some conditions?" Xiao Yuemei lowered her head and said .

"Just marry me! Am I not better than this guy?" Jin Jingwei proudly smiled : "Nainai, you are the most beautiful among my several tens of women, you are also the best! I will naturally treat you the best!"

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"But I don't want to marry!" Xiao Yuemei sighed and said : "Many thanks for young master Jin's good intentions!"

Qin Yun said with chuckle : "Young master Jin, don't you understand? This girl is a very virtuous woman! How can she just randomly decide to marry you? What she wants is ostentation! If you want to marry her, you must go to Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain to propose marriage! Only this way she can marry you with honor!"

"Young master Jin . . it's not true, don't listen to his nonsense . I just . . I just don't want you to waste your things . . I am not worthy of your action! Anyways, I am resigned to my fate!" Xiao Yuemei's eyes became moist again, then she turned her head away .

There are also many people in this shop, they are all watching a good show .

Jin Jingwei affectionately stepped froward, a heroic spirit has born inside him . He threw a storage pouch towards Qin Yun and said in loud voice : "I am giving this to you to redeem Nainai, from now on, never meet Nainai again!"

He looked towards Xiao Yuemei and said with smile : "Nainai just you wait, I, Jin Jingwei will surely go to your home in Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain and propose marriage!"

After finishing his speech, Jin Jingwei left the shop in big stride . The spectators also burst into cheer and began praising him .

"We should return!" Qin Yun said .

10 best quality Regent Origin Stones are very rare resources for Martial Emperors . Hua Yimei exclaimed in admiration, then led Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei towards their large ship on the coast .

"Sister Xiao Mei, that idiot is truly extravagant!" Xiao Yuemei said with charming smile .

"Yuemei, I am very worried . . . if Jin Jingwei finds out the truth, he will surely be very angry!" Hua Yimei said in low voice, then she immediately looked behind, she is worried that Jin Jingwei is following them .

"I am not afraid . I am not a disciple of Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain anyways . If he goes to find me, he won't find anything!" Xiao Yuemei said with giggle .

"Jin Jingwei is a very vicious and merciless person! Among the women who married him, several have been killed by him! He has been lusting after me for several years!" speaking of Jin Jingwei, Hua Yimei has very disgusted expression .

Qin Yun said with frown : "Golden Sun Sect actually sent out a guy like him to act as a delegate?"

Hua Yimei said : "Pagoda master Qin, you don't know, Jin Jingwei is a descendant of the sect master of Golden Sun Sect but he is not someone who is highly valued . However . . Golden Sun Sect's sect master's descendants control more than half the powers of the sect!"

"An Inscription Master named Jin He helped the Dragon Sect before . Is he also related to the sect master of Golden Sun Sect?" Qin Yun asked .

"Indeed! Great Master Jin He is Jin Jingwei's uncle . His position is very high, even higher than Jin Jingwei's father!" Hua Yimei said .

Not long after, they returned to the large ship . In their room, Xiao Yuemei is eating fresh fruits, while Qin Yun took out the Gemini Treasure Mirror and began carving totem on it .

One day passed by very quickly, the ship began it's journey again . There are many people on this ship, many of them are formidable experts, so there is no chance of any accidents . The whole journey has been safe .

10 days later, the ship reached shore, they have finally arrived at the Golden Sun Island . Seawater near the Golden Sun Island are warm and they are turning into energy fog and lingering in the air . There is a very large volcano in the middle of the Golden Sun Island . This volcano is spraying out flames . At night, these flames light up the whole island .

Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei followed behind Xu Lun to go down from the ship and began traveling towards the volcano .

"That is the Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain, it sprays out very strong flame . Our sect is built half way up that volcano!" Xu Lun pointed towards that very high volcano .

"Aren't you burned by the flame?" Xiao Yuemei curiously asked .

"No, this flame is very beneficial towards our cultivation technique!" Xu Lun said with smile .

Qin Yun, Xiao Yuemei and Ying Chengyu followed behind Xu Lun and got onto a large carriage . This carriage traveled very quickly and not long after, arrived below the Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain . Then it moved around the mountain and began traveling on a large road on the mountain slope . After arriving half way up the mountain, Qin Yun saw that there are no buildings here, only caverns . All the people of Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain live in these caverns .

Xiao Yuemei is worried that the volcano would spray out lava and said : "Senior Xu, does this volcano spray out lava?"

"It doesn't! Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain is very different from other volcano, it doesn't spray out lava, only flame!" Xu Lun said with smile .

Xu Lun brought Qin Yun and others into a living room . He asked them to wait here while he goes to look for the sect master of Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain .

Not long after, Xu Lun came back and said to Qin Yun : "Sect master is very happy, he is already notifying the other Nine Sun Sects . He asked me to first find a place for you to stay . Not long after, sect masters and Inscription Masters of all the other Nine Sun Sects will arrive here . At that time, I hope that pagoda master Qin can explain the matter of Starry Sky Road to them!"

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