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Chapter 342

Chapter 342: Frightening

Yun Shishi stretched out her finger and gently trace the wound on her neck . In a flash, her eyes sharpen and picked up the pencil case, then slapped it to the person in front of her .

The pencil case was made of iron . When it passed through the forehead of the ponytail girl, her skin was injured and it bleeds .

Everyone in the training room didn’t expect, that things would get out of control to such an extent . So, they were all stunned .

The ponytail girl, who felt in pain covered her bleeding forehead and took a few stepped back . When she looked at the bloodstained in her hand, her eyes redden in anger . She felt wronged, and so lost her mind . She picked up the stool at her side and smashed it to Yun Shishi .  

Suddenly, the room was filled with several noises of dissuasion .

However, her movements were too fast, and it was too late to stop her . In the blink of an eye, the stool landed on Yun Shishi’s body . Yun Shishi has no place to hide . The stool directly landed on her and so she fell to the floor .

But at the same time, there was a sudden thunder of anger at the door .

“What are you doing!?”

Everyone looked towards the sound and saw Zheng Yun, the vice director of performing arts, standing in the doorway angrily . His eyes were staring at the stool in the ponytail girl’s hand . His forehead has bulging blue veins .

But, what shocked everyone the most was, the Ace Manager of UEC, Qin Zhou was standing behind him .

And standing next to him was, the famous emperor of the entertainment industry, Gu Xingze .

Training classes for the newcomer sometimes invite a famous artist in the company to teach the newbies .

In the past, Gu Xingze never participated in the newcomer training class . And even if Ji Yanlou personally invited him, Gu Xingze still flatly refused .

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But this time, who knows what kind of evil spirit possessed him . He personally threw himself into the training class with Qin Zhou .

Qin Zhou was one of the lecturers of the newcomer training class .

So hearing this, Qin Zhou couldn’t help but secretly groan inside his heart . That guy, who just returned from the Milan Fashion Weekly show and only got off the plane, entered the training room as soon as he learned Yun Shishi was training . And he said he wanted the newcomer to listen to his lectures .

… …listen to his lecture? Who is he deceiving?

Obviously, he was worried about her .

However, they haven’t entered the training room, when they heard noises, so they rushed in .

And obviously, they saw the scene inside very clearly .

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The ponytail girl didn’t expect that they would suddenly appear . She could only secretly cursed inside her heart . She was overwhelmed with anger and forgot where was she at the moment!

The ponytail girl quickly puts down the “weapon” in her hands, and somewhat stood in disarray . Her face was full of shock . She couldn’t believe what she had done when she lost her mind… …

“What are you doing!?” Zheng Yun stepped forward and was about to approach . But a sudden gust of wind passed by him .

When the people inside came back to their senses, they saw Gu Xingze with a nervous face, walking to Yun Shishi’s side . He crouched and held Yun Shishi’s wrist in distressed .

Just when the ponytail girl was approaching her, Yun Shishi unconsciously stretch out her arms to block it . So right now on her white arm, there was a thick bruise .

With this, how can Gu Xingze hide his emotion in the eyes? He carefully stroked the wound, but Yun Shishi still instinctively flinched .

“Painful?” he asked nervously .

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Yun Shishi shook her head and gritted her teeth: “No . ”

“You can still say no?” Gu Xingze knows her character, even if she gets hurts again, she will try her best to hide it .

Seeing the oozing cold sweat on Yun Shishi’s forehead, Gu Xingze suddenly lifted his head and dangerously glared at everyone: “Who hurt her?”

A strange silence fell in the training room .

The dead silence felt suffocating .

At this moment, Gu Xingze’s pair of cold eyes were very frightening .