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Omnipotent Sage - Chapter 526

Published at 7th of January 2019 07:10:04 AM

Chapter 526: 526

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The original Azure Heaven had become a macro world, which was at the same level with the world that Zhou Bao was born in . The only difference between them was that this world was new . Although all Dharma had been completed by Zhou Bao using the Jade Plate of Fate, it was not perfect and was still in its infancy stage .

World, space and hollow .

They were a trinity . The so-called hollow was actually a huge conceptual space . However, it was not a complete whole, but formed by overlapping, countless spaces of different sizes . These spaces were interwoven with each other and frequently collided with each other, forming all sorts of strange spatial derivatives . Some were cracks, just like the grey space that Zhou Bao had; some were microworlds, like the 33 Heavens; some were macro worlds, like the world that Zhou Bao was born in, and the present Azure Big World . Time flowed like water into this hollow . Since the hollow was not a true whole, time was not evenly distributed in all its worlds and spaces, some having more and some less . Where there was more time, the velocity of time was slow; where there was less time, the velocity of time was fast . This was something that resembled the Time-fixing Plate . Besides, the Wheel of Time, which Zhou Bao had condensed with the fragments from the Time-fixing Plate, was the governor of time .

The biggest difference between a macro world and a common space crack or a micro world was that rules in a macro world were perfect . Perfect rules that appeared in the hollow formed a complete big star, which was tightly wrapped in the Nine Heavens Gang Wind formed by pneuma . In addition to endless pneuma flow, the Gang Wind also included numerous fragments of time and space . They were stacked one after another, just like a small maze in which one could lose oneself after entering .

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So too with the Azure Big World . Since its rules were completed and already fully formed, a big azure star had appeared and was surrounded by endless Gang Wind . This big azure star was very conspicuous . As a result of its initial formation, it appeared dazzling, though not as deep and convergent as any other macro worlds .

"What's that?"

"Eh? It's a macro world, and it's a newly formed macro world . How is that possible?"

In the infinite hollow, a silver filament shot out from the midst of the darkness, stopping at the edge of a space-time storm nearly millions of kilometers from the Azure Big World . When the silver filament stopped, it turned out to be a silver castle .

Yes, a silver castle that resembled the old European castles from Zhou Bao's previous life . The style was very similar, but it was not made of stone, but made entirely of a kind of silver metal, giving it a cold yet dignified air .

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In the highest tower of the castle stood a man and a woman . The man was tall, handsome, with shoulder-length hair that glowed with a golden sheen . His eyes were big and wide, with an upward tilt . All this made him like a god, standing tall and looking down at all mankind . Beside him was a tall, beautiful woman with blue hair, which looked like the waves of the sea . Each strand of her hair exuded a powerful original energy of water . Her golden eyes stared at the Azure Big World and lit up .

"It is a macro world! I didn't expect to encounter a macro world on this trip . Tai Shang, this time, we will reap huge benefits!"

"Yes, it's a macro world that has just evolved . It is very fragile, and the creation in it may not be fully developed yet . Mastering its nature is equivalent to mastering the whole macro world . In this way, our strength will inevitably increase to immeasurable degrees!" At this point, the man named Tai Shang trembled with excitement, and his deep blue eyes flashed with greed, "Seize it, Yu Tong, we must take this macro world . "

"You're right . We must take it . " The woman named Yu Tong nodded excitedly . She hit the wall before her with her mighty Dharma power . The silver castle shook violently, turned back into a silver filament and headed straight for the Azure Big World .

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In the Azure Big World, the Essential Qi Tide had stopped completely . Above the earth and in the Azure Spirit Sea, life had been restored . As a result of the complete Dharma, a large number of evil beasts in the Azure Spirit Sea had undergone Thunder Tribulations and became Demonic Immortals . Although Zhou Bao controlled the Jade Plate of Fate, he had an agreement with the evil beasts in the Azure Heaven from the start, so he did not care much about this world . Thus, in this new world, all kinds of Demonic Immortals and Demon tribes were still in a primitive state .

For those Demonic Immortals who had recently undergone Thunder Tribulations, although most of them had inherited their bloodlines, their animal nature remained unchanged and their spiritual intelligence low . They started killing each other to protect their own interests . The high-grade Demonic Immortals in the Azure Heaven, such as the whale and his subordinates, turned a blind eye to these fights and just watched quietly, as if waiting for something to happen .

"Senior General, should we really listen to that boy and stick to our agreement with him on not interfering in the affairs of others?"

Deep in the Azure Spirit Sea, the whale's home was no longer the immense hole that Zhou Bao had first seen . It had been furnished; A relatively small space was isolated in the originally cavernous cave, forming an Immortal's Cave .

The layout of this Immortal's Cave was extremely simple; it only had a jasper stone table and a few stools . However, if anyone were to see the materials of the table and stools, he would be overwhelmed, because they were Refining Weapon materials that had long been extinct in the temporal world .

"Humph, don't call me Senior General, I'm not one now . I don't have the luck to enjoy the title . Just call me Jing XIII!" The man in blue, who called himself Jing XIII, looked at the six Demonic Immortals at the Venerable Realm sitting in his cave, and sneered, "As for that guy, what are you going to do if you don't keep your agreement with him? Kill him? Don't forget, he is the controller of the world's creation, the master of everything here . And you saw how he killed that Lord of Heaven . His power is no ordinary power . Can you beat him? Can you kill him?"

"I can't do it alone, but if we work together . . . !"

"It will not work!"

"I mean if we can . . . !"

"Shut up . . . !" As if he knew what he was going to say, Jing XIII's face suddenly darkened, and he looked at that man with an exceedingly cold and stern look . A ferocious smell emanated from him and assailed the Demonic Immortal .

Just when the Demonic Immortal turned pale with fear, Jing XIII's expression suddenly changed and he roared, "What is it? How dare you break into the Sea of Divine Power?"

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