Nine Tailed System - Chapter 74

Published at 30th of March 2019 07:25:07 PM

Chapter 74

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Since the castle is all torn to pieces, Marco, Alice, the Grangold King and the Queen Ant were in the assembly hall in the town .

Grangold King: Really, thank you for everything you've done . Words alone are unable to described how indebted to you we are .

"But numbers will be able to describe it", this is what Marco wanted to say, but they are currently using money to repair the buildings . The Queen, not angry any longer, had a gentle expression on her face .

Queen Ant: I too was about to commit a grave error . The humans I was going to oppress all have fathers and mothers who would have grieved for them as I grieved for my children . Just as I have a bond with my children, so do the humans have bonds with theirs .

I did not realize it… I viewed all humans as evil and unable to feel emotions as I did . This town that we destroyed, we shall help rebuild . After that… Well, that will be saved for later . My children do not seem to dislike living in this town . If the humans permit it, we may stay in this town .

Grangold King: The belief through the world is that humans and monsters live here in perfect coexistence… But that wasn't true . I intend to make that falsehood a reality, and let human and monsters here live in harmony .

Queen Ant: I wish for the same . Searching for a solution together with the humans may not be a bad idea .

Marco: Look, as much as I wished for this to happen, this is getting a bit too cringy .

The Grangold King and Queen Ant started to laugh at the same time .

Queen Ant: Hahaha… I guess you're right…

Grangold King: Marco, you set out to make a world where humans and monsters can coexist, right? Those thoughts of yours are what has saved this town .

Marco: . . . Whatever… Alice, we will leave now .

Alice opened her mouth but Marco interrupted quickly .

Marco: We don't need gifts…

Alice: Ah… What? N . . . No… No gift… .

Alice had a sad look on her face, since the town was under repairs Marco wasn't able to buy any ingredient for pizza, so she couldn't eat that neither .

Grangold King: I see… I wish you safety on your travels!

Queen Ant: I thank you, human Hero… . And . . .

Marco: I don't think that threatening to shoot someone for some information makes me a hero… But whatever…

Everyone ignored Marco and Alice interrupted the Queen Ant's words .

Alice: I'm a traveling gourmet .

Queen Ant: . . . Thank you, Miss Gourmet . I will never forget this favor .

Marco: Then, we're off .

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Marco and Alice left Grangold, which is peaceful right now .

Alice: What's our next destination?

Marco: I think we should go to the Succubus Village…

Alice: . . . Damn pervert .

Marco: So says the lord of every sperm-lusted monster . I don't care about fucking there, just checking things, and if you want to offend me you gotta try more .

Alice sighed and followed Marco towards the Succubus Village .


It was afternoon, there were people working, gossiping, drinking, eating… The streets were clean, the houses were done well . and there was not even a trace of Succubi . However the villagers of the Succubus Village were all so gloomy .

Around the place were scattered many soldiers and heroes, in front of someone new of this village, one would think they were here to defend… But they were here for the Succubi, not for the protection…

Alice: The Purple Sabbath is tonight . Tonight the purple moon will be full .

The Purple Sabbath was an event that happens every 100 years when the purple moon comes in the sky, the erotic-type monsters like Succubi would get stronger and their ovaries will be easily fertilized, a perfect time for them .

Marco: Well, somehow I get the best timing… Let's go to the Chief of the Village to talk about the problem…

Alice agreed and both of them walked towards the biggest house .

?: Young man over there, would you like your fortune told?

Marco turned around and found a pink haired woman that was wearing a red dress and a red witch hat, she had white gloves and a pair of glasses .

Marco: Huh?

?: Since the village is in such a horrid state, I'll do it for free!

Marco: Sure…

The woman took Marco's hand and closed her eyes, Marco could feel a presence of magic, and guessed she was trying to read his future . Her eyes widened and with a serious face she said .

?: If you take a certain path, your story will be written down as one of the most legendary ones, but even a single mistake and you will die…

Marco: *Sigh* Yeah, I know… But I decided to do it myself . Thank you for your fortune telling session . Bye .

?: Bye, young man . And good luck with your adventure .

The mysterious woman waved at Marco, while he and Alice walked away . But Marco was careful around her… Because that woman is a Succubus… Not only that, but an Elder Succubus too, she and the Chief of the village are Elder Succubi .

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They finally reached the biggest building and knocked at the door, some moments later a green haired woman with red eyes, wearing a green dress with a brown short cape and hat, opened the door . She was the Chief of the village and the second Elder Succubus .

Chief: Welcome, traveler . I'm the chief of this village .

The she scanned Marco from head to toe .

Chief: You know, right… Every 100 years, Succubi attack this village in a large group . It's called the Purple Sabbath, and it's going to happen tonight .

Marco: You don't say? I came here to defend the village .

Chief: Hehe… That will be a big help . We can always do with more strong men…

Marco: Yes… Do you want to see a magic trick? I will be able to solve the problems of everyone in this village .

Chief: Oh? Then I'll see it .

Marco: Alright . Now look at the hand .

Marco extended his right arm at the right, and opened the hand, revealing nothing . The Chief looked with curiosity what Marco would do .

Marco: Now, at my 10, something strange will happen… 1… 2… 10!

He activated the Chakra Gate and used Gnome's powers with Sylph's speed, before bitch slapping the Chief, making her fall unconscious in one single attack .

Marco: Alright, problem solved . Alice, hide the body while I wait for the other Elder Succubus .

Alice: So you know about it?

Marco: Yep .

Alice shrugged and grabbed the body, dragging it away . Marco hid behind the door, and waited for the woman who told him his fortune to come here, while he was still in the Chakra Gate and with Sylph and Gnome's powers summoned .

Some hours later, Marco was behind the door, unnoticed from the world even if his body was glowing, while Alice was holding the Chief's body upstairs, to avoid that she could make a mess or reveal their plan to the other Succubus .

The door opened, and a joyous familiar woman entered .

Elder Succubus: Hey Sarah! I'm ba-

Marco was behind her and grabbed her head with his arms, surprised, the Elder Succubus tried to struggle, but it was too late when…


. . . Marco twisted the Elder Succubus' head, and her body became limp before it glowed and turned into an unconscious bat . Then he deactivated the Chakra Gate and yelled .

Marco: Alice! The other one is down!

Alice came down from the first floor with a struggling Chief, Marco picked up the unconscious bat and walked towards Alice and the Chief .

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Alice released the Chief and removed her hand from her mouth .

Chief: Fuu… Fuu… You! Why did you do that!?

Marco: Well, I told you that I would have done a magic trick to solve this problem, and now it is solved, without the Elder Succubi commanding the rest of the succubi that will appear during the Purple Sabbath, it will be easier finishing the problem .

Chief: W-What!? H . . . How did you know…?!

Marco: I'm not a fucktard, it was easy to sense you two, and there wasn't any other powerful being here .

And here he was, bullshitting again, he already knew about everything .

Chief: *Sigh* Then we failed…

Marco: We will talk later about it, there is still something to fix…


*Event: The Purple Sabbath is rising in the sky, the monsters are coming as strong as ever, you need to save the village from… Porn?*

*Objective: Defeat the Succubi [2/37]*

*Optional Objective 1: Defeat Lilith and Lilim*

*Optional Objective 2: Defeat Minagi*

* . . . *

*Reward: 20% increase on Willpower*

*Optional Reward 1: +10% increase on Willpower*

*Optional Reward 2: Free access to the next Gate*

Marco: …

Alice: . . . So… What is there to fix?

Marco: Huh?

Marco recovered from the surprise he received from the message, and remembered what is happening .

Marco: Oh right, the Purple Sabbath will come here anyways, so I should defend the village from the Succubi, when I finished here, we will talk once again…

The Chief sighed, and waited on the sofa while Alice checked on her, meanwhile Marco walked out from the building, and looked up, finding the purple moon in the sky . He took out a cigarette and started smoking .

Marco: 'I'll just ignore the last objective…'

He must have lost many brain cells if he thought he could even try to defeat Minagi, one of the Six Ancestors, and she was even sealed somewhere where it is almost impossible releasing her .

Since he already defeated the Elder Succubi, Lilith and Lilim would not be revived, so there remains the 35 Succubi in the village .

Marco: 'System… What is an Event?'


*Event: This is a type of quest that came out with the Nine Tailed System 3 . 0, the types of events that can trigger this feature are the following ones:

Purple Sabbath




And many more…*

*The events will give a mission to host and a proper reward once completed, there isn't any punishment if the quest is failed . *

Marco: 'Unexpected, but welcomed… Alright!'

Marco started to glow golden, and used the Chakra Gate, before kicking the ground .


1st . Kick Gabriel's ass

2nd . Achieve coexistence between Monsters and Humans

3rd . Kill Illias

4th . Return to Lucifina's grave

5th . Visit every places in Illias Continent, Sentora and Hellgondo

6th . Turn back to Sabasa Kingdom


1st . Defeat the Succubi [2/37]

2nd . [Optional] Defeat Lilith and Lilim

3rd . [Optional] Defeat Minagi