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Nine Sun God King - Chapter 161

Published at 8th of April 2019 02:26:42 PM

Chapter 161
Chapter 161 - Star Xuan Wu Academy

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Yang Shiyue looked at Qin Yun and gave a faint sigh . "With such a powerful friend of yours, you will not be bullied in the future . They will definitely take good care of you! And I . . . I also have my own matters to settle, so I can't always be with you!"

"Teacher, don't worry . I will definitely rise up once again!" Qin Yun smiled indifferently .

The crowd saw that he was not hurt by the fact that his Inner Yuan had exploded . It was strange how optimistic he was . Because no matter who it was, they would definitely not be able to smile when they encountered such a situation .

Zhuo Chuan walked down and said, "Qin Yun, if you are chased out of Star Xuan Wu Academy in the future, come to my Divine Inscription Palace! With the knowledge you've grasped, you can become a great master of our Divine Inscription Palace . You can continue on the knowledge of the Inscription and become an Inscription Master . "

Qin Yun nodded with a smile . His injuries were already much better and the large hole in his abdomen was gradually healing as well . Because of his dark yellow meridians, his self-recovery speed was very fast .

Everyone recalled that Qin Yun had mastered many high-grade Spirit Marks . Just this point alone would allow him to do well in the future!

After Xiao Yanglong calmed down, his expression turned incomparably cold . He hated Xie Wufeng and Qin Yun to his bones because his excellent subordinates had actually been killed!

He walked to Qin Yun's side and took out a storage bracelet . Throwing it at Qin Yun, he said coldly, "Scum like you, don't think about Yue Mei in the future . You are not worthy of her . You can have this broken bracelet of holding!"

Qin Yun had given Xiao Yue Mei a storage bracelet of holding . It could be said to be extremely precious but it was in Xiao Yanglong's hands!

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"Why did you take the bracelet from her?" Qin Yun took the bracelet of holding and asked coldly .

"I am her elder brother! With her talent, she should be able to get married well but now that you have ruined it, do you know how heavy the losses of our Tian Xiao Empire are?" Xiao Yang Long said angrily, then looked at Yang Shi Yue and coldly said: "You better stay away from him, you're my fiancee!"

Yang Shiyue's face darkened, stood up and flew away from this place .

Qin Yun was even more infuriated!

Who could have not known that Yang Shiyue didn't like Xiao Yanglong at all! When she was with Qin Yun earlier, her expression was very gentle but when she was with Xiao Yanglong, it was always cold .

"Humph!" Xiao Yanglong snorted and also flew away .

Guo Cheng walked over and said with a sneer, "Qin Yun, don't even think of fighting with Xiao Yanglong . Not only is he the honorary principal of the Tian Xuan Martial School, he is also the crown prince of the Tian Xioa Empire and he is also the chief disciple of the Star Palace's West Palace, the future Palace Master! And you, only possessing a few high-grade spirit marks . You don't even have your inner yuan or Martial Spirit, hahaha . . . "

The Duke of Yan walked over and said with a smile, "Qin Yun, in about three or four months, the betrothal ceremony between the crown prince and Xiao Yuelan will begin! You must have wanted to go and raise your eyebrows but now you're back to that time . . . You are still the impoverished prince whose Spirit vein was sucked out by me!"

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Qin Yun looked at it indifferently and waited for them to mock him . He said, "No matter what, I am still alive . I also possess high-grade spirit marks but where is your grandson, Yan Qingyu? He still hasn't woken up, right? Right, where is your darling granddaughter, Yan Yun? She's dead! None of your living descendants are gifted, so what are you so cocky about? "

The Duke of Yan was stabbed in his weak spot . He immediately left with a face full of anger!

Qin Yun, who was dressed in the Light Pattern Equipment, felt great . His face was still pale but he was able to stand up!

This caused many people to be secretly surprised . The person who had just lost his inner yuan was actually able to walk around as if nothing had happened . Moreover, there was not a single trace of sadness on his face .

This optimism was truly admirable!

The amount of energy Xie Wufeng had expended in releasing his Origin Sword was huge and even his legs felt a little weak . If it wasn't for Hou Xingfeng injecting inner Qi into him, he would have already fainted .

Hou Xingfeng said, "You have all passed the exam . We welcome you to our Star Xuan Wu Academy . The tuition fee is . . . . One million crystal coins a year! I can let you owe me one year first!"

"It's that expensive? Is it worth it?"

Hou Xingfeng smiled, "It will definitely be worth it . You will know once you enter! For example, there are allowance every month that allow you to enter the Qi Gathering Formation and buy many things that cannot be bought outside . Also, there is the guidance from a master that allows you to advance by leaps and bounds! "

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Ling Xuan Wu Academy's Luo Ke sneered and said, "Old Hou, for Qin Yun to appear in such a situation, are you feeling dejected? You're really magnanimous . If it was me, I definitely wouldn't accept such a fellow . This would only affect the reputation of our academy and create a stain on my reputation . "

Qin Yun said with a sneer, "Is Yan Qingyu from your Lin Xuan Wu Academy? To think that you would accept a fellow who has been beaten to a pulp by me . Looks like there are a lot of stains on the Lin Xuan Wu Academy? Right, that kind of famous genius was in the Ling Xuan Wu Martial Academy? No way, right?"

Luo Ke was so angry that his nose began to tremble . He coldly shouted, "You dared to destroy an outstanding genius, I will remember this debt!"

"Why are you so angry over trash like Yan Qingyu? You're quite magnanimous, aren't you afraid of affecting your reputation?" Qin Yun chuckled .

"You . . . " Luo ke was so angry that he was at a loss for words . Then, he turned around and left .

The people within the valley gradually dispersed . Today, the final test of the Three Mysterious Academy would also be spread out in all directions .

Seeing the ruins in the valley, Dean Bai sighed with emotion . After all, he had stayed here for many years!

The sky was very red and as the nine suns descended from the west, the beautiful sunset glow radiated out a sorrowful light . It was as though the Three Mysteries Academy was also feeling despondent at the end of the day .

"Let's go, I'll take you to the Star Xuan Wu Academy!" Hou Xingfeng took out a large caravan .

After Qin Yun and company boarded it, the car floated up and shuttled through the reddened sky to head for the Star Xuanwu Academy!

The Star Xuan Wu Academy wasn't located in any national territory but it was close to the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range . It was located near the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range at the Myriad Star Lake .

The Myriad Star Lake is extremely huge . The surface of the lake was like a mirror . Under the night sky filled with stars, the mirror-like lake would also have specks of starlight, which was why it was called this way .

In the middle of the Myriad Star Lake, there was a very large island . It was said that it would not be a problem to build several cities on top of it .

The Star Xuan Wu Academy was built on this island .

The Star Xuan Wu Academy was surrounded by a thick, high wall . The interior was beautiful, with gorgeous scenery . The architecture was classical and elegant . There were many gardens and pavilions and the environment was pleasant .

There were also giant buildings that could accommodate multiple people .

For example, the round dojo that could hold tens of thousands of people . The audience stands inside were like layers of terraces, and the martial arts arena below was a few hundred meters wide, allowing one to use their hands and feet and martial skills to fight without restraint .

Qin Yun and company were dealing with identity tokens at the entrance . As they looked into the courtyard, they could not help but feel excited .

Xie Wufeng and the others had suffered for many years in the Three Mysterious yard before finally stepping through this door!

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