Omnipotent Sage - Chapter 530

Published at 14th of January 2019 08:32:53 AM

Chapter 530

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"I don't care about your capabilities . The pressing matter now is to conceal the Azure Big World!" Jing XIII looked solemn . "Although those two men chanced upon the Azure Big World, it at least shows that there still could be passersby in this hollow . We can't kill one after another - we don't have that power!"

"Conceal it?! How?!" asked Zhou Bao . Concealing an entire macro world really did sound a little hard to imagine .

"You are the creator in control of this world . You naturally have a way to conceal it!" Jing XIII looked at Zhou Bao . "The Jade Plate of Fate is currently in your hands . With it, you can move the entire macro world!"

"Move the entire macro world?" Zhou Bao felt like he had heard a joke . He was a self-aware man who knew his limits . Even if he could summon the Primordial Fierce Beast - the Real Body of Demonic Ape Zhuyan, and coordinate with the Jade Plate of Fate; he did not have the ability to conceal the Azure Big World .

"You are wrong . You can conceal this Azure Big World!" Jing XIII seemed to understand what was going through Zhou Bao's mind . He said gently, "You can even use this as an opportunity to refine a Supreme Fairy Weapon!"

"What did you say?!" Zhou Bao lifted his head and stared at Jing XIII . "A Supreme Fairy Weapon?! You really good at talking big . I currently have two fairy weapons on me . And my Furnace of Immortality is a Taihao Fairy Weapon . Due to the intimate relationship between the Wheel of Time and the Azure Big World, perhaps its class is slightly higher, but ultimately it is still a Taihao Fairy Weapon . I have never even seen an Upper-grade Taihao Fairy Weapon, let alone a Heavenly Fairy Weapon . Now you are telling me that I can refine a Supreme Fairy Weapon?! Are you playing with me?!"

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"Of course not!" Jing XIII laughed as he shook his head . "Even if I were that stupid, I would not play with you . You are the current master of the Azure Big World . Even if you don't admit it, it's still the truth . How stupid would I have to be to play with you?!"

"Then what do you mean?!"

"This Highest Heaven Celestial Device originated from a Supreme Fairy Weapon . It even contains some fragments of the Ancient Sacred City . The Ancient Sacred City was a good-quality Supreme Fairy Weapon . Even if there were only one fragment, it would be enough to refine a Fairy Weapon . And you have a Highest Heaven Celestial Device in your hands . Although its Highest Heaven Space has already broken, if you replace the broken space with the Azure Big World, this average piece of Highest Heaven Celestial Device will be elevated to the Fairy Weapon level to become a Supreme Fairy Weapon . Its power need not be higher than a Heavenly Fairy Weapon's; it does not even need to be higher than a Taihao Fairy Weapon's power . In fact, the difference between a Supreme Fairy Weapon and a Heavenly Fairy Weapon lies in their functions . It's just like the difference between a Pure Yang Highest Heaven Celestial Device and an average Pure Yang Celestial Device!"

"Functional differences?!" Zhou Bao was slightly shocked . As he thought about the difference between the Highest Heaven Celestial Device and the Pure Yang Celestial Device, he gradually understood . "Do you mean that if I add this macro world into the Highest Heaven Celestial Device, it will become a Supreme Fairy Weapon?!"

"I don't mean that!" Jing XIII shook his head . "There are 3 massive differences between a Highest Heaven Celestial Device and a Fairy Weapon . The first is its material composition . The Highest Heaven Celestial Device incorporates fragments of the Ancient Sacred City, hence its effects are not significant . As for the two other differences, one of them concerns the Highest Heaven Space . The Highest Heaven Space of the Highest Heaven Celestial Device is only an average space with no special features . On the other hand, the Highest Heaven Space of the Supreme Fairy Weapon is a whole world, which can be either a macro world or a micro world . The quality of the Highest Heaven Space directly decides the quality of the Supreme Fairy Weapon . The last difference is the source . By source, I mean the magic formation in the Highest Heaven Celestial Device that powers the Celestial Device . It is the power source of the Highest Heaven Celestial Device and the Supreme Fairy Weapon!"

When he spoke to this point, he looked at Zhou Bao and a wry smile flashed across his face . "The Highest Heaven Celestial Device and the Supreme Fairy Weapon are not the same as normal Fairy Weapons and Celestial Devices . To activate them would require an enormous amount of energy . The core of this castle's formation is a well of energy . To really activate the power of the Highest Heaven Celestial Device, it would need a sufficient amount of power . Those two people don't have any power source of that kind at all . They only have one source stone; and with it, they won't even be able to activate one percent of the Fairy Weapon's power . If they would have a sufficient power source, they could hit and punch the people at the Venerable Realm to death . And even if they met with a Lord of Heaven, that person would also have to retreat . "

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"What about the Supreme Fairy Weapon?!" Zhou Bao asked .

"The greatest difference between a Supreme Fairy Weapon and a Highest Heaven Celestial Device is their power source . The core of the Highest Heaven Celestial Device only has one magic formation that requires a ceaseless inflow of energy . But the Supreme Fairy Weapon is different . It uses its own power source . The real Supreme Fairy Weapon can extract energy from all kinds of spaces to power itself . It doesn't need any fixed external power source at all . It can even condense a source stone!" said Jing XIII . This wasn't a secret back in the ancient times . However, as time went by, even Pure Yang Celestial Devices could be used to suppress fate, let alone Fairy Weapons . One Fairy Weapon was enough to suppress an entire world . Who then would know the difference between Fairy Weapons and Celestial Devices from the ancient times?

Zhou Bao understood after listening . The Supreme Fairy Weapon could be imagined as a tank or an aircraft carrier full of gunships, which were heavily armed military helicopters . Meanwhile, normal Celestial Devices and Fairy Weapons were each a weapon of a different kind and different model . Deciding which one was more powerful ultimately depended on the final power . If you were to use an AK to fight against an aircraft carrier, it would be suicide . However, if you were to use an atomic bomb against the aircraft carrier, then the result would be hard to say .

Weapons like AKs were just like normal Celestial Devices . As for more superior weapons like the Heavenly Fairy Weapon, they were even worse than nuclear weapons . And of course, the Supreme Fairy Weapon was way worse than an aircraft carrier . Still, the principle remained .

Be it AKs or grenades, they didn't need any energy . However, an aircraft carrier was different . It needed a powerful engine .

"Now we can solve both the material quality problems and Highest Heaven Space problems . But what about the source problem?!" Zhou Bao thought briefly . "That Supreme Fairy Weapon has been missing for so long . Where would I have to go to find its power source?!"

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"This question is simple . You can use the Azure Spirit Sea to replace it . Of course, you would have to refine the Azure Spirit Sea for a bit!" Jing XIII said . "Power sources are ultimately just pneuma - a massive amount of pneuma . To replace the Highest Heaven Space with a micro or macro world would naturally require us to resolve the issues of energy sources . The Azure Big World has just formed and, hence, possesses a massive amount of pneuma, which is enough to drive the Supreme Fairy Weapon!" At this point, Jing XIII thought to himself and seemed to have reached a resolution about something . "All Highest Heaven Celestial Devices' magic formations are the same . It is a Pneuma-Gathering Formation, the core of the energy source of a Supreme Fairy Weapon . With this magic formation, coupled with sufficient pneuma, it is enough to create an energy source . The Azure Spirit Sea already has a nearly endless amount of pneuma!"

"Converting the Azure Spirit Sea into an energy source won't affect the living creatures in it, right?!"

"There will be no consequences . The Azure Spirit Sea is already the energy source for the Azure Heaven . It is a naturally formed energy source whose energy can be extracted every day . Even if you successfully make a Supreme Fairy Weapon, it would be a Supreme Fairy Weapon of the lowest grade . It won't even be comparable to a Taihao Fairy Weapon . Hence, it won't require a lot of energy!"

Seeing the passionate Jing XIII made Zhou Bao suspicious . It was an instinctive worry, a fundamental suspicion . However, in the end, he did not speak of it . This was because he had a freakish idea regarding the problem of the Supreme Fairy Weapon .

"Since you've already said that, let me give it a try!" Zhou Bao glanced at Jing XIII and no longer asked any questions . His body flickered; and in a flash, he appeared below the Silver Frost Castle's core . In the hall, he saw the magic formation placed on the core as well as the Wheel of Time's shadow suppressing it from above!

It acted as the Azure Big World's time-controlling core . Even Zhou Bao was unable to stop time forever with it; after all, it was still a Middle-grade Taihao Fairy Weapon, of which the control required massive amounts of energy . It was already an achievement for Zhou Bao to stop it momentarily .

As the master of the entire Azure Big World, the uncrowned king Zhou Bao could still use the Wheel of Time's shadow to stop time in one region without wasting a lot of energy .

The reason why this magic formation was suppressed was that when Tai Shang escaped, he had used a drastic measure to explode the magic formation so that it might be used as the power source of the Highest Heaven Celestial Device . Once this magic formation exploded, the entire Highest Heaven Celestial Device would blast into pieces . Therefore, Zhou Bao naturally needed Fairy Weapons to suppress this place in order to prevent things from being destroyed .

"That Tai Shang is really one ruthless character . Although the divine thunder he struck was not very powerful, it was enough to destroy the balance of the entire magic formation and release the energy that laid within it . Good move, good move!" Zhou Bao reached out his hand to catch the blue divine thunder that almost fell onto the magic formation . This divine thunder had actually been activated by Tai Shang already . If it would not have been suppressed by the Wheel of Time's shadow, it would have exploded by now .

As Zhou Bao sensed the state of the divine thunder, his gaze had a tinge of regret . Raising his hand, he broke open the hollow and threw the divine thunder into it .

"Boom!" The divine thunder exploded just when it was thrown out . The space that was instantly healed had exploded again . If Zhou Bao would not have been prepared in advance, he definitely wouldn't have allowed to get his head and face filthy with grime .

As he smoothened the cracks in space once again, he waved his hand and dispersed the Wheel of Time's shadow . The magic formation in the Silver Frost Castle began to operate by itself . He did not speak but used his spiritual mind to thoroughly sense the principles of this Pneuma-gathering Formation . After a long while, he lifted his head and looked at Jing XIII . "Alright, I admit that what you said is reasonable . Now, tell me, tell me what I should do to turn this thing into a Supreme Fairy Weapon!"

"As you wish!" Jing XIII smiled and took out a silver fragment from his body . "This is a fragment of the Ancient Sacred City . I think it will be helpful to you!"