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Nisha of the Red - Chapter 14

Published at 18th of August 2019 09:53:33 AM

Chapter 14

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"My son!?" the mother hollered as she ran to her son in fright . The headmistress saw the blood dripping out of his ears and his hands dyed red . She panicked and glared angrily at Nisha with tears running down her sickly face .

"How could the Red Ancestor ever acknowledge you!? You're a vicious girl who would even harm her own family!" The headmistress shrieked .

Nisha looked at the woman amused due to her wild claims . She was going very easy on this family and didn't seek any of their lives at the moment, because she wanted to experiment more . However, the head concubine also sought out to get punished by her . Sometimes she wondered if the woman had a fetish of some sort .

"How could that be? I was only talking to our guest when eldest brother plucked his own ears out . " Nisha stated in a matter of fact .

The maids and the headmistress looked shocked at the fifth miss . They were all thinking the same thing, 'What sane person would pluck his ears out?' The headmistress face turned red from anger and wanted to throw Nisha into a pit of snakes .

"L-liar! Liar, LIAR!!!" She screamed like an angry child before the crazed headmistress could rush over to Nisha to claw her face off the giant doors to the dining hall opened full force . Chilly air came rushing in the dining hall that caused Ana to slightly shiver . Nisha tucked her little sister in a side embrace shielding her from the elements . Ana quickly claimed down and looked towards the entrance of the hall . A middle-aged man with deep-set eyes and winkles claimed what little good looks he had . His black hair was mixed in with the greys on his head and mustache . The man looked around the hall while his many attendants followed his every step as he walked to his seat at the table overlooking his wounded son .

Ana was frightened as she recognized the man, and Nisha through her vampiric version can tell that the man that walked in was Henry Vaan Westhaven . The monster that governed this estate . Nisha couldn't help but smile as he took his place at the table . The headmistress held her breath in as her thoughts of 'That bastard finally came home!' came true . She also saw this as a blessing, because she knew her husband would not tolerate Nisha climbing over his head to power and wealth that was above his . She instantly developed a plan and began to act .

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"H-husband!" she cried weakly as she was at her child's side like a pitiful beaten mother . "Look what Nisha did to her older brother . . . How could she do this to her own family? We raised her better than this . " She wept .

Anybody could tell what the head mistress's act was fruitless, if the lord of the estate didn't care at the beginning of the hall why would he care at the ending of the hall? But Nisha knew that Henry would play along with this woman to demonstrate his dominance . But to everybody's surprise, he looked at his wife puzzled as if he was looking at an idiot .

Henry sat on his throne-like chair and let out a sigh . He grew tired of this old haggard woman that spoiled his sight the moment he came home . He saw his useless son covering his ears while he sat in a pool of blood, and now his concubine was trying to blame it on his used toy . It was embarrassing for him for others to see his concubine display this type of behavior in front of honored guests .

"Rouslin, please don't embarrass yourself in front of our guests . " He finally said . Nisha wanted to laugh, but could only hold it and held Ana tighter to restrict herself from making a sound . And she couldn't help but realize that the headmistress had a name, but this body never knew . Her younger sister saw it as her sister was shaken with fear to look at their worst nightmare . Ana in return soothed Nisha's hair to comfort her, Nisha wondered if she misunderstood something . However, Ana's actions once more warmed her heart to adore her little sister more .

The headmistress stared at him the wide eye and wondered if she heard correctly .

"Husband . . . . but our Winston . " She attempted again with her soft act, but her husband gestured with his hand for her to stop her nonsense .

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"Get him treated, I will not see you out," he said coldly .

Roslin trembled with angry and glared at Nisha again before bowing towards her husband while being escorted out with her son and maids . The dinner hall was quiet as a few maids came over to clean up the blood on the floor again .

On the other hand, Temple's attendant eyed one of Nisha's servants that looked identical to the other . A pair of exquisite twins with hair like rainbows and beautiful frames that attracted any hot-blooded man . He noticed one of them slightly opened her a mouth as if to speak, but no sound came out . He senses no spiritual energy from it and only knew that the young master of the estate had his eardrums burst without him knowing it . While his master looked unfazed from the events that occurred before him . He could also tell that his master was in a very good mood . For example, his master would never take the time to bother with the opposite sex and smiled freely . The only times he smiled was when he's fighting, plotting, or toppling over people's heads .

The lord of the Westhaven estate face softens after his embarrassment left the hall as he faced his new guests . A smile finally spread across his face as he raised up his silver goblet filled with wine .

"Greetings fellow guests who have traveled far and wide to attend this humble dinner . I apologize for the inconvenience my family has caused while I was away . "

Gutless and the other monster maids had no real reaction to his words and just remained by Nisha's side . Temple smile soon disappeared the moment Henry spoke, while his attendant closed his eyes . Henry only nodded his head and observed the experts reactions . He can tell that they were from powerful backgrounds that he couldn't afford to offend .

"Sir Temple, I have read my son's letters of your accomplishments and I'm honored to have you as my guest . I'll make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible . " He said sincerely . Henry looked over to the monster maids and was almost stunned stupid by their unparalleled beauty . "Thank you for visiting my humble home honored experts . I was only notified at short notice of your arrival and wasn't able to accommodate your needs . As the head of the Westhaven family, please accept my sincerest apologies . "

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The beautiful monster maids remained expressionless as they made eye contact with the lord of the estate . Henry felt an invisible pressure the moment their eyes made contact with his . He started to sweat a bit from their powerful auras .

"It makes no difference to us, we will make our own arrangements on our stay . " Gutless simply said . It sounded extremely overbearing to Henry because they will make their own living arrangements within his home without his say . For a man that was controlling felt his very being was challenged, he wanted to fight back, but he couldn't . They were strong, too strong for him to handle . If they wanted to they could raze his land to the ground without the king coming to his defense . The king would side with them in hopes to curry favor . The most he could do was swallow his pride, even though it was extremely difficult for him .

"Please excuse me for my ignorance . "

Temple looked at the daughter and father pair in amusement . He never saw such a thing to occur when the father wouldn't recognize the daughter, but overlook her existence like air . But he was fooled too, not too long ago . When he came into the hall, somehow he overlooked her and was only able to see her escorts visibly present . But when she laughed he was able to see her and the little one attached to her hip . He wondered what type of reaction would Lord Westhaven have when he finally notices his fifth daughter .

"Please sit and eat, I will call in entertainment to enhance your night . " He smiled towards the monster maids .

"We are only servants to our master, and have no right to sit at the same table . " Gutless spoke once again . Luna and Una nod their heads in agreement . Henry was confused from what they said, but realization soon hit him like a ton of bricks . He bolted up from his seat startling his attendants and servants in the process . He frantically looked around the room to spot the mysterious expert but saw no one else besides the servants, and the five people dining with him .

Henry suddenly thought of how experts due to their old age become eccentric over time and were probably hiding in plain sight . He unleashed his aura of the Iron stage to probe for the hiding master . With his aura of the iron stage spread out, he finally saw the extraordinary auras of the servants of the master . It caused him to shiver in fear as he saw with his own eyes three Heavenly King experts call themselves servants . He concluded that their master was must be someone that his country's King wasn't even worthy to see . Temple's aura was compressed due to his enchanted gloves he clearly saw and his servant by his side was at the Gold stage, but he couldn't see at what level .

The lord of the Westhaven estate searched high and low and only saw vague traces of bone chilly aura . Just sensing the few pieces of cold aura caused his physical body to develop frost on his being . Temples smile deepened and his attendant looked surprised .

"No need to look further, my master would not appear at the moment . " Nisha softly said that broke the silence of the hall .

Henry stiffly looked towards the new voice in the hall due to the frost aura causing his movement to become rigid . It was at the moment that he saw the most dazzling scene in his life, no beauties nor riches could compare to such a young divine creature . He was hypnotized by her and could only desperately swallow the dryness in his throat .

"It's a pleasure to meet your existence, your honor," Henry said dazedly . Nisha didn't care for his brain dead episode and this time stood up from her seat and slowly unleashed her true vampiric aura . The mortals in the hall collapsed one by one from her presence beside Ana who still remained seated . When Temple's attendant saw this he hurriedly handed his Gold stage aura to a shield to protect him from the fifth miss unsealed aura . It created frost everywhere it touched, the only places that were not affected was her entourage and Temple's area . The attendant knew that his master used his senseless aura to protect them without any effort, but he grew worried .

"Welcome home father . " Nisha smiled devilishly, but to everyone, it added more womanly charm to her .

Nisha's father gawked at her and finally connected all the clues that revealed itself . His face turned purple from the confusion of uncontrollable sexual attraction and bloodlust . He wanted to commit murder and worship her .

Temple drank his wine and savored the taste as he looked at Nisha from across the table . His attendant was already familiar with his master's habits and knew what his master was eager to do . He only hoped that his master wouldn't over do it this time around .

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