No Battle No Life - Volume 1 - Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Volume 1 Chapter 7: Oi, the one in front, we’re fighting a war here, be serious!

Before the battle of Aude, on the way to Aude, the French side

All theories before the battle were only theories, and the most concrete decisions can only be made on the battlefield itself .

“Warriors! March quick and let us make for the battlefield as quick as we can!” Tu rushed the marching troops as he thought about what might happen in the upcoming battle .

This was an expansive area called Aude . To the west was a river that flowed from south toward the north, and to the east was another river that flowed from east to west . These 2 rivers intersected to form marshes and several lakes which could serve as a natural barrier for battles,

In the center of these lakes and rivers was a triangular area with an elevated plateau in the center, forming a highland area, and this highland area was the only passageway through the marshes .

— In any case, no matter how you look at it, the Massif Central is a critical position . Just like the Pratzen Heights in the Battle of Austerlitz, it is very likely that positioning and proper usage of the surrounding geography will be the decisive factor in this upcoming battle .

The inspired troops fast marched toward their destination, as their king had told them, that victory was built upon their own 2 feet .

“Victory will be ours! Let us teach a lesson to the Austro-Hungarians who do not know their place!” Ney’s words ignited the flame in the troops’ hearts while having the king himself personally lead the army greatly increased morale .

“Long live France! Long live France! Long live the king!!” The troops were cheering excitedly, as though victory had already come .

“Your majesty… I’m still a little worried . Your majesty need not personally come out on to the battlefield right…” Ney rode up to Tu and whispered in his ear .

— That’s right, we are, after all, at a numerical disadvantage . A 10,000 man disadvantage . And if Ney doesn’t believe in his majesty’s sword skills and comes for my head instead, things will get a lot more troublesome .

In battles, the power of having a numerical advantage means that the amount of troops at your disposal is more and one can increase the troops on one’s side at a critical time or just plainly using them to increase pressure on the enemy .

— On this point, numerical advantage is definitely not something to scoff at .

But what decides victory is not just numbers, but also the quality of the troops and morale . Most important of all is the commander’s judgement . There are many examples of battles where the victors were able to overcome a numerical disadvantage, and this gave Tu a fair bit of confidence .

— I used to destroy my enemies as Prussia using superior mobility to overcome the problem of numbers after all .

But again, if the enemy were to stick together and hold their position, then it would be a battle of attrition . In that case, there would be no way to defeat a 30,000 strong force with 20,000 .

Though these were his thoughts, Tu still smiled to allay Ney’s concerns . “If that’s what you think, then so is the enemy . Don’t worry, just let out all your fury onto the enemies when the time comes!”

“Un… Alright, your majesty . ” Ney could only smile awkwardly as his thoughts were seen through . He could not read the young king’s intentions at all, just like the slap when they suppressed the rebellion… It was like that then, and it’s still the same even now . “I worried too much, your majesty should be fine . ”

Though he looked young and sometimes silly, this youth always felt strangely reliable, and that was the very reason why Ney chose to follow him .

And from the recent policies and reforms, this youth, who was both resolute and effective, was definitely capable and someone he could follow . His mercilessness when he was arresting and judging the corrupt officers was something unbelievable to Ney .

— Hai, since I already made my choice, I just have to do my best…

Ney tossed his thoughts aside . Though he was still worried, the main stickler was that the young king was still inexperienced and as a someone who had been through many battles, he believed that he knew better than the youth .

— But he did not know, that this youth was once the monarch who brought about miracles when he led Prussia .

“Eh, have you all heard? I heard that the other side has a female general . ” Lannes said with a frivolous look on his rather handsome face, and shattered the previous awkward atmosphere .

“Why have you come out here, don’t you need to mind your cannons?” Ney, who still wore an awkward expression said .

— Female general…

When Tu heard this, a chill ran down his spine . There was no proof for it, but since that guy had come up here to say as much, he was probably going to try and link that female general with Tu, who still had no queen .

— Though I don’t really mind being made fun of by them, I still don’t want it to happen . This was a game after all and I want to enjoy my time here…

“The artillery is in the rearguard, your majesty . But never mind that, do you all know?”

Lannes was adamant on continuing this topic . Because this was their first battle, no one was sure of anything as most of their information was based on hearsay .

This Jean Lannes who was following beside should be a player . Tu felt it was weird that these fellows seemed to like using the names of famous generals but from their casual manner of speech, they shouldn’t be NPCs created in their image .

— I only know these famous generals from seeing their portraits thought so who knows? Maybe the real ones act like this as well?

“A… Woman?!”

“That’s right, this is my most most most concrete information . ” As Lannes repeated these words, his short greyish silver hair seemed to shake in satisfaction .

“It’s the commanding officer for the Austro-Hungarian army that’s coming this time . Seems like she is about 17 or 18 years of age and I heard she was from the closed beta and always led the cavalry shock troops . ”

Supposedly, the original inhabitants were used to calling the closed beta period as the closed beta period . Seems like they think that it is a game by the gods . Tu could only laugh at such a convenient understanding .

— But this did make it easier to communicate . At least the players need not worry about making the original inhabitants suspicious when talking about the world as a game . I must say, the game designers are really meticulous huh .

“Someone from the closed beta? Your majesty, do you know her?”

— The same age as me huh…

— Wrong wrong, what am I thinking, this is war, I should be more serious .

Though Lannes said she was a closed beta player, he had never heard of such a person before when he led Prussia so he felt that it would definitely be interesting when they meet on the battlefield,

But now they know nothing about her . The report from the information bureau only mentioned that there was a female general but this can’t be helped as the information bureau was newly set up and the information networks are probably not in place yet .

Tu, whose head was filled with slender legs in black socks, felt a strong curiosity towards this unknown enemy . He never thought that he would find something interesting on the battlefield apart from battle itself . Perhaps it could be one of those war princesses that appear in books .

— Oh right, this game is pretty realistic so there won’t be any war princesses with cheat abilities . I just hope she looks decent when we meet, and isn’t fully covered from head to toe in plate armour like a tin can .

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“What is her name?”

“Seems like it’s Dawn but this is just hearsay . I also heard that she is a ravishing beauty and even jewels paled in comparison to her beauty . ”

“Sir Lannes, bragging a little here and there in front of me is one thing, but how can you brag so audaciously in front of his majesty? How beautiful can a female general be? Stop your delusions already . ” Saint-Cyr interjected mercilessly just as Lannes was getting to a good part .

“She belongs to the cavalry, take care not to be too mesmerised when you engage her or you will be killed before you know it . ” Lannes said, not too happy at being interrupted by Saint-Cyr .

“Hahaha… Don’t joke around, when the time comes his majesty will definitely order us to capture her alive . ” Saint-Cyr laughed as the wind blew his dark red hair and scarlet cape .

“That will have to depend on you lot . When you see her in the flesh, you must tell me about her . ”

The youth couldn’t hold back and interjected with one sentence . He had been trying to maintain his silence and keep up a majestic presence but since everyone else around him was chatting, how could he not join in .

“Do all young men get excited when they hear about beautiful women? Your majesty still lacks a queen right? Un?”

Tu only smiled in response and turned his head around, “We’re here… Go and prepare as we have planned . ”

A sly smile appeared on the youth’s face .

Before the battle of Aude, the Austro-Hungarian side

About 30,000 or so marched off from Vienna with much fanfare as they dragged their gargantuan amount of supplies along .

The dust from the marching troops threatened to engulf the flags that were flying high every step and the sounds of bugles and horse footfalls made the contingent ever more imposing .

Though the Royal Guard from Vienna did not sortie, a sizeable amount of troops was gathered . Even though it was just a battle to test France’s strength, Francis did not intend on giving them an easy time either .

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The Austro-Hungarian generals gathered together on horseback and began chatting in a small circle .

“I heard that the enemy’s king is leading the battle himself . This one should be tough . ”

“Earl Charles, you are thinking too much . Even if the enemy’s king did come, our overwhelming numerical advantage of about 10,000 or so will render them powerless . ”

“Anyone with a little bit of common sense will know that we just need continue advancing westward with our troops . Can those weaklings even stop us?”

Such flippant, arrogant words showed the contempt they had towards the French army .

“Probably not, but I still feel uneasy . ”

“Earl Charles, please remember where you stand . Our primary mission is to ensure our troops from the northern regions return home safely, and not how to help fight a war for those fellows from Vienna . I don’t know what you’re thinking about but it’s best you leave it behind . ”

— Probably an after effect from when the Prussians ambushed us . Forget it, I’m probably thinking too much .

— In any case we’re here only for the gold from the royal army . No matter what the bulk of the honours will be snatched away by them anyway in the end .

— I really don’t know what the Duke is thinking . When we were fighting the Prussians, I don’t recall Vienna sending any reinforcements!

— Never mind, no point thinking further . I’ll deal with things as they come…

Earl Charles shook his head as he tried to clear those bad memories from his head .

“All troops on alert, we have reached the battlefield . ”

The golden haired girl riding at the front was the one who gave the order . At long last, they finally reached the battlefield . She was going to relax but after hearing the report from the cavalry scout, her face that had just begun to loosen immediately tightened into an anxious expression .

“Report, Lady Dawn, those Frenchies have arrived!”