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Chapter 126

Chapter 126: EMPRESS

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“Oh, my little ancestor ah! That necklace is one of the treasures of EMPRESS ah!  Grandmother, how can you let that necklace get lost?

That necklace has a long history! But, he still dared to deceive the president and borrowed the necklace with the director… . … If the president learns this, he will surely hunt him down!

“Forget it! Let her come first . It’s still early anyway, let’s go quickly to the EMPRESS and then choose a dress for her!” Qin Zhou, who was sitting on the side made a sudden decision .

WhenGu Xingze parked his car in the Peace Village, his expensive looking car attracted the neighbor’s eyes and made them gather in one place .

In a slum place like this, where ordinary civilians haven’t seen such a luxury car . They couldn’t help themselves to talk about it with their eyes that full of envy .

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Yun Shishi rushed to the car and they immediately went away .

When they saw a beautiful girl went got inside the expensive car, they began to start whispering again .

“What’s this? Isn’t that one of the Yun Family’s daughter?”

“Oh! That one is Yun Shishi! I heard… … she is Yun Yecheng’s illegitimate daughter… …”

“Illegitimate daughter? I never heard that Yun Yecheng had an ex-wife . ”

“Who knows who is Yun Yecheng’s other woman ah?! But, they are really father and daughter! That old Yun has really a thick face, he even keeps a bastard grandson… …”


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The Bentley car went all the way into the capital most prosperous commercial buildings .

EMPRESS, it is the most favorite luxurious fashion brand of wealthy women and high-class celebrities in the capital .

The store’s interior design is very luxurious and magnificent . Their dress and jewelry came from Milan Fashion Week’s top handmade custom products in Italy . That’s why EMPRESS is the most eye-catching fashion brand in the capital .

Therefore, an ordinary person or a third rate celebrities can’t simply cross and enter such a high-class threshold .

So, when Qin Zhou allowed the necklace to be handed to Yun Shishi, he solemnly remembered Director Alan’s face . This kind of extra service for a woman made his face shown a trace of worries .

“Manager Qin, this is?”

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“Alan, this is Xingze’s partner Yun Shishi . ” Qin Zhou smile, but the deep meaning in his eyes is self-evident .

When Qin Zhou said those words, Alan naturally understands .

But still, her heart got very puzzled . Why a high-class person like Gu Xingze choose an unknown little girl as his partner?

Alan is the chief director of  EMPRESS . She often went out with high class celebrities and she is well-connected to aristocratic nobility in the capital . So, she got very confused with this little girl’s surname .

In any case, since Gu Xingze choose her to be his partner . So, she will naturally give them her service .

“Ok! Leave it to me . ”

Alan said, then she turned around and gently looked at Yun Shishi . She smile and said:”Miss Yun, please come with me . ”

Qin Zhou suddenly saw a closed VIP room and look at it curiously: “Do you have a other guest?”

When his voice faded, he saw the VIP room door got open by someone from the inside . A man dressed in suit came out from the room .

When Gu Xingze heard the footsteps, he subconsciously turned his head and looked at the man . At that moment, his body suddenly got stunned .

Him… …

The next moment, Gu Xingze’s handsome face turns cold .

He desperately restrained himself . However, Yun Shishi, who is standing near him noticed the subtle change in his face .