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Nine Sun God King - Chapter 462

Published at 27th of April 2019 11:56:10 AM

Chapter 462

Since Xie Wufeng came to the Martial City to participate in the event to challenge the arena master, he obviously wanted to enter the ancient garden .

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Qin Yun whispered, "If Boss Xie is at the third level of the martial dao realm, with his strength, it shouldn't be difficult for him to become the arena master!"

"Of course, he will definitely win!" Murong Daren said with a smile .

When fighting, one was not allowed to use weapons . This kind of weapon was only limited to the kind that was refined .

If it was a sword cultivator like Xie Wufeng who cultivated a Origin Sword, he could also use the Origin Sword when he was in the competition .

This way, this kind of martial art was very beneficial to Xie Wufeng and he could get upper hand in the beginning .

When Qin Yun and company saw Xie Wufeng walk down from the stage, they hurriedly squeezed through the crowd .

Xie Wufeng was still the same . He wore a simple white robe, his handsome face did not have much expression, one of his sleeves was empty and even though he had lost an arm, he was still very strong .

When Xie Wufeng saw Qin Yun and Murong Daren, he smiled slightly and said, "I knew you would come!"

In fact, Xie Wufeng had heard that Qin Yun had a small conflict with Zhao Jingyu . He had planned to look for Qin Yun and company .

He had also seen Qin Yun pay the purple coins just now but he was unsure as he looked at the back of Qin Yun from afar . After all, he had not seen Qin Yun for a very long time .

"Boss Xie, you broke through so fast . You're really at the third level of the Martial Dao Realm!" Murong Daren said with envy .

"It's all luck!" Xie Wufeng smiled and looked at Qin Yun . He asked, "Brother Yun, do you wish to continue bidding?"

Qin Yun said with a smile, "My target is Zhao Jingyu . I hope that fellow can successfully defend the arena so that I can beat him down!"

Xie Wufeng laughed, "You're still the same . Seems like the fellow you are staring at is in for it!"

Xie Wufeng never doubted Qin Yun's strength .

It was rumored that Qin Yun would forever be trapped at the second level of the Martial Dao Realm . He would never be able to break the Black Soul Curse but Xie Wufeng believed that he could not use common sense to judge Qin Yun's situation .

Just as they were about to leave, they suddenly heard the elder on the stage shout out, "Two hundred and seventy million . Xiao Yuelan has bought the qualification to challenge the fifth arena!"

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Murong Daren was shocked as he looked ahead .

Hearing this familiar name, Hong Yan also looked over and said, "Is it that witch Xiao Yuemei?"

"No, that's an even more terrifying woman than Xiao Yuemei!" Xie Wufeng smiled and looked at Qin Yun . He said, "The fighters in the fifth arena are stronger than the sixth and seventh rings . She really dares to challenge them!"

No one was able to see her face but they were able to tell that she was a woman . Furthermore, she was a disciple of the Profound Moon Valley and one of the seven great beauties of the moon!

Hong Yan looked at Qin Yun and company and asked, "Do you know this woman?"

Murong Daren and Xie Wufeng looked at each other and smiled .

"Red-Eyed Chicken, if you meet this woman, stay far away! Brother Yun, you have some difficulties right? However they will be completely eaten by her and they will become sworn enemies of her!" Murong Daren laughed loudly .

Xie Wufeng said, "Brother Yun, are you going to greet her?"

"We're already so familiar with each other, I'm not going!" Qin Yun looked at Xiao Yuelan from afar and was unable to sense what her cultivation level was .

He was sure that Xiao Yuelan also had a black Martial Spirit . He wondered if she would be able to step into the third stage of the Martial Dao .

When Xiao Yuelan turned her head, she also saw Qin Yun . Her bright eyes were filled with happiness as though she was greeting him .

When Qin Yun saw Xiao Yuelan's gaze, he faltered slightly .

Smiling, he could feel the joy in Xiao Yuelan's heart because after being separated for such a long time, they had finally met again .

"Let's go and drink . I'll treat you!" Murong Daren was in a great mood as he thought about how he could make a killing tomorrow .

The person who bought the qualification to challenge would be able to challenge the arena master in five days . Of course, if one could have a good discussion with the arena master, they could also carry out the challenge ahead of time .

Xie Wufeng was a sword cultivator, so he was highly valued by the Heavenly Sword Sect, allowing him to obtain a large amount of cultivation resources .

"If I want the resources, I'll have to earn them myself!"

"Murong Duck, who told you not to fight for it yourself . There are so many competitions going on within the sect, yet you didn't even participate . You just spend your days outside!" Hong Yan twitched his mouth and said . He was from the same sect as Murong Daren .

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"This is all your fault, you red-eyed chicken . You brought me wandering around the world all day long . It's only natural that you, as a prince, would scam me!" Murong Daren said unhappily .

"It was you who came out to play with me because you saw my purple coins . Also, because of you, I wasted a lot of purple coins!" Hong Yan immediately became angry .

Xie Wufeng and Qin Yun both smiled helplessly .

They were drinking and eating in a private room, so it was fine even if they made a ruckus .

Murong Daren and Hong Yan argued and fought to drink and they all drank strong alcohol .

At this moment, someone knocked on their door .

The two people who entered were two women wearing masks, black robes and white robes .

Hong Yan and Murong Daren also stopped and looked at the two women .

Beneath the tree, there was a slightly cold and arrogant, peerlessly beautiful face . There was a faint smile on it, like a flower blooming in a world of ice and snow .

Her eyes were filled with gentleness as she looked at Qin Yun . She said with a light snort, "You refused to call for me even when you were drinking!"

She sat in a chair .

As for the other woman, she had also taken off her mask . She was also extremely beautiful . She had a oval face that was full of mature charm . She smiled faintly and two dimples appeared on her cheeks . This made her, who was usually dignified and bright, appear slightly mischievous .

This woman was not Yang Shiyue . Qin Yun had confirmed her identity the moment he saw her . It was just that she had a good identity .

"Qin Yun, is this sister beautiful?" Xiao Yuelan looked at Qin Yun and asked with a smile .

Qin Yun nodded and said with a smile, "Beautiful! Is it one of the seven great beauties of the moon?"

On the other hand, Murong Daren didn't dare to look at her . He knew that there were some women that he couldn't afford to offend .

Qin Yun said with a frown, "Sister's aura seems to be from the Spirit Martial Realm!"

Xie Wufeng said: "It is indeed the aura of the Spirit realm . However, she suppressed her cultivation and turned it into the 9th level of the Martial Dao in order to enter the ancient city!"

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Xiao Yuelan laughed: "I didn't expect you all to see it so quickly! She is a disciple from the Spirit Desolate Nether Moon Palace . Her name is Cai Xiangjing!"

It was actually a disciple of the Spirit Desolate . Qin Yun and company were secretly astonished . To them, the Spirit Desolate was mysterious and powerful, filled with all sorts of mysteries .

"Yuelan, did you bring her here for something?" Qin Yun asked .

"She wants you to help her refine a Devil Chasing Talisman!" Xiao Yuelan asked, "Is it convenient to refine now?"

Qin Yun immediately took out a Devil Chasing Talisman and handed it over . He said with a smile, "I have it ready!"

After seeing this, a look of pleasant surprise appeared on Cai Xiangjing's face . She took the Devil Chasing talisman and asked, "How much purple coins does this cost?"

"Well . . . Purple Coins are too common, why don't you give me some of the specialties of the Spirit Desolate Land!" Qin Yun did not lack purple coins . He lacked the things that could not be bought with amethyst coins .

Cai Xiangjing thought for a while, then took out a piece of paper . "There is a star rune on this, I got it by chance . I don't know what it's use is! I wonder what kind of star rune is it!"

Qin Yun took it and looked at it before quickly putting it away . Although he did not know what it was used for, it was definitely a good item .

A single talisman for a wonderful star rune, this was a huge profit .

"You guys continue drinking, we won't disturb you any longer!" After that, she put on her mask and left with Cai Xiangjing .

Although Qin Yun and Xiao Yuelan did not converse much, they had a rough understanding of each other's situation . They had stepped into the third level of the Martial Dao Realm, meaning that they had broken the Black Soul curse!

Because there were too many people, they didn't ask about the other party's situation .

Qin Yun did not know whether or not Yang Shiyue was here . If she was, she should be able to challenge the arena master with her strength .

After they finished their drinks, they stayed in the hotel .

The next morning, they hurried to the square in front of the great entrance of the Hall .

Qin Yun had lost more than a hundred million purple coins last night . He wanted to make the Inscription Palace bleed .

There were many people playing the guessing game today but the most surprising thing was that the young arena masters from the spirit desolate lands were also here .

They believed that they would definitely succeed in defending the arena . When the time came, they would definitely be able to earn some purple coins, so it wasn't bad for them to come here and play .

When Qin Yun came, he was wearing a mask, so he only needed Murong Daren and Hong Yan to place their bets .

"Zhao Jingyu also came . This guy looks so pleased with himself . He seems to think that he has won for sure!" They were the big winners of today .

Sure enough, those young arena masters all placed their bets . They all bought at least four or five numbers and they all bought a total of thirty to forty million purple crystal coins .

A total of five arena masters came here to place their bets . Adding the other disciples from the Spirit Desolate lands and the sects and aristocratic families, the total amount of bets in the first round reached over six hundred million in an instant .

Qin Yun looked at the crowd and also saw the masked Xiao Yuelan and Cai Xiangjing present . He hurriedly sent a voice transmission to them . "Yuelan, buy vat number one and each of you will buy ten million purple crystal coins!"

Following that, he had Xie Wufeng purchase it as well . When Murong Daren and Hong Yan heard Qin Yun's voice transmission, they also rushed over to buy it .

There were also a few others who bought number one but they only bet a small amount .

He could only bet ten million . If he wanted to win six hundred million in one go, he would need six people to bet!

Xiao Yuelan had guessed long ago that Zi Qingcheng's cousin was Qin Yun .

As such, she had come here early to wait for him . After all, she had bought the right to challenge yesterday night and she was forced to pay three hundred million .

After the time limit for placing bets had expired, the great array formation within the Inscription Palace opened . After the great array had opened for a moment, it stopped and the result was revealed!

That bird flew out from the first vat!

Murong Daren and Hong Yan suppressed the joy in their hearts and went to receive their rewards .

Xiao Yuelan and Cai Xiangjing also hurriedly went over to claim their 100 million purple coins . This kind of earning was simply too easy .

The last person to receive it was Qin Yun . After he went over, Zhao Jingyu seemed to have recognized him .

"Qin Yun, you destroyed my puppet beast! That's a puppet beast worth billions of purple crystal coins . Hurry up and compensate me!" Zhao Jingyu suddenly shouted in anger .

Qin Yun took off his mask and said with a faint smile, "Do you have evidence that I broke it? Yesterday, many people saw you destroy my spirit fruit, and you still owe me 20,000 purple coins!"

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