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Nine Sun God King - Chapter 1037

Published at 5th of April 2020 04:20:05 PM

Chapter 1037: 1037

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Golden Sun wine house is the best eatery in the Flame Sun Island . Now the whole wine house has been locked down . Several Nine Sun Sect's sect masters, along with Medicine King Chu, are waiting for Qin Yun . They are sitting in a large reception hall and drinking tea provided by Medicine King Chu . Jin Xuanhu and Jin He are also here .

"Yo! Didn't you guys say that brother Qin is very ignorant? Why did you all come here to find him now?" Jin Xuanhu looked at Medicine King Chu and other few Medicine Masters, he laughed loudly and said : "Bunch of snobs!"

Many people in the hall have very unsightly expression but they don't dare say anything . Because this wine house belongs to Golden Sun Sect and Jin Xuanhu's relation with Qin Yun is very good . Then again, Jin Xuanhu is Golden Sun sect master's son .

"A Hu!" Golden Sun sect master lightly yelled : "Don't be rude!"

"Aiyo . . I don't know if brother Qin would be willing to meet you guys or not!" Jin Xuanhu sat down, looked at Medicine King Chu and said with smile : "Medicine King Chu, although brother Qin's cultivation is not high, he is a very capable person . Just now I heard his little sister talk about the matter of 7th tribulation!"

"His little sister? What did she say?" Medicine King Chu hastily asked . He is very worried about this matter .

"She said that your 7th tribulation problem can be solved, however she did not speak too much . I have no choice but to say, even though brother Qin's little sister looks like a little girl, she is very outstanding . " Jin Xuanhu said with smile .

He is saying all of these because he wants to probe Medicine King Chu's attitude regarding this matter for Qin Yun . If Medicine King Chu is very eager to cross 7th tribulation, he will certainly pay a great price .

Xu Lun and Jin Jingwei knows how formidable and cunning Xiao Yuemei is . Seeing Medicine King Chu's expression, they are very clear that he is about to be slaughtered .

Xu Lun said in low voice : "Venerable Master Qin said before that our Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain will explode . Do you still not believe it?"

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Everyone hastily looked towards Flame Sun sect master .

"This . . . I dare not to be certain about such matter! Didn't we already send people at the bottom of the Heavenly Mountain? We will get the result very soon . " Flame Sun sect master said : "That little girl said that she foresaw Flame Sun Island being destroyed, it is indeed very hard for me to believe . If the core indeed has cracks as they have said, then I will believe it!"

"Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain is about to explode? That is impossible! If that is the case, why are the flame released by Heavenly Mountain so rich, intense and stable?" River Sun palace master said .

"Exactly! Each Nine Sun Sect has a Heavenly Mountain . All of ours Heavenly Mountains have become weaker, only Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain is still as strong as before! How can it be destroyed?" Earth Sun palace master also doesn't believe this .

"You still don't believe Venerable Master Qin's words?" Xu Lun said with frown .

Golden Sun sect master said with frown : "Relay my orders, all the people of Golden Sun Sect should immediately evacuate Flame Sun Island!"

Jin Xuanhu said : "I would rather believe her than not believe her and suffer!"

An elder from Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain said in a very bad mood : "Maybe your Golden Sun Sect and Venerable Master Qin have joined together to swindle us! Venerable Master Qin is a very greedy person, it is a common knowledge!"

Jin He laughed loudly and said : "Nobody here is forcing you to believe anything!"

River Sun palace master said : "We will leave after the meeting . "

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Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain's people suddenly felt chill in their heart . If their Heavenly Mountain is destroyed, they will be the weakest among all the Nine Sun sects .

"I will immediately go back . I will personally go down to see the core!" Flame Sun sect master said .

Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei are still crafting talismans . Xiao Yuemei is using Gemini Treasure Mirror and Qin Yun is using carving knife . The talismans they are crafting will sell for very good price, he will surely obtain a great amount of Regent Origin Stones of one of the highest qualities . He now knows that Heavenly Runes need to absorb a lot of energy from Regent Origin Stones to mature . So now, not only he needs Regent Origin Stones for his own cultivation but also to cultivate Heavenly Runes .

Two days passed by in the blink of an eye . The meeting is also about to begin but Qin Yun has not yet come out . So the others can begin the meeting on their own . In this meeting, all the Nine Sun Sects will discuss the matter of Starry Sky Road and how to go there together . They will also verify the authenticity of the Starry Sky Road blueprint . The current Nine Sun Sects within Transcending Xuan Sea Region are Golden Sun Sect, Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain, Earth Sun Palace, River Sun Palace, Thunder Sun Sect, Beast Sun Sect, Heavenly Sun Sect and Purple Sun Sect . These eight Nine Sun Sects have no contact with Immortal Desolate's Nine Sun Sects for a long time .

Originally, Nine Sun Sects of each major Desolate region would stay in contact with each other and even help the weaker sects to become stronger . But later something major happened, higher level Desolate region's Nine Sun Sects began to order the lower Desolate region's Nine Sun Sects to work for them without sending help . This situation continued and it did not take long before distrust began to grow between higher Desolate Region's Nine Sun Sects and lower Desolate Region's Nine Sun Sects . Then finally their relationship and communication was severed . Since the World Extermination is coming, Nine Sun Sects of each major Desolate region are trying to break away from this predicament and trying to leave for higher Desolate region to take refuge . But none of them basically has any intention of taking care of other sects .

The meeting is over but Qin Yun still did not come out . Many of the Nine Sun Sects' sect masters already returned, they want to gather up their resources and head for the Xuan Domain's Hundred Sun Sect . They will first take care of the Ghost Beast Overlord and then begin constructing the Starry Sky Road .

When Qin Yun came out, the only people waiting for him are people of Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain, Golden Sun Sect and River Sun Palace, as well as Medicine King Chu's group . As soon as Qin Yun arrived at the reception hall, all of them stood up and very respectfully greeted Qin Yun .

"Venerable Master Qin, my eyes were blind before, I looked down on you, I ask that you forgive me . " Medicine King Chu is the first one to to come apologize to Qin Yun . Then he let his disciples bow and apologize to Qin Yun .

Then River Sun palace master and Medicine Master Shui walked over and politely apologized to Qin Yun . They said many pleasant words and gave him two storage pouch as gift to show their sincerity . There are total 100 high quality Regent Origin Stones inside the two pouches . So Qin Yun accepted them with smile and accepted their apology .

"Since I was too focused on crafting talismans, I completely lost track of time . How did the meeting go?" Qin Yun asked with smile .

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"We have already decided to go to Xuan Domain . " Flame Sun sect master said with smile : "Venerable Master Qin, those talismans of yours . . how many do you have altogether? Especially the Mysterious Penetration Dao Talisman and Nine Condensation Dao Talisman, they are very useful . "

River Sun palace master said somewhat anxiously : "Venerable Master Qin, can you give us some Nine Condensation Dao Talismans first? You can ask any price!"

Jin Xuanhu has already informed Qin Yun that River Sun Palace is extremely rich since they can make Longevity Jade Nectar . So Qin Yun should open his mouth like a hungry lion and completely gobble them up, he should make them pay a very high price .

"River Sun palace master, Nine Condensation Dao Talisman is very precious, moreover the crafting procedure is very difficult! You have numerous medicinal plants, so you will definitely use up a great number of these talismans! How about this, I will make a Nine Condensation Great Formation for you! This way, no matter where you are, you can grow those medicinal plants! As for the price, we can discuss that later in private!" Qin Yun said with smile .

Seeing Qin Yun's smiling face, Xu Lun already knows what "discuss later in private" means . He, Xu Lun, was slaughtered by Qin Yun like this .

"Very well!" River Sun palace master said with smile, apparently he is also prepared to be slaughtered .

Golden Sun sect master said with smile : "Venerable Master Qin, our sect has many young disciples, we need many Regent Origin Stones . If we have many Mysterious Penetration Dao Talismans, we would be able to obtain many Regent Origin Stones . "

"Two best quality Regent Origin Stones for one Mysterious Penetration Dao Talisman! I don't have many in my hands, if you want a large amount of them, you will have to place order!" Qin Yun said with smile .

"Here are 1000 best quality Regent Origin Stones, I want 500! No need to sign soul contract, I believe you!" Golden Sun sect master laughed loudly and then handed over a storage pouch to Qin Yun . Golden Sun Sect is also a very rich sect .

Xu Lun now feels very happy in his heart because when he bought those talismans, he only had to pay one best quality Regent Origin Stones per talisman . It was very convenient for him .

"Venerable Master Qin, I will first return to Crystal Dragon Boat, we will discuss about the formation at a later date!" River Sun palace master handed over an item to Qin Yun, this item can track the location of Crystal Dragon Boat .

Just as River Sun Palace's people are about to leave, Xu Lun suddenly said : "Venerable Master Qin, there are no cracks on the core inside the Heavenly Mountain!"

Hearing these words River Sun Palace's people immediately stopped, they want to see what Qin Yun say .

Xiao Yuemei said : "The core has healed itself!"

Flame Sun sect master said with frown : "What you said is right! I really find it difficult to believe that the Heavenly Mountain that is in a perfect condition would be destroyed for no reason!"

Xiao Yuemei looked at Golden Sun sect master and River Sun palace master and said again : "My guess is, it is not just Flame Sun Heavenly Mountain but all the other Nine Sun Sect's Heavenly Mountains will also be destroyed! It is because one of the Suns have fallen! The core of your Heavenly Mountains are cores from formidable Stars . You used a very mysterious technique to connect the Star Core to Nine Suns, letting it continuously absorb the power of Nine Suns and then release the power so that your people can absorb it . But now that a Sun has fallen, the core that relied on Nine Suns to sustain itself for countless years, has become unstable and might explode any moment!"

Hearing this, Golden Sun sect master and River Sun palace master's expression greatly changed . It seems like now it is their Heavenly Mountain's turn to explode! They also don't believe this, same as Flame Sun sect master .

Jin Xuanhu also shouted : "Little great aunt, are you speaking the truth? Don't scare us! I have many good things hidden in Golden Sun Island!"

Jin He is extremely scared, he immediately began sending messages to his friends to have them evacuate Golden Sun Island . The few sect masters and elders also began doing the same, they began relaying order to evacuate their islands .

Medicine King Chu and his disciples are looking at the scene in extreme shock .

"Venerable Master Qin, little miss, let's not disturb them, let's go to a private place to discuss something . It is related to my 7th tribulation!" Medicine King Chu said to Qin Yun and Xiao Yuemei in low voice .

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