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Nine Sun God King - Chapter 167

Published at 8th of April 2019 02:26:35 PM

Chapter 167

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Qin Yun saw a man walk out . He had a thin and long face with a stern expression . His clothes were the same as the two assassins . After he came out, he wore a mask and flew into the sky .

"This bastard is actually planning to use one hundred million Xuan Points to buy me? How stingy, am I worth only this much? Xiao Yang Long actually dares to sell me like this, you two beasts!"

The more Xiao Yue Mei thought about it, the angrier she got .

When Qin Yun saw Qi Yu leave, he asked softly, "How many Xuan Points does he have for the first place on the Xuan Point Wealth List?"

Xiao Yue Mei snorted, "1 billion! It shouldn't have been acquired through real ability . Yanglong definitely had a team behind his back . Your Teacher Yang Shi Yue and my sister should have earned these points on their own . "

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Let's go and destroy Qi Yu's team . Let's see how he will quickly obtain more Xuan Points in the future!"

Xiao Yue Mei nodded repeatedly before pulling Qin Yun excitedly . She was about to run over .

"Wait, let's disguise ourselves!" Qin Yun took off the two assassins' masks and gave Xiao Yue Mei .

After Xiao Yue Mei wore it, she laughed and said, "After we enter, let's get rid of the strongest martial body level eight fast . I can kill the rest of them with one hand . "

Amongst seventh level martial artists, as long as it wasn't Qin Zhengfeng or Qi Yu, they would not be her match .

Her inner strength was already very strong . Now, she had grasped a Spirit Power Attacking Technique and a very good Spirit Artifact . Even if it is an ordinary seventh level Martial Body, she woul be able to kill in an instant .

However, Qin Yun is still worried . He handed ten talismans over to her .

Very soon, they entered the cave . The people inside were all very relaxed and when they saw the person wearing the same mask as them, they didn't ask anything .

As soon as they entered the cave, a strong smell of alcohol rushed over, along with the broken wine jars on the ground that could be seen everywhere .

This made Qin Yun happy . The assassins inside had all drunk their wine and they had even drank a lot .

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However, Xiao Yue Mei and Qin Yun are still on guard .

Xiao Yue Mei took out her Mirror Martial Spirit and tried to sense the location of all the Martial Spirits in the cave . She would be able to find the two Level 8 Martial Body assassins as soon as possible .

On the other hand, Qin Yun had his primordial spirit leave his body to investigate the aura inside the cave . He had to find two assassins at the eighth level martial body faster than Xiao Yue Mei .

"I have to get rid of them as fast as possible!" Xiao Yue Mei transmitted her voice to Qin Yun .

Walking through the cave passage, one could see many drunk killers lying on the ground . Many of them were talking drunkenly and couldn't even withstand a single blow .

Qin Yun and Xiao Yue Mei came to the innermost stone room .

As soon as she entered, Xiao Yue Mei unleashed her Spirit Concentrating Killing Art and released a large amount of mental power to attack .

It had to be said that an assassin in the 8th level Martial Body was very strong . When they saw someone enter, they immediately felt that something was wrong .

Xiao Yue Mei's movements were also very fast . As soon as she entered, she used her strongest mental energy attack, causing the two assassins' heads to be in pain and being unable to control their internal energy .

Qin Yun charged over and with a wave of his broadsword, chopped off the head of the assassins . His actions were extremely efficient!

"Faster!" After Xiao Yue Mei said this, she rushed out of the stone room, controlling her sword to shoot back and forth, to reap the lives of those seven assassins outside .

Qin Yun used his mind energy to control his spirit saber and quickly beheaded the assassins . From time to time, he would launch a spirit concentrating killing attack .

Dozens of drunken assassins were like chicken to Qin Yun and Xiao Yue Mei . They were all easily killed .

Xiao Yue Mei let out a small sigh and said with a cold smile: "Qi Yu came here before, he brought all the wine here! I wonder why he's so happy and why he's celebrating so . "

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"I saw a box in the innermost stone room . It may contain something . Let's go in and take a look!" Qin Yun said .

After they entered the stone room, they went straight to the table . Two eighth level Martial Body assassins with their heads chopped off sat on both sides of the table .

Qin Yun opened the box and took out a large beast skin . Opening it, he realized that it was a map .

He used his finger to poke at a part of the map . "The ink hasn't dried yet . It was just drawn not too long ago . What kind of map is it?"

"There's another letter below . Let me take a look!" Xiao Yue Mei opened the envelope and looked at it with a face full of shock . Judging from the contents of the letter, Qi Yu had distributed the maps to invite others to the Heavenly Phenomenon Forbidden Area .

"forbidden zone? Could it be that this is the place where the Soul Refining Fiend is imprisoned?" Qin Yun said in shock, "Why did Qi Yu invite so many people?"

As long as one was a member of the royal families of the three empires, they were familiar with the matter of the "Soul Refinement Fiend" .

Soul Refinement Fiend was a great demon from many years ago . It was said that it cultivated a demonic art and grasped the evil art of sucking away another person's martial soul . Furthermore, it could draw out another person's martial soul to strengthen one's own martial soul .

This was the only thing that Qin Yun and Xiao Yue Mei knew .

Xiao Yue Mei laughed coldly: "According to the history books of the three empires, the Soul Refining Fiend is unforgivable and should be tortured to death! However, the Qi Empire allowed him to live for so long, it's obvious that they want to force this mad demon to hand over the soul refining technique!"

Qin Yun frowned and said, "I heard Teacher Yang say that there are some unique drugs that can induce hallucinations . Then, you can ask people for anything! Don't tell me that Qi Yu has mastered this kind of pill? he thinks that he can definitely make the Fiend talk about the art of refining souls . "

Xiao Yue Mei nodded her head and said: "Seeing that Qi Yu was so happy, even coming here to celebrate, maybe he really could get this kind of pill . "

Qin Yun said, "There are a few stone rooms that are sealed . There should be something inside . Let's go open them and plunder . "

Afterwards, the two of them opened up all the closed rooms . They were extremely cold inside, with some Class 6 and a small amount of Class 7 beasts stored inside .

These evil beasts were dead but their skin and bones were very expensive . Qin Yun naturally took all of them .

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Xiao Yue Mei walked out of the cave and said: "Big brother, let's go to the Heavenly Phenomenon Forbidden Area too! I never thought that they would actually build a forbidden zone in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range . "

Qin Yun thought for a moment and said, "If we go to the Forbidden Zone, we might run into Qi Yu and the people he invited!"

Xiao Yue Mei said: "We'll be fine if we're careful . We must go and take a look . If they really are able to acquire the Soul Refining Art, then we will spread this news . "

Qin Yun nodded and took out the map . He took a careful look at it and saw that the red dot was in the outer region of the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range .

"The Cloud Dragon Mountain Range, which is close to the Empire of Tian Qi, is in the northwest direction . It's not strange for them to build the Forbidden Area there, I just don't know if there are ghost beasts there . " Qin Yun had already memorized the map .

Xiao Yue Mei guessed: "Maybe there are a large number of powerful ghost beasts, that's why Qi Yu invited others to go with him . "

Qin Yun said, "We have the experience to deal with ghost beasts . There's no need to worry!"

They travelled through the night, heading towards the forbidden region .

It was late at night . The sky was filled with clouds and the stars and the moon were hazy .

Qin Yun and Xiao Yue Mei flew at a low altitude, heading towards the direction of the Qi Empire .

Qin Yun was also flying on a spirit artifact . Although his speed was somewhat slow, he was very stable and calm . The consumption was not too great .

He said, "Yue Mei, don't you need to return to the Tian Xuan Martial School?"

Xiao Yue Mei's face fell and she snorted: "I don't want to go back, I'm so happy to be with you! I hate Tian Xuan Martial School . Fortunately, I didn't agree to any of their conditions, so I left as I pleased . "

Because she had learned from Xiao Yuelan's mistakes, she had started to plan on breaking away from the Tian Xiao Empire's control . Now that she had a cultivation at the seventh level Martial Body realm, she could be considered to have a certain level of strength .

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Why don't you leave Tian Xuan Martial School and let Teacher Du accept you as a student! Teacher Du is very prestigious in the Star Martial Arts Academy . Even Vice Principal has to listen to him . "

"Alright, I'll go back and talk to Teacher Du . " Xiao Yue Mei hurriedly nodded her head: "I truly regret not going to the Star Xuan Wu Academy . It was my aunt who called me there . My aunt is also my teacher now . Fortunately, she treats me fairly well . "

"Did your aunt want to sell you?" Qin Yun asked .

"Of course not . . . However, she is also very old-fashioned . When she found out that you and I were together, she taught me a lesson . "

Xiao Yue Mei laughed coquettishly: "She was just jealous of me, being able to casually play with other men . Aunt was also under a lot of pressure back then, luckily she wasn't married off . "

Qin Yun asked with a smile, "Is your aunt called Xiao Xuan Qin? She's been single for so many years, she must have a really bad temper . "

Xiao Yue Mei giggled: "Don't say that in front of her, otherwise she will beat you up . "

They chatted and laughed along the way and before they knew it, dawn had arrived . They also saw a winding river in the distance, shining like a golden river in the early morning sunlight .

Next to the river was a dense forest . It was similar to the map; the Forbidden Area was hidden in this dense forest .

"Let's go over the ground!" Xiao Yue Mei said .

Qin Yun nodded and the duo descended into the forest . They carefully ran forward .

"What's going to happen in there?" Xiao Yue Mei muttered .

Qin Yun said, "When we were looking from above, we did not see any hills or buildings . There is only a large forest, so I guess that it is an underground building . "

Xiao Yue Mei thought about it and came to the same conclusion . Just as she was about to praise Qin Yun, she suddenly felt movement in her surroundings . Her expression could not help but change .

"We've been discovered!" Qin Yun sensed that a few people were approaching him .

"Run!" Xiao Yue Mei immediately rushed forward .

Qin Yun followed behind her as he constantly scanned his surroundings . He realized that the people chasing them were all at the seventh level Martial Body realm . Their Movement Skills were extremely superb .

Moments later, they saw a small stone house built from green bricks in front of them . There were more than ten people surrounding the stone house, including Qi Yu!

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