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Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – The Official Circumstances that will Shake the World (1)

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TN/ED: Happy Holidays! Enjoy the chapter!

“Kazamachi-kun! Perfect timing!”

A woman wearing a racing jacket and a full face helmet stopped me .

A showy body line stood out, I could not see the face, but it was kind of sexy .

It was when I went on the road to bypass the fence to enter the forest behind the house .

A large crimson sports-type motorcycle with an explosive sound that pierced through the body stopped in front of me .


I just moved to this town, so I don’t have any acquaintances that would call out to me .

At the previous town, stupid people trying to get a part of my infamous reputation would call me out .

“Oh, sorry . It’s me . ”

The woman took off the helmet while straddling the bike .

“Ah, hello . ”

I did not immediately recognize her because she was not wearing her uniform or her hat, but I remember that shoulder length golden hair and those large dog ears that hang from the side of her face .

“Officer Doggy, are you on break today?”

It was the police officer from the golden retriever tribe .

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Officer Doggy・Maggie .

“Yes, I just left the station a while ago and am off duty . ”

Police officers have long working hours, she’s been working since yesterday, huh?

“Thanks for your work . ”

“Hehe, thanks . ”

Officer Doggy smiled with her long eyelashes and laughed .

What a beautiful person .

She hung the helmet on the handle, turned off the motorcycle engine, and kicked up the stand .

That series of actions is too cool .

I wonder if I should also get a motorcycle license .

“I was planning on letting Inoue contact you this evening, but it’s better to finish this earlier . It was a coincidence, but it was great that I met you . You checked out the neighborhood yesterday, right?”

Heh, we’re neighbors?

“Did you need me for something?”

In response to my question, Officer Doggy put on an awkward expression .

“A bit . It won’t be long, can I have a little time?”

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“Well, just a bit is okay . ”

Officer Doggy got off her bike and shook her head around to free her long hair that was coiled around in the helmet .

It was like a shampoo commercial, her hair glistened under the sunlight .

“It’s about the three kidnappers yesterday…”

Gasaraio, the bird tribe from the south, and the sloth?

“… they were arrested, but I couldn’t charge them with anything significant . ”


Wait, but those guys are child kidnappers .

I’m bothered, they should have been sentenced 10 years at the minimum .


I inadvertently frowned .

I am not good at concealing my emotions .

“I really do feel sorry . There’s a variety of reasons, but the main reason is…”

Officer Doggy looked at my house .

Because it was a large house, she had to look up . The sun made her squint her eyes, then she looked back at me .

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That expression was very grim .

“…about the matters of Dragoline-san being a dragon . ”


Wait a moment!

“What are you saying! She was the victim from the start to the end!?”

Although I was not that shaken up, even though I got injured for the children, how is it logical for a kidnapper to not be judged because Aoi is a dragon!

“Calm down, please, afterwards I’ll apologize as much as you like . Now, I want you to listen to my story, because it concerns the safety of her and her babies . ”

“… . okay, will you give me a second?”

I forcibly adjusted my rough breathing .

“Yes, I promise I will not make it bad if you listen carefully . ”

I closed my eyes and relaxed .

I took a deep breath . Let’s do this calmly . Calmly .

“… please . ”

After repeatedly taking several deep breaths, I finally calmed down .

I prompted Officer Doggy to continue the story I interrupted .

“Thank you, the problem is that a dragon is a legendary existence . I told you about the dragon bloodstone, a jewel that can only be obtained at a dragon nest . ”

“Yes, when the egg doesn’t hatch, it gets dyed red and becomes that, right . ”

“That stone is worth at least a few hundred million yen in perfect condition . ”

A few hundred million yen!


“Rare items related to dragons are traded at a higher price if it’s a legendary or rumor level object . They are a reclusive tribe and since dragons with powers that exceeds human knowledge seldom approach, it’s only known to a small portion of humans . ”

So, the ones who stole the egg too .

“For example, it’s said that you would gain unparalleled power and longevity if you ate a dragon’s egg . Of course, the only people that have gotten their hands on a dragon’s egg have been written about in books and such . It’s dubious whether there was an actual person or it was just urban legend level gossip . ”

Eat… Jaja or Nana?

What is that…! How could you do something like that!

“Rather than this town, it’s something that concerns the city, or prefectures administration . No, it’s not even an exaggeration to say that it’s a state level secret . ”

Country? Japan?

Officer Doggy looked at me with sorrowful eyes .

Being overpowered by her expression, I gulped .

“What do you think would happen if it was exposed that such a small town actually bears such a valuable existence?”

It was a topic that was enough to cool down me that was getting heated again .