Omni-Mastery - Chapter 73

Published at 14th of July 2019 09:35:07 PM
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Chapter 73

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As soon as we returned, we met Grace who was finally done with the reports who expressed her apology on not accompanying us .

"It's okay, it was just more of a cloth shopping trip than a tour, and besides you got into this mess mostly because of me…"

"You don't need to think that way, being in this mess for 5 more times would still be better than potentially losing my life in that dark cave!"

"Alright, if you say so, anyway I have something that I want you to do for me . "

"Hmm? What can I help you with?"

"I plan to enter secluded training for the next week or so, unless it's something important I don't want to be disturbed . "

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"Oh, looks like you are going to surpass us by another step . Be at ease, other than delivering meals through the opening in the door, no one shall disturb you . I wish you good luck with your advancement . "

"Well then, although it's not like that, but thank you anyway . . "

I headed back to my new house, took a small shower in the back and then headed to sleep in my new clothes . starting from tomorrow, my closed off training shall begin .


Waking up the next day, I looked up the time through the timer in the status panel, thanks to its existence, I didn't have to use the primeval ways of using time that was being used in the game .

[ 10 : 12 : 33 ]

It was 10 AM, I headed to wash my face and wash off the sleepiness before I came back to the bed and sat crossed-legged . The first part of my training plan would be to start my morning with two full 'Lightning Cell' strengthening cycles .

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. . . .

2 hours later . . . .

[ 'Lightning Cell' First stage (4 . 4%) ]

[ Constitution +0 . 2 ]

The progress increased a bit more reaching 1 . 15% per cycle, however, for me it was still too slow .

After contemplating the problem of being restricted to two cycles, I decided to try solving this problem from a certain perspective . The reason of restriction aside from the technique's limit was probably due to me not being able to control or endure the mighty lightning . As such controlling its intensity and perfecting my cells was the way to solve this .

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Control required higher amount of mind power and special training with it, so I decided to finally use my unallocated stat points to increase wisdom to a certain extent .

[ • Stats :

Wisdom: 7 . 64

Unassigned stat points: 10 . 9 ]

Focusing on the wisdom stat, I exactly added 2 . 36 into it in my mind .

[ Wisdom +2 . 4 ]

However, it didn't go as I wanted .

Thump! My brain was assaulted with a great amount of pain, as I was using the 'Immediate synchro' the pain was amplified several folds, the pain was high enough to make me faint but I endured for the sake of success, this secluded training plan still held lots of painful events… .

[ Wisdom: 8 . 67… . . 9 . 12… . . 9 . 45… . . 9 . 88… . 10 . 04 ]

Half an hour of throbbing pain later, it was finally done… . Or so I thought!

[ stat requirement reached! ]

[ Mind Ability 'Telekinesis' unlocked! ]

Thump! Thump! Thump!

My heart beat faster as I received the notif… . Was this the same supernatural power I knew?

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