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Chapter 14

Time flies and it has been one year and a few months passed since Tsubaki and her mother came to the Mizushima’s house .

At last the entrance examination for the primary school will be held this year, if Tsubaki passed the entrance examination she wouldn’t have to be prepared for the exams hell that would unfold every semester and could easily get into the university with the school’s escalator system .
And for where Tsubaki and Kyousuke will be taking their entrance exam, it would be at the primary school of the Takamine Academy .
Tsubaki believes it would be much more convenient if she and Kyousuke in the same school if she wanted to protect Kyousuke from the hand’s of the devil . Also, if Mio’s school enrollments were still same as in the game, she should start to appear around the junior high school .
Probably, it would be the same as in the game . Thought Tsubaki .

About the matter with Kurahashi, it has already become an open secret where the people around believe the one who started this was Mio’s mother, where everyone also knew the antagonism the Shuugetsu had with the Mizushima, and also how she held a grudge against Yuriko since their childhood .
And besides that one, there are also some people who share the same opinion about the cause of all of this was Kurahashi . Moreover, it was very apparent on how the people around had a sympathy toward Yuriko, who was the one got tricked into this matter .
Also with how the sisters with different mothers, Tsubaki and Mio, to commute the same school where their mothers’ divorce even still hadn’t passed a year . Tsubaki believes even the Takamine Academy’s side would want to avoid this scenario . All that would happen only troubles .
If Tsubaki and Mio go to the Takamine Academy, surely the academy would take in Tsubaki who was one of the Mizushima .
Around here the Mizushima’s influence gets became more apparent .
Tsubaki’s believes since the interview session would be excluded from the primary school entrance exam, there would be only tests for etiquette, general knowledge, and exercise test so it should be easy for her . Although that’s only if she was got accepted into the Takamine Academy .

In the mood for such an exam, Kyousuke, who had finally begun to exchange diary book with his father, was in a very bad mood recently .
Although everyone knows the reason, no one dares to touch this topic .

About the reason, actually, tomorrow Tsubaki and Yuriko will leave the Mizushima house .
Yuriko and Asahina who had been engaged just got married the other day .
Tsubaki, Yuriko, and Asahina would begin their new life tomorrow at the house that the Asahina had given to them .

A friend that has the same age as him and a motherly figure and kindness that Yuriko has, Kyousuke must be found it hard to accept that he would lose all of it from tomorrow on .
Nevertheless, it would be impossible for Tsubaki to stay alone in the Mizushima house and for Asahina to come and go to the Mizushima house .
Here Kyousuke could only be patience . Because next year he and Tsubaki would enroll into the same school so they wished Kyousuke would be patient until then .

Even after hearing that explanation from his father and Yuriko, Kyousuke’s mood still not getting any better .
While Tsubaki was studying in the sunroom like usual, Kyousuke who was eating a snack quietly began to speak with a reserved tone .

“Will you come playing here again?” (Kyousuke)
“Un, of course . I really love eating the snack while in the sunroom of this house after all . ” (Tsubaki)

“I, I see . ” (Kyousuke)

Seems like Kyousuke think that if Tsubaki leaves this house, she would never coming back again .
Immediately, right after Tsubaki said she would be coming back again, Kyousuke was smiling just for a moment, but he can’t hide how happy he was with his lips that keep turned upside .
As always, his mood was fixed so easily to the level it had worried Tsubaki .
In a good mood, Kyousuke then began playing chess, that he had just learned recently, alone .
Seeing that it was just too pitiful of him playing chess alone, Tsubaki stops her study and watching Kyousuke who was so immersed in his game .
If only what he’s playing was Othello, thought Tsubaki . Sadly, the Mizushima didn’t have Othello .
Also, Tsubaki doesn’t have any will to learn chess . Even if she start learning it, it was clear how she would only get defeated by Kyousuke later .
Those who have a good memory and high comprehensive ability if compared with normal people were far off different . Not to mention Tsubaki never played chess even in her previous life so it’s almost close to impossible for Tsubaki to win against Kyousuke in chess .
And now, what Kyousuke was doing and even the chess piece that was in Kyousuke’s hand Tsubaki couldn’t tell at all .
While watching Kyousuke who was having fun and started to move the chess piece, Tsubaki started to recalled the memory she had in the Mizushima house .

Now that I think about it, that was indeed a time of peace— as if a calm before the storm .
With Kyousuke and uncle’s relationship that’s getting better and my mother that I can safely rescue, I am really, really happy .
As long as I can, I will make Kyousuke and mother happy . I’ll do my best . Tsubaki then began to renew her determination .

The next day, Tsubaki and her mother bid their farewell to the Mizushima family that had taken care of them for almost one year, and together with Asahina that had come to pick them up, they go toward their new home .
The Asahina house and the Mizushima house’s distance where approximately 30 minutes away if travel by car .
Though the Asahina house was big too like the Mizushima house, it doesn’t have the grandeur of the Mizushima house .
Rather Tsubaki prefers a house like the Asahina house were she felt really calming, she was really happy just by thinking that she would begin to live her life together with her parents in this house .
For the number of the servants, 2 maids, a cook, and a chauffeur-slash-guard, 4 people .
And while the servants were lining up and welcoming Tsubaki and her parents, Tsubaki began to talk to Asahina who was looking at the house .

“It’s a western-styled house, huh . ” (Tsubaki)
“Aa, my mother insisted it after all . Even the interior was decorated with a lot of antique, just thinking that you bumped into one of those and thought “Oh no! Did I broke it?” while the truth it’s still okay, somehow make you nervous, right?” (Asahina)
“Fufu . Then I should be more careful around them . ” (Tsubaki)

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As they talked together, Asahina guide Tsubaki to her room .
Tsubaki’s room was a lovely room that was colored in pink as the basis and the bed where a canopied bed .
The room almost like the princess bedroom that was designed for children when Tsubaki sees the room again, just thinking that she would use this room Tsubaki feel it would be such a waste on her .
After looking around her room, Tsubaki began to move toward the living room downstairs and took a seat on the sofa .
The servant who was standing by Tsubaki’s side immediately prepare a tea for her .
A few minutes later, her mother and Asahina came to the living room after looking around the house and they took a seat on the sofa across Tsubaki .

“How is the room? Do you like it?” (Asahina)
“Yes . I even feel it would be such a waste on me . ” (Tsubaki)
“Thank goodness . If there’s something you feel lacking just tell me, okay?” (Asahina)
“Yes . ” (Tsubaki)

Tsubaki’s impression of the Asahina right now and the Asahina she first time met didn’t change at all .
A friendly and unreliable person .
But, Tsubaki believes he is the ideal person that would take care of her mother dearly and make her happy .

Although this was Asahina’s first marriage, they didn’t make a wedding ceremony because this was Yuriko’s second marriage .
But in return, they had a photography session where they used wedding dress and had a dinner party together with relatives from both families .
Since Asahina is a half-Japanese, Asahina’s mother, Tsubaki’s grandmother-in-law, was a foreigner .
Previously, Asahina had told Tsubaki that his mother, the madam Asahina, was from Germany .
Although Tsubaki was a child from Yuriko’s previous marriage, Asahina’s mother where treat her kindly .
Toward the beautiful lady with excellent blond hair and blue eyes, from beginning to end, Tsubaki was watching her grandmother-in-law with entranced expression .

While Tsubaki was recalling her mother’s figure in her wedding dress from the other day, she immediately came to her senses when Asahina was talking a topic about her .

“Ah right . My sister told me that she wanted to come here to meet you, Yuriko-san . But there’s also a matter about Tsubaki-chan’s entrance examination, right? I already told her that she could meet you later at the Asahina’s Christmas party in December, but she didn’t listen to me at all, she said she’s only wanted to meet with you alone . That’s why I want to know if you okay around January . ” (Asahina)
“Maa, Emily-san was? She was so busy with her job lately, wasn’t she? I too want to meet her . Although we could still have a chat together via telephone . Now that I think about it, it has been senior high school since the last time I saw her . Is she doing well?” (Yuriko)

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“She’s doing well . On the other day, she was doing a squat while holding those compendium of laws in both hands . ” (Asahina)
“Oh my, what a relief, seems like she still the same as ever . ” (Yuriko)

Tsubaki was surprised when heard what Asahina had said, but seeing her mother was acting like that was a usual thing that Emily does, she began to input “Asahina’s little sister, Emily = An eccentric” in her mind .
To begin with, since Emily was an Attorney Tsubaki was convinced that it wouldn’t be strange for her to have the compendium of laws . Though how she used them was wrong, thought Tsubaki .

“Also, my sister’s daughter has the same age as Tsubaki-chan . Her name is Anna . I would be happy if you could get along with her . ” (Asahina)
“Is that so? What kind of girl is she?” (Tsubaki)
“She is more mature for her age . She is bright and a clever girl . I believe she would hit really well with you . ” (Asahina)
“I am already looking forward to meeting her . ” (Tsubaki)

With how unique the people from the Asahina family, that girl must be an interesting girl too . Thought Tsubaki with full of anticipation .
However, what she should be focusing now is at the imminent entrance exam first .

Since that day, Tsubaki put herself into a study for the entrance exam .
Although she should be able to pass the exam easily, reminding that she was a reincarnated person .

Digressing a bit, in this one year not only Tsubaki who has a growth and change, Mio too has them .
Mio’s mother too had her second remarriage not long later after Tsubaki’s mother had her second remarriage .
Her partner was a doctor who worked in a general hospital in a certain town, and also he was the eldest son of the hospital’s director .
Although her remarriage partner’s personality was still unclear, Tsubaki believes he was a person who could be easily manipulated reminding Mio’s mother’s character .
Through this remarriage, Mio’s position as the illegitimate daughter was raised into the hospital’s soon-to-be director’s daughter .
Most likely Mio had a thought that all of these because of the Heroine Correction work to its fullest .
Tsubaki thought it was not good at all if it was true that Mio got a help from the Heroine Correction like this, and if the Heroine Correction didn’t have any effect toward Tsubaki, it would almost close to impossible for Tsubaki to stand face to face with Mio .
Just thinking what kind of a person Mio would become when they would meet once again, made Tsubaki’s stomach aches .
As it was clear that Mio would go after Kyousuke, the time where Tsubaki and Mio would have to stand face to face will eventually come sooner or later .
And if that time comes, Tsubaki wished for Mio to become a person that would listen to what Tsubaki said, but reminding Mio’s personality and the circumstances around her, it was impossible .

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Mio too should have begun to felt something was amiss about the present time that was moving away from the game’s scenario, but since Tsubaki never met her again since that time, she didn’t know if there were any changes in Mio’s mind .

A few days after Tsubaki moved from the Mizushima family into the Asahina family, she had begun to visit the Mizushima family, though she didn’t visit them frequently .
And about the entrance exam, Kyousuke too was busy in his study . Every time Tsubaki was come to play, she always saw Kyousuke had a staring contest with his textbook .

“Kyou-chan . Here choco . When you are tired, sweets are the best you know . ” (Tsubaki)
“Thank you . ” (Kyousuke)

Gave the choco to Kyousuke, that she bought from a department store she had visited before came to the Mizushima family, he said his thanks to Tsubaki and put the choco into his mouth .
When Kyousuke said thank you to her, Tsubaki was standing still and looked at Kyousuke with a surprised expression .

“… . No way, to think Kyou-chan can say thank you . ” (Tsubaki)
“Even I can say thank you, okay! Who do you think I am?” (Kyousuke)
“The arrogant Kyousuke-sama” (Tsubaki)

Heard Tsubaki’s immediate reply, Kyousuke was surprised and staring at Tsubaki .
While on the other hand, Tsubaki was surprised at Kyousuke’s reactions that as if he didn’t aware about his own personality .

“Anyway about the test, can you pass them?” (Kyousuke)
“Of course . Even my teacher already gave me their approval that I will pass . Although we are still doing some reviewing here and there . ” (Tsubaki)
“Eh!? You are!?” (Kyousuke)
“Are you really have to be that surprised, Kyou-chan? Just who do you think I am?” (Tsubaki)
“A wild monkey . ” (Kyousuke)

In Tsubaki’s previous life, she was called a wild monkey too when she was in her childhood .
That nickname is inappropriate because we are living in a town here! Thought Tsubaki while glaring at Kyousuke .
Looking at the angry Tsubaki, Kyousuke quickly moved his gaze away from her and began looking at his textbook again .

Surely it was her own fault that she was called with that nickname by Kyousuke, with how she playing Tarzan and make a ball of mud while playing together with him .
But to think just because of those I was called a wild monkey again, thought Tsubaki while complaining in her mind .