Omni-Mastery - Chapter 1

Published at 10th of July 2019 10:34:47 PM

Chapter 1

"ah, it's already morning"

I opened my eyes that almost looked like the eyes of a dead fish, although I woke up, I could only look up at the ceilings without moving a limp, I was simply a waste, a disabled person . . .

"will, please help me move to the bathroom"

I could only call to the butler assigned to me since I couldn't move at all, being an orphan who lost his family the day he was born, I could only sigh, my mother died giving birth to me, and my father was already dead due to a car accident .

If being an orphan is bad, then being a disabled orphan was worse, no one would want that kind of a burden, if it wasn't for my uncle who somehow sympathized with me and sent me to a special institute for test after noticing I was more bright than other people at my age, I would have died sooner .

Today, was the day I would lose even the help I received from there, I was highly appreciated as the top genius even while having my waste body, but yesterday, the day that was supposed to be a day of happiness as I graduated from the special institute at the top student while only being 16 years old, we received the news that I won't live for more than a year .

A disabled body but a gifted mind didn't make me lose my value to the institute, but a genius with half a step into the grave was surely just a waste of time, all the generous services given by the institute including the house and its servants were going to be given to another gifted person while I was just going to be dropped in a hospital to live my last days waiting for nothing but my impending death!

after going out of the bath, I could hear the footsteps coming my way .

"young master Ian, there is a guest that wants to see you"

A maid entered the room soon after the butler helped me get dressed while I was reminiscing about my past and future doom, I gestured for will to move my wheeled chair towards the meeting room .

"Mr . Ian cloud, right?"

"indeed, to whom do I owe the honour of this visit?"

I entered the room where I could see a suited young man who looked to be in his twenties, we locked eyes for a second before he revealed a hint of a smile,

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"I'm Claus from Virtual Domain, I came here to invite you for a certain project that would bring great benefits to both of us", said the young man, as he took out his Card

'virtual domain?!', to think that I would receive someone from the greatest Virtual Reality facilities' producer in my last day of living here?

"I wonder what would you need from someone who is almost on his death bed like me?"

"I shall explain all of this soon, but how about a visit to our V . D building, maybe a small tour before we discuss our business?"

To me, today was simply the end of my normal life, my following days in whichever hospital would be more like doing a jail sentence, so going on a tour in V . D on my last free day?, whatever was he going to discuss with my later, perhaps I could experience something a little bit more interesting at the very end .

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"sure, why not?, a little bit of excitement won't be bad"

Hearing that, the man called Claus smiled widely, as he took walked towards the door, while I gestured for will to follow him, soon we arrived in front of his car, will then helped me into the car, and went in soon after .

"you surely won't regret this decision"

Claus said while I simply stared at the horizon while pondering before giving a long sigh .