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Nine Sun God King - Chapter 1029

Published at 30th of March 2020 12:30:06 PM

Chapter 1029: 1029

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Meow . . meow . . meow . .

The puppet kitten kept meowing, it looks completely harmless now . Yet this little thing just scrapped that large tiger which was created by using very good materials .

Jin Xuanhu feels like his heart is bleeding, his expression is filled with shock, he can not accept this at all . Golden Sun Sect's elders are also not reconciled at all because now that they have lost, they will have to hand over two Immortal tools . Originally they had 100% certainty of victory but then this formidable Inscription Master arrived from nowhere at halfway .

"Your puppet beast lost!" Qin Yun indifferently said .

Jin Xuanhu's face turned red, he used Half Immortal smelting furnace and Immortal tier forging hammers, as well as incredibly precious materials to craft a puppet . Although he did it only with 3 hours time limit, the puppet was still very strong . Yet now, it has been ruined by some kind of strange method .

The kitten used the power of Mysterious Penetration Divine Ability to enter inside the body of the tiger and destroyed the rune within and directly obtained victory . It was very simple .

"AHHHH . . . . " Jin Xuanhu suddenly let out a loud roar, trying to let out all the unwell feelings in his heart .

Nobody is speaking at this moment, they are all quietly watching . They are all very clear about how high Jin Xuanhu's capability is, they all recognize his ability . They saw how he used tremendous equipment to craft a powerful puppet tiger . But now, it is not as good as Qin Yun's kitten . Although Qin Yun's kitten is very small and the materials used to craft it was nowhere near as good as Jin Xuanhu's, he carved some very mysterious runes in it and the kitten possesses very mysterious power .

"Although I lost, I am in no way weaker than you! You have merely mastered some strange runes, I have also lost in the aspect of runes!" Jin Xuanhu said with cold groan .

"You really believe so?" Qin Yun indifferently smiled .

"If your kitten could not enter inside the body of my tiger, I would have never lost!" Jin Xuanhu pointed towards the kitten and said : "I admit that your runes are very brilliant and you use them superbly but that doesn't mean your ability is very high!"

Elders and other people from Golden Sun Sect also expressed agreement one after another, they began criticizing Qin Yun for using exclusive runes to win!

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"Whatever, I have already won! According to agreement, take out two Immortal tools and hand them over!" Qin Yun said .

Golden Sun Sect's sect master was about to take out Immortal tools but Jin Xuanhu suddenly shouted : "Father, the one who lost is me, I will take responsibility for it!"

He took out his two Immortal Hammers and said : "These are Golden Sun Glorious Heavenly Hammers, they are low grade Immortal tools, I will give them to you!"

He removed mental brand from the hammers, gritted his teeth and threw them towards Qin Yun . Qin Yun caught them, then gave one of them to Flame Sun sect master .

Jin Jingwei furiously said : "Qin Yun, you basically have not won with your own ability! Don't even talk about Venerable Master, you are not even at the level of Great Master! Nobody accepts an Inscription Master like you, you are just a guy who uses crooked tricks!"


"You are a despicable Inscription Master!"

"You just won relying on your exclusive runes, what is so good about that?"

"You are basically not worthy of being an Inscription Master!"

Even some of the people from Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain are chiding Qin Yun . Although many of them now admires Qin Yun but there are still many more who are envious of him and dislike him because he won an Immortal tool .

Qin Yun however, is very calm . He said with smile : "Jin Xuanhu, my kitten only destroyed the runes inside your tiger . Why don't you go restore them and then we will compete again . My kitten can destroy your tiger without going into it's body! If you win, I will return this hammer to you . And if you lose . . . give me two smelting furnace!"

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Those people who have been causing ruckus immediately quieted down . They can't believe that Qin Yun is actually giving Jin Xuanhu another opportunity .

Jin Xuanhu said : "We will fight fair and square? Pit power against power?"

Qin Yun nodded : "Indeed, my kitten will not use that kind of method from before, instead will directly attack!"

Jin He said in low voice : "5th brother, listen to my advice, you must not compete with him!"

Jin Xuanhu is completely unconvinced, he said in cold voice : "Why? You really believe that this trash kitten can actually destroy my tiger?"

"You and I both clearly saw that he completed puppet body much faster than you and took much longer time to carve runes on his puppet! Even if his kitten don't use that kind of method again, it surely possesses other terrible power!" Jin He said .

Jin Xuanhu said with sneer : "Everyone saw what kind of materials I used to craft my puppet, it's body is basically indestructible! If it's frontal attack, only the most powerful King tools will be able to destroy it! If his kitten doesn't use some shady method, how can it win?"

Jin Jingwei said : "Uncle He, Qin Yun is just bluffing! He is trying to scare 5th uncle so that he doesn't dare to take up the challenge . This way nobody will criticize his shady methods!"

Jin Xuanhu looked at Qin Yun and shouted : "I will compete with you!"

He finished talking and began checking the tiger .

"The totem inside has only been damaged a little bit, I will be able to fix it very soon . That kitten's destructive power is not much, it merely managed to damage two lines of the rune!" Jin Xuanhu said with smile .

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He took out his carving knife and began restoring the totem . Merely after a short while, the tiger again let out a heart shaking roar .

"We will sign a soul contract first . " Jin Xuanhu said .

Then both Qin Yun and Jin Xuanhu took out a strand of their soul power and put them into a contract talisman to sign soul contract .

"This time I will surely tear your kitten into shreds!" Jin Xuanhu said with loud laughter . If he can win this time, it will indeed be pretty good .

"Begin!" Flame Sun sect master yelled .

As soon as the match began, the large tiger pounced forward . It let out a deep and cold roar and shot out a golden light beam towards the kitten . The kitten hastily dodged . It moved to the side like lightning .

"This is . . . he also carved Thunder totem?" Jin He immediately cried out in alarm .

Inscription Masters from both sects also cried out in alarm . Because when making puppets, main aspect is the beast totem and then some runes are only added as support . Since time was short and Jin Xuanhu was too confident, he only carved Tiger totem, did not even bother to carve support runes . On the other hand, not only Qin Yun has carved a main totem, he even carved a support totem, on top of that, he even carved other mysterious support runes! Thinking of this point, all the Inscription Masters find this situation very hard to believe .

An old Inscription Master from Golden Sun Sect opened his eyes wide as he looked at the kitten evading back and forth like lightning . He said in deep voice : "Within such a small thing, two totems and several support runes have been carved, as well as energy source to ensure enough energy can be stored . . . this is the pinnacle of puppet crafting!"

An Inscription Master from Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain exclaimed in admiration : "How did he manage to carve two totem within such a short period of time? It can be accomplished without possessing Inscription Spirit, he has to be an absolute peak genius to easily and mutually fuse together all kind runes and totems!"

Jin He said : "The runes and totems inside this kitten must be very intricate and complex, it is like the meridian channels within our body! Although there are many of them and they are jumbled together, they are still very clear and in good order . They work together mutually and don't reject each other . Achieving this kind of level, there is no doubt that it is the level of a Venerable Master!"

Jin Xuanhu is now sweating profusely . Although he is very arrogant, his perception towards rune is higher than common Inscription Masters . So now he is very clear that the energy is smoothly flowing within the totems and runes inside Qin Yun's kitten . Even a Great Master can achieve this level but they would require quite a lot of time . And Qin Yun merely used a bit more than an hour to accomplish this .

Hearing what these Inscription Masters are saying, Jin Jingwei and Xu Xiaoba became extremely quiet, they no longer dare to mock Qin Yun .

Jin Jingwei said in low voice : "Uncle He, although Qin Yun's kitten has many runes, 5th uncle's tiger was built with very strong materials . Surely that kitten can not defeat it, right?"

Jin He shook his head and said : "5th brother's tiger's body is very big and heavy, moreover, there are no support runes inside to control the energy consumption . At this rate, sooner or later, the tiger will just consume all of it's energy . Support runes are not merely used to control energy consumption, they are also used to absorb energy from the world during fighting to replenish used energy . There are even some outrageous runes that can unceasingly absorb the energy of Heaven and Earth and deliver it to the puppet!"

He let out a long sigh : "Venerable Master Qin doesn't have good materials and equipment but he possesses great wisdom, as well as absolute high level in Inscription! He can use inferior materials to defeat 5th brother . . . you said before that his equipment are lacking, materials are lacking but that doesn't hinder his Inscription level at all . "

Jin Xuanhu's expression is very grave, he looked at his tiger which is pouncing and attacking non stop and feels that he was too arrogant before . He greatly neglected the basic requirements of puppet manufacturing .

Xiao Yuemei said : "Jin Xuanhu's tiger is an incomplete puppet, it is barely a semi finished product!"

Jin He nodded and said : "A complete puppet must have support runes, 5th brother's tiger doesn't have them . "

Everyone now has bewildered expression, although that tiger looks so powerful and mighty, it can't even touch that kitten, it is as if they are playing .

"Almost!" Qin Yun saw that the tiger's speed have reduced by a lot and hastily controlled the kitten to counter attack .

The kitten evaded the tiger's attacks and counter attacked with it's cat claws towards the tiger's legs . Everyone saw that the cat's claw suddenly became bigger, they look like very thin and very sharp knives . Cat claws streaked across the tiger's legs and left behind very deep claw marks on a leg . These claw marks ruined the totem runes on that leg, causing energy transportation failure towards that leg . Which means that the leg has become completely useless . The tiger became even more slow . The kitten took this chance and crazily clawed on the tiger's whole body .

Merely a very short period of time passed by, the tiger's whole body is now flickering with light . Energy is sipping out from many cuts on it's body . It has been completely scrapped and fell down to the ground .

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