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Nine Sun God King - Chapter 568

Published at 26th of May 2019 03:24:14 PM

Chapter 568

Chapter 568

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After seeing this Chu Binyu quickly came over and shouted: "Are you deliberately picking fight?"

The flame of the Immortal fire pool is relatively mild in normal times . People can indeed inject energy into it, making the flame of the Immortal fire pool more fierce .

These family children, more than a dozen people injecting energy together, apparently deliberately enhanced the flame inside the Immortal fire pool .

Originally, the normal Immortal fire pool flame was not too terrible and boiling would have been fine .

It has been enhanced so much now that it is even harder .

"Don't see that are we using the flame of the Immortal fire pool?"

"Is there a rule that we are not allowed to use the Immortal Fire Pool?"

"Isn't it just punishing a person? For this reason, we are forbidden to use the Immortal Fire Pool, which is too unreasonable!"

Chu Binyu heard the words of these disciples and the kind face became serious and angry .

"What do you want to do?" He clenched his fist and wanted to slap all the family disciples in front of him .

"We are refinding weapons!" A young man laughed and he put his weapon in the Immortal fire pool . .

"Chu Binyu, you are just a guest elder, you are overstepping your boundary!" A man in a red dress smirked: "You just honestly watch and get ready to collect Qin Yun's corpse, don't speak so much nonsense!"

The guest elders did not have any status but they were relatively free .

However, Chu Binyu's strength is still very strong .

"You must stop now!" Chu Binyu's coldly said .

"Why? Is there any regulation? If you can, stop us from doing it!" A young man sneered .

Chu Binyu suddenly waved his hand and made a wave of air, floating all the dozens of family disciples out .

The flame in the Immortal fire pool suddenly weakened a lot .

This made those family disciples angry .

Chu Binyu also only gently took them away and did not hurt them .

Inside the Immortal Weapon City, if they are wounded, Chu Binyu will be attacked by the elders of the family forces .

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Just then, several old people arrived .

They are elders of the family power and the elders of the outer sect and the main sect have more power .

Later, more than a dozen young disciples came and are disciples of those families .

"Carry on!" A blue clothe elder of a family power said coldly .

Although the strength of these elders is not as good as Chu Binyu, they are not afraid at all .

"Elder Chu, please also do not interfere with our disciples to use the Immortal fire pool!" The blue clothed elder, looking at Chu Binyu, said in a voice full of threatening tone .

"Why are you doing this? Is it not enough to punish Qin Yun for seven days?" Chu Bin Yu asked with a trace of anger .

The elders of the family power did not answer .

Now, nearly 30 family disciples are constantly injecting energy into the fire pool to enhance the flames .

The flame burned very quickly and it raised a few meters . Qin Yun's exposed shoulders are almost touched and his lower body was covered with flame .

This kind of flame is very strong and Qin Yun feels really hot at this time .

He can only mobilize the power of the whole body to protect himself from being burnt by flames .

Chu Binyu looked at Qin Yun who was hung and was anxious and angry and wanted to fly over .

"If you save Qin Yun, he will not be able to complete this penalty and he will not be able to enter Immortal Weapon City . " The blue clothed eldersaid in cold voice .

Chu Binyu seems to understand the intentions of these people, that is to prevent Qin Yun from entering the Immortal Weapon City .

Qin Yun, who was burned by the flame, finally couldn’t stand it and shouted in pain .

"Qin Yun, can you stick to it? If you don't want to enter the Immortal Weapon City, we can wait until there is a chance later!" Chu Binyu looked at the painful Qin Yun and asked quickly .

"I can hold on!" Qin Yun grit his teeth: "I will not let these bastards' plan succeed!"

Chu Binyu also showed a face of admiration and nodded: "Good! Be sure to stick to it!"

The disciples here are also cursing the family disciples in their hearts, they have to watch Qin Yun being tortured .

They saw Qin Yun’s strong and unyielding spirit and they were deeply infected and secretly admired him .

Under such a fierce burning, Qin Yun can endure and this strength is also shocking .

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The elders of the family forces thought that Qin Yun was wearing armor armor but now they can see that Qin Yun’s upper body clothes have been burned .

All of his body is wrapped in flames!

At this time, they also found that Qin Yun had a layer of black things on his body .

"It is a black flame!"

"Is it the black fire martial spirit?"

"It should be true! This mysterious black fire is really powerful and it can withstand such a fierce burning!"

After everyone saw it, they are all amazed .

The black flame released by Qin Yun is like a dress, wrapping his body .

This is the most powerful Nether Sun fire released by the Nether Sun Martial spirit with nine dao life marks under control of Ling Yun'er .

Chu Binyu also feels extremely surprised, said: "Qin Yun, you will be a outer sect disciple soon, with your strength, you can certainly get a lot of resources! Stepping into the Spirit Martial Realm is just around the corner!"

After the elders of the family forces heard it, their faces changed and then they quickly went over, and they injected energy into the Immortal fire pool .

Hu hu hu!

After several Martial Kings injected energy, the flame of the Immortal fire pool rose up, more than ten meters high .

Now, they can't see Qin Yun at all!

"You guys wait for me!" Qin Yun roared and shouted: "Villa master, where are the elders from?"

"Yang, Long and Tian family!" Chu Binyu saw the flame so strong and could not help but worry: "Qin Yun, are you willing to give up?"

Other disciples feel very sorry . They also know those family forces are determined to stop Qin Yun from entering Immortal Weapon City .

"Villa master, help me contact fox elder Jing Xianhu of the Demon Moon Island, I want her to release a bounty reward!"

"I want to use the Golden Ape Totem to for the heads of three families' patriarachs in the Proud Star state!"

Qin Yun’s angry voice vibrated from the sea of ​​fire .

The square was covered in heat and everyone sucked in a cold air .

Qin Yun really wants to use the Golden Ape Totem to publish bounty for the heads of the three families's patriarchs .

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One should know that the demand for totems is very high among powerful inscription masters .

Even the high level Dao Inscription Masters want to collect more totem runes .

This golden ape totem is also quite good .

There must be many Dao Inscription Masters who would want it!

The disciples and elders of the family power have changed their faces .

"Qin Yun, rest assured, I will definitely help you contact the fox elder!" Chu Binyu wants to let Qin Yun give up this penalty and temporarily not enter the Immortal Weapon City .

However, Qin Yun is very persistent . The more the family forces do not want him to enter, the more he wants to enter .

"Qin Yun, the likes of you should give up entering Immortal Weapon City! You are simply not worthy of being with us!" A family disciple shouted .

"You are the enemy of our Long family and we must not let you enter the Immortal Weapon City!"

"The people of our Yang family have also been killed by you . When you enter the Immortal Weapon City, it will definitely pose a threat to us!"

"Qin Yun, you will be burned for seven days, even if you don't die, you will be seriously injured . You will not be healed for decades!"

Those who are from the family's power are threatening Qin Yun and to force him to give up entering the Immortal Weapon City .

"You guys, should stop thinking about it!" Qin Yun’s angry roar came out: "Villa master, help me write down the names of these old guys!"

Writing down their names, obviously it is to publish bounty on them!

If he use the Golden Ape Totem to offer a reward, that will definitely be very dangerous .

This made the elders to withdraw their strength and if they continue, they will heavily injure Qin Yun .

It is too much work and the other people at that time will definitely use this to deal with them .

The flame suddenly weakened a lot .

Qin Yun's upper body was seen again but the flame is still very fierce .

Only those family disciples are still injecting energy and enhancing the flames .

At this moment, a beautiful cute girl with a beautiful and graceful figure, holding a bottle, walked in quickly .

When they saw this girl coming, many young men were excited .

"Isn't this Liu Jingmeng?"

"What is she doing here?"

"So beautiful and cute, I really want to touch her face!"

"She’s a beautiful Immortal and she’s also a Spirit Martial Realm Xuan Inscription Master! So far above others!"

When they saw Liu Jingmeng coming, everyone was amazed .

The family disciples also showed their smiles and looked at Liu Jingmeng who came over .

"Sister, why are you frowning? What happened? Brother will help you solve it!"

"Tell me anything, I will help you!"

"Sister, don't be unhappy, just ask for help . "

The children of the families also knew that Liu Jingmeng was very pure and innocent, so they all showed false smiles and spoke hypocritical words .

They all want to capture the heart of Liu Jingmeng because as long as they can acquire such a talented and beautiful girl, they can enjoy her for many years .

"Really? Can you help me?" Liu Jingmeng hugged the bottle and smiled a little and asked quickly .

"You can say it, what can I help you with?" A young man asked .

"The flame here is too strong . Can you make the flame smaller?" Liu Jingmeng pointed to the Immortal fire pool, with wrinkled eyebrows, she talked softly .

The group of disciples are suddenly dumbfounded .

Liu Jingmeng suddenly came here actually to help Qin Yun .

"This . . . we are refining weapons, it is more important, so we can't do it!" A young man, seeing the elder's face, said quickly .

Other family disciples can't stop it anymore because it is very important to prevent Qin Yun from entering Immortal Weapon City .

Liu Jingmeng snorted and said with some anger: "A group of liar! Obviously can help me but don't want to! If you don't refine weapon now, can't you do it later?"

She did not know that this group of people were targeting Qin Yun and really thought they were refining weapons .

"You are all liar, I will not talk to you anymore!" Liu Jingmeng snorted and then leaped gently to the Immortal fire Pool .

Liu Jingmeng went in and went to Qin Yun's side!

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