Omni-Mastery - Chapter 17

Published at 10th of July 2019 10:34:32 PM
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Chapter 17

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The smithy was in a mess, a complete mess, it was full of products that I made in order to acquire the new skills .


. . . .


'Leather crafting'

'Material processing'

'Heavy Hammer Strike' ]

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Aside from the already existing skills, I gained the 3 necessary skills which were the reason I started with side quests, I also gained a Hammer skill and most importantly the 'Hammer-Mastery' in my skill acquisition list .

"To think you have got the hang of these crafting skills in just two days, I really did underestimate you too much . "

"Sigh, I have decided!"


"I'm going to teach you the ins and outs of this job for the next ten days, if you help me while teaching all the Work I have would probably be done much easier"

" . . . . ?!"



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For the whole last ten days, I stayed at the smithy for most of the time as the smith hammered his experience into me directly .

There was no other way to describe this other than me hitting another jackpot, the skills leveled up too fast under the influence and teaching of the smith and the subsequent daily quests that came one after another .

Today was the last day left for me to finish the quest and collect the rewards, even though I believed what I gained so far was enough as rewards, I wouldn't say no if there was more to come .

['Smithing' has reached lv . 10]

[your skills 'Smithing' lv . 10 & 'Leather Crafting' lv . 10 merge together and create the new skill 'Craftsmanship' lv . 1]

[A skill combination has occurred under effect of a dormant ability of 'Omni-Mastery', its second ability is semi-unlocked due to the insufficient unlocking requirement]

['Craftsmanship' lv . 1

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Skill type: Passive

Skill accumulation:

'Smithing' Intermediate lv . 1, 0% .

'Leather Crafting' Intermediate lv 1, 9% . ]

Skill combination!

A whole new world of possibilities, it was as if making a bigger pot to contain smaller full pots, skills after all were nothing but normal .

After staying in this game for the last month & half, I have got a small grasp of what skills were and how did acquiring them by 'Omni-Mastery, work according to my own experience .

Firstly, there were normal skills like weapon techniques as well as crafting skills, as soon as I acquired them, the knowledge I already had about them would sprout as as if a small seed was planted in my mind .

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The knowledge became more practical as if it was simulated in my brain, the process of using the skills as well as how to perfect it were like the branches of the tree that grew up from the small seed of knowledge .

So in easier words, 'Omni-Mastery' was like a gardener that planted seeds of knowledge and stimulated a fast growth using fertilizer(Intelligence) .

Secondly, there were the mastery skills, which almost came out of nowhere, err, no, that's not it either .

Mastery skills were somehow derived from several skills that contained knowledge about the mastery type .

Take for example 'Sword-Mastery', the information that came from several sword techniques that were in my house's small library was agglomerated to form the possibility of acquiring it; as if my body was a computer that was given a hard drive containing data of a new system to adapt to it .

So, by doing simple sword training like swinging my body was adapting to the sword by the drive of the skill seed and as such; after acquiring the skill my body started to resonate with the sword making my attacks more harmful, while my sword training in other techniques would become much easier which explained the need of acquiring a sword technique to set a foundation for the mastery skill itself .

The Importance of the first level of 'Omni-Mastery' was the mastery skills acquiring ability, but that didn't mean that the regular ability of acquiring skills through knowledge was lackluster, it was the complete opposite .

A great cheat like 'Omni-Mastery' was so beneficial, which made getting a small clue about the next level a very exciting matter!

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