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Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Mu’s Empire


In these days in business, no one still has clean hands . If in the past two years their business has miraculously risen in the business community, no one will believe that they are not part of underworld business even though their relationship is not clear .

He also heard that some of those businesses were relying on a few smuggling business in the underworld, so now they are mixing like a wind and water .

And some officials and leading name from other provinces and the government that is rare to see also have a high position in the underworld business .

After he had clearly identified the group of people behind that handsome man, He Lingxiang’s face couldn’t help but turn pale .

These people are part of Mu’s consortium!

The Mu family is a prestigious and noble family, they have the largest business consortium in both domestic and Asian country .

Nobody can clearly investigate this family’s background even if they want too, so He Lingxiang doesn’t know clearly their status . All of the information he knows is not enough, but his identity is not qualified to inquire more information about them .

The whole Mu family can be said to be so mysterious and never act so obvious .

They only heard that the Mu Family’s forces are big, so from many years ago, they set a consortium for Emperor Sheng Foundation . Since then, that name entrenched in the global financial industry .

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Due to the low profile about them, the outside world only knows them as a prominent family in business and called them “Mu’s Empire . ”

Whether inside the country or in Asia, or in North America and Western Europe, the Mu’s Family business extended because of their awesome leadership! In the hundred of years that their business reign, no one can simply guess how many businesses they actually occupied .

But earlier this years, they heard that due to some political conflict . The Emperor Sheng Foundation abolished their long-standing form of trading in any company . Because of that the country experienced an economic shift back and had to tighten their belt .

Their Family influence is big enough to shake the mountain . But now, because of those influential men that were respectfully standing behind him, his identity got more clear and He Lingxiang’s heart only feels fear!

However, this Yun Shishi dare to face this man in front of so many people?

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He Lingxiang secretly sneers from the bottom of his heart . This girl’s fate will not be good, if not because of her he wouldn’t experience to be slapped in front of many people .

His heart is very proud of himself, he wanted to approach the ferocious looking handsome man and teach her a lesson in front of him .

However, when he look at him straight . His face slightly change in color when he saw his extremely cold and dark eyes . Seeing those eyes his mind immediately sent a warning that he should quietly back out .

And for that handsome man’s intentions, he is not clear about them .

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This young girl’s identity is what matter most . She is clearly disrespecting their President! However, their President didn’t even get angry .

Does their President have a special feeling to this young girl? But, their President never got interested in any woman . Did he finally learn to understand that feeling? 

Knowing their President’s personality, he’s always been a hot-blooded man and has always a cold detachment .

In his more than 20 years of life, thousands of flowery women had stick close and surrounded him sweetly but he never gets near with them . When he started managing the Mu’s consortium for years, countless of celebrities and supermodel seduces him but they had never seen him socialite or had relationship with any of them .